Abelle Graham stared at the police officer standing on her front porch.

Like any other parent that loved their children so fiercely as she did, she knew what had happened before the man had the chance to tell her. There was false hope flaming in her, a chant repeating inside her head that everything was fine and it was nothing too bad. Just needed to get some papers and lawyer and she'd be out of the department with her child while giving them the biggest lecture of their life.

But it was not meant to be.

"Mrs. Graham, it's about your daughter, Celestine."

Her heart stopped and coldness settled inside her body.

Her baby, her's and Jason's baby... Oh, God! She clamped a hand over her grim mouth and she could not contain the tears anymore. The officer looked at her with regret and pity and it made the woman want to shout at him to leave her and slam the door in his face. But, she stopped herself, she had to know what had become of her little girl.

"Where is she?" she said with a low voice. "Where is my daughter?"

The officer didn't say anything for a while until he opened his mouth and answered,

"She's gone."

Abelle collapsed to the floor with a scream, she barely even noticed that her husband and two other children had arrived on the drive way and did not notice her husband holding onto her so tightly. All she could think of was a little girl that had started her first year of high school, had celebrated her fourteenth birthday just last week, and had given her mother one last smile before she left for a simple walk she did on a routine.

Every now and then as the years went by, someone would wonder, "Just what had happened to her?"





Well, to answer about the girl in question, Celestine "Noir" Graham had found herself in an unexpected journey on her walk in the woods...