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Chapter 1

Brittany's pov.

Brittany was kicked back in one of the chairs in the canteen when the alarm sounded. Jolting forward she grips the edge of the table and looks around, trying to shake herself out of the sleepy haze that she had fallen into. The others are already up and moving, going out to gear up. It seems that every time she tries to get a wink of sleep that damned alarm goes off with a new call-out.

It only takes her another second to react and is up and out the door following her team. She grabs her gear out of her locker and is half way through putting her coat on as she climbs into the back of the fire-truck. Puck begins to pull the truck out of the station a second later. It is only now that Brittany is geared up that she can bring her attention to the task at hand and the usual adrenaline that comes with every call out begins to build. It never really goes away until you know exactly what you are facing and then your body can decide whether you can keep cool or work yourself up.

"I didn't quite catch the call, where are we headed?" Brittany asks Blaine as she fixes her boots.

"An apartment fire on Fifth Avenue," he replies while adjusting his helmet.

Brittany grimaces, they don't often get call outs to Fifth Avenue.

"Any idea what we should be expecting?"

"Not really, we didn't receive many details. All we know is that there is a fire on the fourth floor of an apartment block."

Brittany looks out the window and watches as they fly through the busy streets. Puck turns the sirens on as they head into a heavily congested area that could slow them down. The cars begin to part before them and they glide through the traffic with ease. They can see the smoke rising into the late afternoon sky as they come around the last block.

As Brittany's eyes land on the apartments, she knows that this isn't going to be a straightforward operation. It is clear that the fire has already spread to the higher floors from where it originated, meaning that the structures on the floors it had already spread through would already be incinerated.

A crowd had gathered on the street in front of the apartments. The police were busy cordoning off the area, to ensure that nobody made any attempts to get back into the building. The ambulances had already arrived and the paramedics were attending the tenants that had managed to make it out.

The fire-truck jerked to a stop, they instantly jumped out and began to assess the situation. Two more engines from their station rolled up beside them and Chief Beiste was the first to hop out, quick to start delivering the orders.

"Anderson! Hudson! Chang! You three start on the bottom floor and make your way up. Make sure it's clear of any tenants." The three of them nodded and took off. "Karofsky, get that ladder up to the top floor. Pierce, you go up and work your way down!"

"You got it Chief!" Karofsky shouts.

Brittany clambers to the top of the engine as Karofsky swivels the ladder and it begins to extend towards the top floor. Once it has extended fully and rests against the window pane, Karofsky signals to Brittany that she has the go ahead to make her ascent.

Brittany is eager to get to the top but paces herself; she knows what can happen when you rush. Brittany stops as she reaches the top and looks into the window. There was a thick layer of smoke hanging over the room but no flames. Brittany opened the window and ducked down as the smoke rushed out. Brittany turned back to the window and made the transition from ladder to apartment with ease.

Brittany found herself in a glamorous open plan living room. Brittany started to call out for anybody in the apartment. It was clear that there was no one in this room so she moved forwards into the penthouse. The kitchen checked out, as did the first bathroom that she came across. That was followed by a large closet and office.

Seriously how big is this place?

Brittany enters the last room, the master bedroom. A king size bed dominates the room. Brittany moves into the room and checks under the bed, continuing to call out for victims.

"Help!" A cry of distress comes from the other side of the room. Brittany moves over to the large wardrobe. When she opens it she finds a young, dark-haired woman curled up in the corner, sitting on dozens of pairs of shoes. Brittany kneels down and reaches out to her. When Brittany's hand touches her wrist, the woman jerks backwards and grabs Brittany's hand. The first thing that Brittany notices are her eyes. She can tell that on any other day that they would be the most alluring eyes she had ever seen but right now all she can see in them is fear. Slight relief slowly seeps into her features as she realises that she is no longer alone and that someone has come to her rescue.

"Are you okay?" Brittany shouts, as the helmet muffles her voice and the noise of the fire raging below surrounds them.

The woman nods and attempts to tell Brittany that she is unharmed but starts to cough violently. It makes Brittany realise just how long she must have been inhaling smoke. She reaches down to her oxygen mask and takes it off. She nods at it letting the woman know that she should take it from her.

"Is there anyone else here?"

The woman shakes her head and Brittany sighs a breath of relief.

"Okay, I'm gonna get you out of here. Stay with me, okay?" Brittany tries to assure her with her eyes that everything would be ok, even though she didn't know that.

Brittany reaches forward and takes her hand in her own, helping her out of the wardrobe. They quickly walk back out into the hallway. When they turn the corner to get back into the living room, it becomes obvious that escaping the burning building was not going to be easy.

The fire had spread up to the top floor and was now crawling its way across the living room. Stupid open plan apartments. The lack of doors dividing the majority of the apartment meant that there were no barriers for the fire to have to work through. Still, Brittany had thought that it would have taken longer for the fire to burn its way through the front door.

In order for them to get to the window they would have to cross the line of fire that was standing in their way.

Brittany turned and grabbed the woman by the shoulders. "Stay here."

With that Brittany ran back to the first bedroom she had checked. There was an elegant white dresser that stood at the end of the bed. Brittany started pushing it back out into the hallway.

"What are you doing with that?" The woman looked confused as to why Brittany would choose now to start worrying about her furniture.

"I'm going to push it onto the fire and we need jump over it before it gets burnt too."

"What?! Are you crazy? We'll burn!"

"That is exactly what I am trying to make sure doesn't happen."

Brittany shoves the dresser into the fire. Immediately the flames start to lick up the sides.

"Come on, we don't have much time. I'll climb over first and then I'll help you over. Then we'll be safe." Brittany starts to climb onto the dresser.

"No! I can't climb over that. That's not gonna happen. You have to find another way out for us."

"I can't. This is the only way."

The woman shook her head and stood her ground.

God this woman is stubborn! Doesn't she know I'm trying to help her?

Brittany climbs up onto the dresser, turns and reaches her hand out.

"What's your name?"

This does not amuse the woman.

"What, you think now is the time to be asking me my name?"

"Just tell me your name!"

"It's Santana. What difference does it make? We're not getting out of here!"

"Yes we are." Santana shakes her head derisively.

"Santana look at me." Santana's panicked eyes fall to Brittany's. "I need you to trust me. I am your only chance of getting out of here alive and we don't have much time."

Brittany looks into Santana's brown eyes and tries to convey to her how important it is that she listen to her.

Santana's eyes shift from Brittany's mesmerizingly blue eyes down to the hand that is reaching out to her, encouraging her to take it.

Santana hesitantly raises her hand out and places it in Brittany's. Brittany instantly holds onto her with a vice like grip and pulls her with such force that she is up on the dresser beside Brittany in a second. Brittany wastes no time in picking Santana up and swinging her over her shoulder. She turns and leaps from the dresser getting as far away from the fire as she possibly can. Brittany lands heavily and falls onto her knees, Santana's weight on her shoulder being too much and bringing them tumbling to the floor.

Brittany looks back over her shoulder and watches as the dresser is consumed by the flames. Heaving herself back onto her feet she reaches over and takes Santana's hand and drags her towards the window. Brittany climbs out first so that she can guide Santana out of the window. As Santana slowly makes her way out, gripping onto Brittany's shoulders tightly, Brittany notices that Santana's leg has been burned. Brittany can't tell how bad it is due to the tracksuit bottoms that she has on but she reckons it's painful and will probably leave a scar and she wonders why Santana isn't screaming in pain.


When they are safely back on the ground they are guided over to an ambulance where a paramedic soon begins to check them out for injuries. They sit at the back of the ambulance together, a comfortable silence developing between them. Brittany pulls her helmet off, takes her hair down and shakes it out. It feels so good for her to finally take her hair down.

Brittany misses Santana subtly staring at her out of the corner of her eye.

"It's nice to finally be able to see you. I could only really see your eyes and hear your voice." Santana's face flushes slightly when she realises what she says.

Brittany doesn't get the chance to respond as an oxygen tank is handed to her and she eagerly inhales from it. Brittany watches as the paramedic checks Santana's breath and realises that that isn't what they should be worrying about.

"Her leg," she says to the paramedic.

Both Santana and the paramedic look down to her right leg.

"What?" Santana gasps in disbelief. I don't even remember that happening.

"That'll be the adrenaline," the paramedic informs her, "now that you know that it's there, it's gonna start to hurt like a bitch."

Santana winces as the medic tends to the wound.

"Thank you." Santana whispers to Brittany.

Brittany looks up at Santana and sees that she is suddenly upset.

"Don't worry about it, it's just my job." Brittany shakes her head refusing to accept her gratitude.

Santana grabs her hand and Brittany's stomach has a funny dropping sensation.

"No really," she says desperately, "if you didn't find me, if you hadn't of forced me to listen to you, I would have died."

Brittany looks into the eyes that are starting to have an effect on her that she isn't quite sure that she likes and sees complete sincerity and gratitude. So she nods and accepts Santana's thanks.

The paramedic finishes working on Santana's leg.

"You'll need to go to the hospital." The paramedic states.

Santana does not look impressed.

"Are you for real? It can't be that bad."

Brittany is amused by Santana's sudden flip in attitude.

"We can only do so much in the field. You need to be checked out properly. You inhaled a lot of smoke and your leg needs to be dressed properly, what I've done is only a temporary solution."

Santana sighs in defeat. The paramedic looks over at Brittany. "You on the other hand, are good to go."

Brittany smiles but for some reason feels slightly disappointed.

"I'm glad your ok and I hope that your leg heals up quickly."

Santana looks a little bit shocked and seems to be unsure of what to say.

"Is that it? We just part ways? I mean I know we don't know each other but you just saved my life. I owe you at least a drink or something." Santana gestures blindly as if some idea will present itself to her.

"You don't owe me anything Santana and I don't think you are in any state to be going out for drinks. You leg is pretty severely burned and your apartment, which was very fancy I might add, has just burnt down. I am the last thing you should be thinking about."

"Huh…I completely forgot that my home has literally been burnt down."

Brittany chuckles and gets up and moves away from the back of the ambulance as the paramedic gestures for Santana to sit down in the back of the ambulance. Brittany stands there and watches as the doors close and wonders why she feels like something special is about to walk out of her life.

Suddenly a tanned hand stops the doors from closing and a head pops out and deep brown eyes look at Brittany shyly.

"Can I at least get your name?" Santana asks shyly.

"It's Brittany."

A smile breaks across Santana's face. "Brittany," she says as if she's trying out how it sounds, "that's pretty." And with that she closes the ambulance door behind her and Brittany watches as it drives away and she wonders if she will ever see that fiery Latina again.


So that's chapter 1. I was going to further with it but then I thought that this would be a good point to cut it off and see if anyone felt like I should continue. Although I do know exactly where I am going with it. You can follow me on Tumblr at .com if you so wish! :)