Kagome walked down the sidewalk, shifting her school bag on her shoulders.  She looked up at the beautiful blue sky blanketing the Tokyo cityscape.  First day of school…  Quickly picking up her pace, she wondered how her first day of high school would go.  I really didn't want to be transferred over here.  Why did they transfer me?  Tilting her head to the fluffy clouds, she tried to remember the ambiguous reason for her move.  Oh yeah…it was this guy named Kouga…he was stalking me or anything.  Well, now that bothersome Kouga wouldn't bother her anymore.  He wasn't all that bad.  It was just that he had this thing about her being his woman.  That bothered her a lot.  To make matters better, they were both in the high honors classes, putting them in the same class every year.  It was in the last year of junior high that he had started getting dangerous.  Shivering, she remembered the lustful look in his eyes when he had pinned her against the wall after school.  Why don't you care for me, Kagome?  His words echoed through the chasms of her mind.  He had looked sad, too.  Guess he just went crazy.  Poor guy.  Turning her attention back to the sidewalk, she found that her legs had carried her directly to her new school. 

Large, extravagant gates greeted her vision as she walked through the entrance.  The school looked beautiful, rising majestically, like a mountain, from the concrete ground.  Here and there, the concrete was cleared away to present a small garden.  Also, flecked around were cherry trees, ready to shed their blossoms as autumn fell on Tokyo.  Coming out of her reverie, Kagome observed the people bustling around her.  They all looked really smart.  I hope I can do well here.  Too bad I had to start in the middle of freshman year.  Lifting her chin a little, she strode into the school, determination clear in her blue eyes.