Mordecai rolled his eyes at the pale figure who stood in front of him, with his deformed face and that stick he kept waving around everywhere. Rigby laughed at his strange appearance.

"Silence! Do not laugh at the Dark Lord, I am here to kill you!"

Mordecai chuckled. "Oh, you going to beat us to death with that stick, dude?"

Rigby joined in the taunting fest. "Wheres your nose? I could fart in your face, and you wouldn't smell a thing!"

Voldemort balled his fists, his wand gripped in his right hand. Mordecai and Rigby had just been sitting at the park steps, drinking soda when this guy walks up the road.

Mordecai hesitated, and whispered to his Raccoon friend. "Dude, maybe he's like old and crazy, 'think we should leave him alone?"

Voldemort heard his whisper. "I am not old, I am not crazy, and for your information I was very handsome back in my day!"

Rigby made no effort to stifle his giggles. "Uh, whatever you say... old man!" He slapped hands with Mordecai. "Ohhhhhh!"

Voldemort heaved, so angry steam could come out of his nostrils- what was left of them anyway. "I AM VOLDEMORT, AND GET READY TO DIE!"

Mordecai burst out laughing. "Voldemort? More like Moldywart!"

"Hahahah you're so original! AVADA KEDAVRA!" Green light flew out of his stick, aimed directly at the duo. They screamed, but in a flash they were suddenly a few feet away. Benson stood in front of them, brandishing another stick. "Benson? Wha-?" Mordecai questioned.

Benson turned his head back and smiled. "There's a lot you don't know about me, slackers." Then he in turn directed his stick (wand?) at Moldywart, and yelled a spell. "LEVICORPUS!"

In another flash, Voldemort was hanging in the air upside down, seemingly held by his ankles. His robe fell over his face, revealing his tighty whities. The old terrorist screamed in fury, while the trio laughed and pointed.

I was bored?