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Chapter 9

Santana rubs her right temple as she flicks through the news channels on the TV. She knew from the first camera flash last night that this would happen. Her face and, unfortunately Brittany's, were plastered all over the screen. It was unavoidable, everyone had seen them. Santana tried to rationalize things a bit. The photos were pretty harmless and innocent. They did genuinely look like they had been out having dinner as friends. It seemed that discovering Brittany's identity was their main concern. They wanted to know who she had been spending all her time with since the fire.

Santana's phone buzzed on the table again. It was what had woken her in the first place. She had fallen asleep with Brittany when they got home but at 7am it started ringing off the hook. It was now 9 and Santana still hadn't mustered up the courage to answer it. She paced back and forth in front of the TV while staring at her phone. She knew she couldn't ignore it forever but she just didn't want to hear what they had to say.

Should she wake Brittany up and talk to her first? Should she take the call and just hope for the best?

Brittany's appearance in the living room answered her question.

"You're up early," Brittany states as she wanders in and sits down. She can tell that something is wrong with Santana whose eyes are currently flickering between her own and the phone that lay on the coffee table between them.

"Britt, we have a problem," Santana says as she gestures towards the television.

Brittany's eyes follow her movement and widen at what they land on. Photos of her and Santana were on a continuous loop with varying captions beneath them. While it was odd for Brittany to see herself on TV, it wasn't particularly shocking.

"San, after last night, you must have known this would happen, right?" She looks at Santana questioningly.

Santana falters and can only gape at Brittany in response.

"Of course I knew this would happen. It's what it means for us and for my career that I'm worried about."

Brittany can tell that Santana is trying not to get snappy so she reaches out for Santana's wrist to drag her over to sit down beside her.

"If it helps at all, I want you to know that it doesn't change anything between us. I still want to be with you and no amount of photos they take of us will change that."

Santana breathes a sigh of relief.

"Thank God, I really thought that I would wake up and everything would just be swept out from underneath me but you're the most important person in my life so as long as I have you, I can handle this."

She leans forward and captures Brittany's bottom lip between her own, sucking on it gently. Brittany strokes her back comfortingly and presses kisses along her jaw until she is at the crook of her neck and is enveloped by the intoxicating smell of her hair.

Brittany hears Santana's phone buzz on the table next to them and feels Santana tense in her arms.

"I take that's not the first message you've gotten this morning?" Brittany mumbles against Santana's neck.

Santana sighs at the feeling of Brittany's lips brushing her neck as she speaks and shakes her head.

"They've been after me all morning."

"Are you going to do anything about it?" Brittany asks as she teases Santana's neck with her tongue.

"I suppose I can't ignore them forever."

Brittany detaches herself from her neck and leans back. Santana pouts but Brittany wipes it off her face with one more peck to the lips.

"As sad as it is, our bubble has been burst and you need to face the fall out," she admits as Santana nods in agreement, "but look at the plus side, the paparazzi don't know that we're seeing each other and neither does your label. I actually don't understand why they've been hounding you all morning."

"They handle my publicity. They usually pick where I make appearances and who with. This is news to them, especially since they don't know you."

"Well then take one of their calls and just explain to them what the deal is," Brittany says encouragingly.

"You're right, I'm overreacting. Nothing has happened that can't be explained to them. I'll call them back now."

Santana picks up her phone. Surprisingly Will's number isn't the one that has been calling and texting her all morning. In fact, she doesn't know this number at all but from the amount of times they've tried to contact her, she knows it's the number to call. She brings it to her ear and listens as it dials. The call is picked up immediately.

"Santana?" an icy voice asks. Brittany watches as Santana freezes and fear glides down her spine at the expression on her face.

Santana had been expecting Will to answer, even though it wasn't his number, she knows he has multiple phones. What she wasn't expecting was the label's managing director on the other end of the line.

"Sue?" she gasps.

"That's right short-stack. I think you'll know why I'm calling."

Santana tries to gather her resolve and not sound afraid.

"I can hazard a guess."

"I'm sure you can. You and a mysterious, blonde bombshell hit the tabloids this morning."

Santana bristles at her reference to Brittany and draws on courage she didn't know she possessed.

"Look, Sue, Brittany and I did nothing wrong. We went out and had dinner, I have to be allowed to live my life. It's not my fault we got assaulted by the paps. I don't even know what we have to discuss about it, it was just a friendly dinner."

"Are you done? It wouldn't be a problem if the photos that you're seeing were the only ones that were taken. Now get yourself to my office asap." Sue cut the call and Santana blanched.

Santana looked over to Brittany, fear evident in her eyes.

"What did she say?" Brittany asked fearfully.

"There are more photos."

Santana's shoulders slumped as she admitted defeat. Brittany furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Of what though, San? We didn't do anything but walk from the restaurant to the car."

"I don't even know yet, Britt but I'm sure whatever it is, isn't good. I have to get to the label, Sue's waiting for me."


"The owner and managing director of my label, Sue Slyvester Records."

"What about Will?"

"Will is nothing compared to Sue, she really runs the show, he just manages me."

"Then I suppose you better get over there. Do you want a ride?" Brittany offers.

Santana puts her hand on her leg and squeezes gently.

"Thanks Britt, but this is something I have to do on my own."


Santana steps out of the cab outside Sue Slyvester Records. She looks up at the building, it had been so long since she had been inside. Not since Brittany and everything changed. She thought she hated the place then but she detested it now. She walked straight inside, bypassing the desk and went directly to the elevator to go up to Sue's floor.

She steps out on the top floor. She hadn't been up here since she had been signed. This was where Sue liked to make and break deals. The hallway down to her office was a pristine, almost metallic white. The walls on either side were adorned with awards she had won, with photos of artists that she had discovered and signed. These artists were the greats now. Sue wanted people to know that when they were dealing with her, they were with the best but Santana could bet that not one of these people actually liked her as a person. They needed her to be successful, if there had been any other way Santana knows they would have taken it.

Santana comes to a stop at the gigantic, crimson red, double doors at the end of the hall. She raps her knuckles on the wood and waits. The golden handle turns as it is opened from the inside.

Santana strides in, the heels she had put on to make herself taller echoing around the room. Sue sits at her desk on the far side of the room and watches Santana as she approaches with a smirk on her face. The left side of the room is entirely made of glass and Santana tries to not get distracted by the drop as she makes her way over to Sue. She hears the doors thud shut behind her, never having seen who opened them. She comes to a stop in front of Sue's desk. There is no place to sit down, something that Santana is sure that Sue has done intentionally.

"Let's keep this brief shall we Santana?" Sue asks crisply.

That's not a great start but Santana can only nod her head.

Sue picks up a remote from the desk and points it towards the screen on Santana's right. Santana turns to look at it. The screen takes up nearly the whole wall and after a moment a picture of her and Brittany fill the entire thing.

While the photo is innocent enough, it had to be, they hadn't really done anything, she still feels like an extremely intimate moment is being invaded between them. The photo is from inside the restaurant. Some fucker had managed to be discrete enough to take a photo, a pretty clear one at that, without either of them noticing. But it is clear from the photo that the pair is completely oblivious to everything in the restaurant other than each other. Brittany had moved her chair around in order to be closer to Santana. There were millimeters of space between them, if even that and they were gazing lustily into each other's eyes. They may as well have had a neon sign above their heads declaring that they were eye fucking the crap out of each other.

And yet, even though Santana knew that this photo was probably going to end her all she could think about was that she wanted a copy. She thought they looked perfect together. They had no photos of them together and it would be a nice one to put up in the bedroom. A small smile crept onto her face as she looked at how smitten they were together.

"Do you find this amusing?" Sue demanded furiously.

Santana jumped a little and turned away from the screen.

"What do you want me to say Sue?" Santana retorted.

Sue jumped up from her desk and marched around it to stand closer to the screen.

"I want you to tell me that that," she yelled as she made an aggressive gesture towards the screen, "isn't what I think it is."

"What difference would it make now anyway? The photo has been taken, it's going to get out."

"No, it won't. Luckily the person who took the photo is a friend of mine and owes me quite a deal. They have promised to burn this photo and put a lid on this story."

"Then what's the problem here Sue?" Santana asked getting more and more aggravated.

"I need to know that I'm not going to wake up to more photos like this ever again! They may not know who she is yet but I do. I know she is the fire-fighter that saved you from the fire in your apartment and if they get so much as a whiff that you are more than just friends with this girl then they are going to have a field day and it will be the end of your career! So, you are going to put an end to this little fling, buy yourself a new apartment, come back to work and I will set you up with some A-list model or actor or something. In the mean time you are to check into a hotel, from the lack of activity on the cards we gave you I am to understand that you have been staying with this girl which must end immediately." Sue takes a deep breath to compose herself and shakes her head, "You have a vast amount of potential Santana. I know that the last album wasn't the greatest but I still believe that we could put together something amazing for your next one. This is your last shot Santana. Mark my words, I will drop you so fast at your next slip up you won't even know what hit you."

Sue turned and walked back to her desk to sit down. After a couple seconds she looked up and was surprised to see Santana sitting there, she thought that had been a pretty clear dismissal.

"I can't do that Sue," Santana all but whispers. She can hardly even believe that those words came out.

"What did you just say?" Sue seethes.

Santana's eyes are still glued to the image of her and Brittany on the screen. The smile on her face is the happiest that she has ever seen herself. This was a picture of her life right now and she really fucking liked it. What Sue had just described was the picture of her old life that she had spent the past month trying to get away from and she just couldn't imagine going back to it. Eventually, she tore her gaze from the picture and looked at Sue who looked like she was trying to set her on fire just from a look.

"I said that I can't do that. Brittany makes me happier than any of this ever has. I won't give her up and I would say I'm sorry about that but I'm really not."

"You would give up your career for some chick that you met five minutes ago?" Sue asked incredulously.

"Brittany isn't just some chick. I'm in love with her," Santana's eyes widened as she spoke but she realised that her words were true as soon as she had said them.

Sue scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"You can roll your eyes all you want Sue but I'm not leaving her and you can do fuck all about it," Santana asserted.

"You're done. Get out of my office now and don't come back."

Santana had been expecting it but it still felt like she had been punched in the stomach as all the air rushed out of her. Not wanting to show weakness, she stood tall and strode purposefully from Sue's office without a second glance.

It was only once she set foot on the pavement outside that she realised what she had done. Not one part of her regretted it, that she knew for a fact but there was a new feeling settling around her. It was like a weight had finally been lifted from her shoulders and she could breathe properly for the first time in years. She breathed in and smiled, it was time to go and share the news with Brittany.


Brittany didn't know what to expect from Santana when she got back. A part of Brittany was afraid that she wouldn't come back at all and that they would be able to convince her to leave her. She had tried to keep that part of her mind quiet but it was hard when all she had for company was her thoughts and Lord Tubbington, who wasn't doing much to distract her.

Either way things were going to change for them and Brittany wanted to have some form of control over what happened to them next. She had packed a bag and made some calls to work telling them that she was taking some time off for personal reasons. She had taken out another bag and put it on Santana's bed. She didn't want to pack it in case Santana decided not to go with her but she wanted her to know that she was hoping that she would come.

Brittany had just finished the last few things together when she heard the front door being closed. She looked up to find a flustered looking Santana standing in the doorway to her room. Santana looked at the packed bag and back to Brittany.

"Where are you going?" she inquired, gripping onto the door-frame tightly.

"Tell me what happened first."

Santana doesn't look like she wants to let the question about the packed bag go anytime soon but she relents because she trusts that Brittany will explain everything to her.

"Sue told me to end things with you or she would drop me from the label."

Brittany looks away from Santana and fidgets with the straps of the bag packed in front of her. She desperately wants to believe that Santana would choose her over her label but she knows that she could never ask her to do it, Santana would have to make that decision herself.

Brittany turns her back on Santana and walks over to her dresser, pretending to look for a t-shirt that she wanted and couldn't find.

"I see," is the choked response that she manages to give her.

"So I told her to shove it," Santana declares proudly. Brittany stops rifling through the drawer and turns to look at Santana to make sure that she was being serious.

The smile she is met with makes her heart swell. Santana is positively glowing.

Brittany runs to the bed and bounds across to plant herself down in front of Santana and lift her up in a bear hug. She turns them on the spot twice out of pure excitement. Brittany puts Santana down but keeps her pressed up against her.

"Just promise me that you didn't just do this for me?"

While she is ecstatic that Santana is taking their relationship as seriously as she is, she doesn't want her to resent her for it later.

"No, Britt, I did this for me just as much as I did this for us! That job was sapping the life out of me. For the first time in years I feel like myself again and I'm so glad that I get to be myself with you." Santana's face grew pensive, "This news is going to break soon though. Sue has been holding back a photo of us that makes it pretty obvious that we are seeing each other but she is furious so she is going to milk it for all it's worth now. We aren't going to get a moments peace until there's a juicier story."

"I was hoping you would say that."

"What? Why would you hope that?" Santana asks confused.

"I was hoping you would say that because I think that now would be the perfect time to get the hell out of this place for a while!" Brittany searches Santana's face for some sign of what she thinks.

"Where would we go?" Santana asks getting excited.

"Just pack a bag, I left one on your bed. The sooner we are out of here the better. They'll have no chance of finding us."

"Fuck it! Let's do this!" Santana exclaims. Santana runs out the door to go and pack her bag, only to reappear a moment later to plant a firm kiss on Brittany's lips before spinning around and heading back out the door.

Brittany is left grinning from ear to ear.


Brittany waits patiently in the car for Santana to put her bags in the boot. Seconds later Santana hops into the seat beside her with floppy hat and sunglasses in place.

"You look cute in that giant hat San," Brittany remarks.

"I feel so silly in it but I know that I need it," Santana grumbles.

"I promise it won't be for long, once we're out of the city you can take it off."

Brittany takes Santana's hand in hers and squeezes it reassuringly. Before Brittany starts the car Santana hands her a pair of sunglasses.

"They know who you are too now," Santana explains. Brittany takes them and puts them on, pulling a funny face at Santana as she does so.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going?" Santana begs.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Brittany teases.

"Ugh fine…" Santana pouts playfully, "I didn't really want to know anyway."

"Of course you didn't," Brittany says with a smirk.

She turns the key in the ignition and listens to the engine roar to life before slowly pulling out of the garage, excited about the journey ahead.


An hour and a half into the trip and Santana is desperate to know where they're going.

"Britt, please tell me where we're going."

"San, I didn't tell you the first fifty times you asked, what makes you think I will tell you on the fifty first?"

"A girl can hope can't she?"

"I suppose, but it doesn't mean that I'll tell you."

"Can you at least tell me if we're nearly there? I might start thinking that you're trying to kidnap me or something," she jokes.

"It should only be about ten more minutes."

"Ok, I can survive ten more minutes of this torture."

Brittany smiles at her dramatics and watches as she turns to face back out the window to watch the changing scenery.

Santana had remained quiet as they left the city and hit the highway but her curiosity had peaked again when Brittany took an exit that brought them out into the countryside. Santana was amazed at how quickly you could feel completely separated from modern civilisation. She knew she could live without it but the change of scenery was still pretty drastic for her. She couldn't remember the last time she looked out the window and saw fields of green rather than faceless windows looking back at her.

Santana eventually realised that she hadn't even seen a house in quite some time. She squinted her eyes to look off into the distance. To her left, a few hundred yards down the road she could just about make out the outline of a house. As they got closer she could see just how magnificent it was. It looked to be very old but was sturdy and dominated the landscape.

"Britt, look at that house."

Brittany took her eyes off the road to look to where Santana was pointing.

"What do you think of it?" she asked.

"It looks like something out of a movie or a dream, it doesn't look real," Santana says reverently.

"I'm glad you like it."

"Why?" Santana asks curiously.

"Because that's where we're staying," Brittany says with a smug smile at Santana's awe stricken face.

"You're kidding," Santana deadpans.

"I'm really not," Brittany replies as she turns the steering wheel to take the next left and drive towards the house.

Brittany pulls up in front of the house and gets out immediately, really needing to stretch her legs. Santana sits in the car, gaping at the house from the rolled down window. She hears Brittany opening the boot and taking out their bags. She puts them down outside the solid oak doors and looks back at Santana.

"You going to come in or should I just leave you there?" she calls over to Santana.

Santana snaps to attention and hastily begins to get out of the car.

"What is this place?" she asks as she closes the door behind her.

"This is my parents' farm."

Santana inspects the building.

"This does not look like a farmhouse."

"Well it is a little bit fancier than a farmhouse, all the real farm stuff is out the back," Brittany explains, "so are you ready to go inside?"

"Hell yes! Lead the way!"

Brittany opens the door and moves through the house quickly, going straight down the hallway to put their bags in the kitchen, giving Santana a minute to take it all in. Brittany opens up the blinds to let in the afternoon light. She looks back to see Santana wandering around the foyer, examining every picture and ornament. She gets a little impatient waiting for her, she really wants to show her the view but she knows that the house is part of the beauty too.

Santana looks up to see Brittany staring at her from the kitchen. Rays of light hit Brittany coming in from the windows beside and behind her. She moves towards the glowing warmth and steps into a homey and earthy kitchen. Brittany holds her hand out for Santana to take. Santana steps into her embrace and Brittany turns her around and covers her eyes. She guides her over to the sliding doors on the side of the kitchen that she had been to distracted to really notice when she first walked in. She listens as Brittany clicks them open and they glide back when Brittany pulls the handle. Brittany carefully steps them outside and turns her slightly to the right.

Brittany releases her hands from Santana's eyes. Brittany rests her head on Santana's shoulder and hears her sharp intake of breath. She tilts her head a little to see Santana's reaction better.

Santana can't take her eyes away from the glistening lake before her. She was standing on the deck of the house with Brittany but at the edge there were steps that led down a gradual slope to a lake that was hidden from the view at the front of the house. It was so big that Santana couldn't see where it ended and the far side of it was surrounded by towering fir trees.

"You've been holding out on me," Santana breathed out.

Brittany quirked her eyebrow and gave Santana's waist a light squeeze.

"What do you mean?"

"How can you own a place like this and not show it off to every person you know?" Santana asked incredulously.

"It's an important place to me, I grew up here, I'm not about to bring any old person out to see it, there are a lot of memories here."

"So you don't bring all the girls here then?" Santana wonders coyly.

"Of course not," Brittany assures her, "I wanted to be certain when I brought someone out here."

"Certain of what?" Santana asks as she turns her head so that she can look Brittany in the eye.

Brittany gazes into Santana's dark eyes that constantly draw her in. In the warm light of the sun, they sparkle with a deep amber hue. Her skin is radiant and her lips look devilishly inviting.

"Just…certain," Brittany answers carefully not wanting to let her thoughts get carried away.

Santana bites her lip, she can guess at what Brittany isn't saying because she isn't saying the exact same thing. Part of her feels that now would be the perfect time. It was just this morning that she had admitted it to herself and Sue.

"Can we go swimming?" Santana asks, distracting Brittany so that she doesn't feel pressured to say anything that she isn't ready to.

Brittany's eyes light up in response.

"I was hoping you would want to," Brittany all but squeals, "Race you!"

And just like that she is off like a shot towards the lake.

"Brittany you're in your clothes!" Santana shouts after her.

"I wore my bikini under my clothes!" she calls back over her shoulder.

"Brittany S. Pierce that is cheating!" Santana admonishes.

"See you down there!"

Brittany doesn't have to wait long before she sees Santana coming down the slope in a bright red bikini. Her mouth goes dry despite the fact that she is wading shoulder deep in the water.

Santana decides to get revenge and slowly saunters to the end of the dock, making sure that Brittany gets the best view of her possible. She can feel her eyes glued to her as she moves. She stops and stretches out her arms taking in deep breaths of fresh air. It had been a long time since she had tasted air so clean.

"Is it cold?" she asks Brittany.

Brittany's eyes trail up Santana's body and she shakes her head. Suddenly Brittany feels very warm in the water actually. Santana dips her toe in to test the water. She doesn't look too sure.

"Get in here before I get out and I am forced to push you in!" Brittany shouts.

Santana shoots her a mock angry face.

"I will get in when I am good and ready!" she says as she crosses her arms.

"I think we might have a chicken on our hands," Brittany teases.

"I'll show you a chicken!"

Santana takes a running jump off the edge of the dock and aims to land as close to Brittany as possible so that she can splash her face with water.

Brittany, not expecting the sudden splash, has no time to close her mouth before Santana hits the water and her mouth and eyes are filled with water. She quickly wipes her eyes and spits it out to see where Santana has gone.

Santana is already swimming away from her, knowing that Brittany will definitely want to get her back for that.

"Get back here Lopez!" she calls as she starts to chase her through the water.

"Catch me if you can Pierce!"

Santana looks over her shoulder as she strokes and sees Brittany swimming speedily towards her. She kicks things up a notch and propels herself through the water as fast as she can. It becomes clear that she isn't going to out swim Brittany so she slows to a stop and waits for Brittany to catch her, hoping that Brittany will go easy on her.

Brittany stops an arm's length from Santana and laughs at the innocent look on her face.

"However shall I punish you Santana?"

"No Brittany you don't have to do anything, please," Santana begs.

"I could dunk you…" Brittany edges closer as Santana shakes her head, "I could tickle you," she moves even closer as Santana's eyes widen, she hates being tickled. "Or I could do this…"

Brittany is pressed right up against Santana and she closes her eyes waiting for Brittany to lean in and kiss her. Instead she feels Brittany's lithe fingers undo the strings on the back of her bikini.

She opens her eyes in surprise and sees Brittany staring back at her lustily. Santana can see no hesitation on Brittany's face because she knows that Brittany can tell exactly how much she wants her to do this.

Santana wraps her left arm around Brittany's neck and pulls herself up so that she is level with her before slowly placing a kiss to her lips. Brittany moans into the kiss as she feels Santana's hot tongue swipe along her lips before eagerly entering her mouth. Brittany finishes removing Santana's bikini as she hungrily accepts her kisses.

Brittany glides her hands up Santana's toned abdomen until they reach the soft underside of her boobs. Santana shudders at the sensation of Brittany's touch under the water. Santana tangles her hands in Brittany's wet hair as she takes a firm hold of her breasts. Santana arches into the touch and clings to Brittany tighter. Santana brings one hand down to undo Brittany's bikini. When she moves it away she slides down so that she can appreciate them further.

Santana presses her lips to Brittany's collar bone and gradually makes her way down until she takes Brittany's nipple in her mouth and sucks sharply. Brittany pulls Santana flush against her until she can feel Santana's breasts brushing against her abdomen. Brittany could only hold onto the back of Santana's neck as she continued her assault. Brittany's breathing grew heavy and there was a distinct heat building between her legs. Santana trailed kisses up Brittany's neck until she was sucking on her pulse point. Brittany dropped her head to the side for Santana to have more access. Santana shifted her body and pressed her leg between Brittany's who groaned out in response. She tried to press down on Santana's leg but there was little leverage in the water to work with.

Santana was enjoying the taste of Brittany's neck when she was pulled back and two hands were placed on her waist. Electric blue eyes stared down at her. She had never seen Brittany look so wild or turned on before and Santana felt a twinge between her legs at the thought that she was able to make Brittany feel this good.

"How about we continue this up at the house?" Brittany asked seriously.

Santana really wanted to continue what they were doing but she also didn't want their first time to be in a lake which was obviously where this was going. Normally Santana wouldn't mind but this was Brittany and it was also going to be her first time with another woman so the safety of a bed was rather appealing to her.

Santana nods her agreement. Brittany drags Santana out of the water by the hand and they take off for the house, leaving their bikini tops drifting in the lake. There were obviously more important things to be thinking about.

When they get into the kitchen Brittany tears a couple towels out of her bag and passes it to Santana and they quickly dry themselves off. Brittany wraps herself up in the towel and takes Santana by the hand to lead her up to the bedroom.


Santana follows Brittany in to a spacious bedroom with a four poster bed. It's elegant and looks so comfortable. For the first time that afternoon Santana gets nervous. She thinks it's because it's so obvious what's about to happen. Do they talk first or do they just get down to it?

Santana notices that the room has a frickin' fireplace and she goes and stands in front of it, awkwardly holding her towel to her body. Brittany can sense that Santana is nervous all of a sudden so walks over to the stereo on her shelves and tries to find something appropriate to put on. Then she cringes and thinks that it might come off really cheesy if she blatantly puts on music that's supposed to get them in the mood. They are already in the mood Santana is just a little skittish right now.

Brittany turns and sees Santana looking into the empty grate of the fireplace. Without saying anything she goes to stand beside her. She bends down and opens the basket of wood and puts some in the grate. She gets the firelighters and carefully ignites the fire. They are quickly enveloped in the warmth of the fire and an earthy smell fills the room.

Santana still hasn't said anything and Brittany is starting to get worried.

Brittany faces Santana and takes both her hands in hers, not forcing her to look at her or anything.

"I want to do this," Santana suddenly blurts out. Brittany's eyes widen and she nods. "I'm sorry, that wasn't romantic at all. Today has been perfect and all this is so romantic and I'm ruining it because I'm getting anxious because I've never slept with a girl before."

Santana puts her head in her hands in defeat. Brittany gently pries her hands away from her face.

"I know the first time can be scary but I've always just thought that as long as it feels right then it's ok. I promise we don't have to do anything you don't want to ok?"

Santana's heart melts at the sincerity in Brittany's voice. Here is this gorgeous, kind, considerate woman that wants to be with her and she's having doubts because it's something she's never done before? Where is the fiery Santana Lopez that is passionate and lets people know when she wants them? It was about time for her to make a comeback.

Santana looks steadily into Brittany's eyes and drops her towel. Brittany's gaze follows the towel's journey to the floor only to slowly trail back up. When their eyes meet again Brittany drops her own towel and lunges forward to pick Santana up who wraps her legs around Brittany's waist.

Santana brings their lips together as Brittany walks them over to the bed. She places her down on the middle of the bed and then she clambers on too. Santana rests her head back against the pillow and looks up at Brittany hovering over her. She cups her face in her hands and tugs her down by the chin to reconnect their lips. Brittany nips at Santana's bottom lip playfully and Santana drags her nails down Brittany's sides.

Brittany lowers her weight down onto Santana who arches up to create as much pressure between them as possible. Brittany positions one of her legs between Santana's and can't help but grind down against her centre. Santana groans and slides her hands around Brittany's torso to palm at her breasts.

Brittany bites down on Santana's collar bone when she feels one of Santana's legs connect with the heat between her own legs. Brittany immediately grinds down in response slowly creating a rhythm that Santana falls in sync with. They rock against each other as hands explore skin and kisses become frantic.

Brittany gingerly moves her hand down Santana's side and touches the band of her bikini bottoms. Santana's heart skips a beat at the thought of where Brittany is about to touch her next. Santana juts up into Brittany's hips sharply.

"Ugh…San," Brittany moans, "can I?"

Santana feels like she is on fire, her body has never reacted like this to anybody before. Santana draws Brittany into a deep kiss and takes her hand to guide it underneath her the waistband of her bottoms.

Brittany gasps at the sudden contact with the new skin. She curls her fingers around the waistband and slowly tugs them down Santana's toned legs. Santana lifts up off the bed to aid in discarding the unnecessary material.

Santana waits in suspense for Brittany's hand to move to where she needs it most. She feels her ghost her fingers along the insides of her thighs before finally coming in contact with her wet folds. Santana sporadically grinds down looking for more contact. Brittany presses hot, open-mouthed kissed across her chest as she slowly explores Santana with her deft fingers. She glides up and down, spreading the arousal that she finds there. Brittany can't believe just how wet Santana is for her.

Santana gasps when Brittany's fingers come in contact with her clit. She can feel it practically aching to be touched but at the same time she wants Brittany everywhere she can possibly have her. Brittany brushes her thumb across her bundle of nerves and Santana jolts beneath her. Brittany rubs and grinds against Santana setting a faster pace than before.

Santana can feel her release building and moans at the friction that Brittany is creating between them.

"More…" she moans out.

Brittany pressed her lips to Santana's as she moved her fingers to her entrance and slowly pressed her way inside. Santana tensed at the sensation but quickly adapted to it and started to grind down on Brittany's fingers.

Brittany moved slowly at first, letting Santana stretch to accommodate her fingers. She felt so tight and hot around them and Brittany could feel her own arousal begin to demand attention. She used the palm of her hand to rub against Santana's clit as she thrust into her. Brittany pressed her own centre to the back of her hand to get as much friction as she possibly could.

Santana could tell that she wasn't going to last much longer as she rapidly approached the edge. Santana matched every thrust of Brittany's fingers with a grind of her hips and she arched her body up against Brittany's to constantly be connected to her. She was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on kissing Brittany on the lips so she gave up and kissed her sporadically wherever she could find purchase on her skin as Brittany pounded into her.

Then Brittany curled her fingers inside her and Santana felt a sensation like nothing else she had ever experienced before. She canted her hips up against Brittany who moaned at the sight of Santana completely unravelling before her. Brittany repeated the motion inside of her until she felt Santana's thighs begin to quiver and her walls started to tighten around her fingers. While it was difficult to continue moving her fingers she continued to rub that sensitive spot inside her and swiped her thumb along Santana's clit one more time before Santana pulsed and tightened around her fingers as she came.

Santana gripped onto Brittany tightly as she rode out the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had. For a moment everything went a little hazy but she could still feel Brittany right there on top of her making sure she was ok. Brittany slowly continued her ministrations as Santana experienced a number of after shocks which left her thighs twitching.

After Santana had the chance to come back down Brittany slowly withdrew her fingers. Santana sighed in protest and opened her eyes to look up at Brittany in wonder. Brittany held Santana's gaze as she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean, moaning as she did so. Santana watched Brittany's tongue lap up the cum that had streamed out of her only moments before. It made another wave of arousal wash over her and rush right to her core.

Santana sat up and roughly grabbed Brittany around the back of her neck and pulled their faces together to meet in a searing kiss. Santana moaned at the taste of herself on Brittany's tongue and kissed her until her head felt dizzy. When Santana eventually stopped kissing Brittany she pushed her down in the pillows that she had previously been lying in. Brittany smiled up at Santana adoring the sated look in her eyes.

Brittany watched as Santana leaned down and placed a kiss to her hip bone.

"It's your turn."

So that was the first time I've ever really written smut so I'm sorry if that was no good :/ But at least they did it and there will be more! If that's what you would like to see :) Let me know what you thought! -Aisling xx