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Summary: A celebration on New Vulcan is attacked by rogue Romulan's and the Enterprise and her crew try desperately to save the Vulcan Royals and Youth as well as one of their own.

Chapter 1: Ceremonies

Kirk was beside himself with anger and frustration. He wasn't use to being helpless. He was a man who didn't believe in no win situations. This was supposed to be a memorial for the lost of Vulcan. There had been hundreds in the past months, but this was the one done by the Vulcans for the Vulcan people. Another explosion rocked the below building and the left side of the massive structure began to collapse.

The Vulcan Elders and their respective guards on the bridge were expressionless but all of their eyes were slightly dilated. All of them were suppressing anger. The others - the Royals - had their faceplates up and didn't move. The upper railing of the bridge had more than a few permanent indentations, due to Vulcan strength as several hands tightened.

"Mr. Chekov? Do you have a lock on Commander Spock? or any luck on getting us a visual?" Kirk demanded.

Ensign Chekov half turned from the science station. "No, Keptain. The Romulans shielding is preventing any positive confirmation on the signal or wisual feeds. I ken confirm Mr. Spock is alive, but we can't get a lock on his coordinates for beam out unless Mr. Scott can reprogram the transporters."

Kirk was about to speak, when the head of Vulcan security spoke. "Seveck is a skilled engineer and would be able to offer assistance in reprogramming the transporters. We must evacuate the Royals and the Youth from the surface as soon as possible." Se'kan was a very large Vulcan with a fierce look about him. Add in the fact he was just under 7 feet tall and few people of any race would wish to find themselves on his bad side. All of the royal guards were similar in body type and build.

Jim agreed and Sulu was showing Seveck to Scotty's bridge Engineering console. Within five minutes thanks to a reverse feed and Se'kan's security overrides. Chekov's console beeped and a red outline highlighted one of the Vulcan Royals and started running vital signs in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Chekov stood and stared wide eyed at the monitor. Se'kan moved to the console as well to view the image.

They had a visual feed. No audio but the pictures spoke for themselves. The Romulans were trying to slaughter the future Vulcan rulers and the Royals, the Youth and their respective guards were fight for their lives. The young Ensign's jaw dropped.

Jim noticed the beeping. "Chekov! You have found Spock?"

"Yes..Keptain...but.. Sir.." Chekov was going to say more, but Kirk cut him off. "Put it on the main screen."

Chekov did as he was told and now everyone on the bridge could see what he had seen. A Prince that currently had twin swords in each hand and had dispatched a Romulan that was about to slash the youngest member of the Royal house with a knife. The Prince swung the child Princess up onto his back without breaking stride and was fighting his way to the door. Several others were in the process of doing the same. A lone royal gaurd was at his back and a High clan female were at his side.

Around the bridge folks had various reactions, Kirk's head swung to Uhura and back to the screen. Bones, who was fixing one of Elder's arm, said. "I'll be damned!" Sulu was grinning, since he was now definitely going to ask the Vulcan to spar with him in the near future.

Admiral Barnett was slack jawed, but suddenly a whole lot of things made sense like how Commander Spock had known the location of the Vulcan High Council during Nero's attack and the codes to issue the evacuation of the planet.

Admiral Pike was shaking his head. He had always thought his young friend was a touch aristocratic. Now he knew why.

Admiral Komack looked like he was going to implode and said. "That son of bitch is Royality? We should have never let that Vulcan in the Fleet. He is nothing but trouble!" The good Admiral had clearly forgotten the other Vulcans on the bridge.

The voice of the only person to ever turn down a Federation Council seat rang out. "Who are thee to speak ill of my Grandson Human?" The good Admiral turned beat red and held his hands up, but was cut off again by the Empress heavily accessed standard. T'Pau's faceplate lowered as she spoke and you could clearly see she was Sarek's Mother and Spock's Grandmother as more of her face was revealed. "You all pledged to aid us in removing our children from the surface and now you insult one of them?" All of the other Royals on the bridge lowered their respective faceplates. Ambassador Sarek's cold gaze focused on Komack as well from the upper deck. He too had a crown on his head.

Admiral Barrett quickly interjected himself into the conversation. Komack hated both Captain James T. Kirk and his first officer Commander S'chn T'gai Spock. Kirk's flamboyant command style frequently put him at odds with Starfeet Command and Spock kept the young Captain out of serious hot water, which had earned him Komack wrath. Plus the fact Spock's wife was on the same ship and technically under his command.

However, Barrett really expected the man to be able to hold his tongue better than this during a planetary crisis. Insulting a member of a Vulcan ruling clan was bad. Insulting the Empresses Grandson was beyond bad.

Starfleet had let the Vulcan people down in a big way and Vulcan's had very long memories. The Federation needed them as allies and it was still open question if New Vulcan was going to participate in the Federation Council. T'Pau had declined the honor for a second time.

Ambassador Sarek had been asked as well but hadn't given his answer yet. The Federation needed Vulcan technology and diplomacy if it was going to survive. Pissing off the ruling family or getting members of the High clans killed wouldn't bode well for Starfleet. The Federation Council wasn't going to want to hear any excuses if any of these "high value" Vuclans got hurt. Heads were already going to roll over the fact the Rolumans had not only gotten on planet, but had almost successfully executed New Vulcan's leadership.

The current leadership had survived only due to Commander Spock and Lieutenant Uhura's quick thinking, their Starfleet comms, and Mr. Scott's transporter skills. The young Royals and the Youth however were trapped.

All of the young Royals and Youth were heirs to their respective clans seats on the High Council and the Vulcan Security Council. All of them would wield considerable power in the direction of New Vulcan in coming centuries. Barrett could think of worse things than having a Vulcan Emperor or High Council member that was Starfleet friendly for a change.

"Apologies Empress T'Pau we were unaware that Commander Spock was part of the Ruling clan on New Vulcan. Of course we are dedicated to facilitating his departure from the surface as well as that of all of his Peers. We meant no insult to the honorable S'chn T'gai Clan. Isn't that right Admiral Komack?"

Komack was nodding like an idiot and if the circumstances had been different Kirk would have been laughing his ass off on the bridge. As it was he and most of the other bridge officers were watching as their first officer was battling to stay alive.

Kirk had admitted on more than one occasion. Spock could really fight, but seeing him use the swords like an extension of his arm was surprising. Seeing him pull a ornate dagger from his boot and hand it to the child on his back reinforced the seriousness of the situation.

"Scotty! Have you punched that shielding yet?" Kirk punched into his arm chair comm.

The intercom buzzed. "No - but I might be able ta get ya more video feeds from other rooms ta track the Commander. His comm single just came up."

Another explosion rocked the room on feed, but Spock managed to keep his footing barely and right the child on his back before she fell to the ground. The video feed went dead as it was splattered in green blood from an unknown source.

Kirk practically shouted "Do it Scotty - I want eyes on Spock and the other. Figure out a way to punch that shielding."

"Aye Captain. Scott out."

A few minutes later Chekov had another image of the young Vulcan Royals and Youth. It did nothing to easy anyone's fears for their safety. They were all currently siding down the side of a crumbling building on either drainage systems, wires, or using steel beams. They were very high up from the ground and the girl on Spock's back was now in one arm and gripping hell out of his robes. Vulcan or not the kid was scared shitless. None of them had on any jewelry and their robes had all been turned inside out hiding their clan affiliation. They also all had on silver faceplates. They could only tell Spock was Spock, since he alone had the emergency Starfleet trackers in his bloodstream and was outlined in red in the main screen.

As the rope Spock slide down ran, he flung the girl to another Vulcan going down a drainage pipe and used the rope to run along the side of the build and jumped for the pipe himself.

That maneuver had Uhura screeching with a hand over her mouth as she watched the screen. She hadn't changed clothes from the emergency beam out, so she was still dressed in her robes bearing Spock's clan's House markings. She looked beautiful but Uhura was scared for her Husband. She did her job and had gotten the Vulcan Security Council onboard the ship, but had been none too happy when Spock hadn't made it out with the others.

Kirk was just glad Uhura was onboard. No Human could have made that jump and to prove that point; they all watched helplessly as one of the Vulcan's missed the rope as he jumped and fell to his death below.

To add to the mess, it appeared the building was falling to the side and several more bodies fell from various windows. All of them were clad in Romulan uniforms. The group of forty of so Vulcan smashed their way back into the crumbling building to avoid being crushed as it fell to the side.

The feed showed the top of the building falling and smashing were the group had been.

Se'kan was punching up codes on Chekov's console and you could see the group running, jumping down stair landings, and swing over stair railing with Vulcan speed and strength. The girl was now on a larger Vulcan's back and was holding on for dear life. All of the Vulcan's were covered in dust and several cuts in their elaborate clothing.

They ran into a room and Se'kan punch another set of codes. The lights turned on and the group turned as one and ran to the vehicles. The three motorcades were filled and four of the security vehicles were put in gear. The garage doors barely opened before the lead motorcade punched it's way out of the enclosure. Phaser fire was seen shooting after the vehicles.

Several Romulans came into view with very large weapons. They ran to the remaining vehicles and started them. Se'kan punched more codes and all of the vehicles stopped. The security vehicles began to smoke and Romulan's just managed to get out before they exploded. The ones in the four motorcades were barricaded in the vehicles and couldn't get out. Se'kan punched in yet another code and a gas was seen filling the motorcades and all of the folks inside lost consciousness.

To be continued.

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