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Summary: A celebration on New Vulcan is attacked by rogue Romulan's and the Enterprise and her crew try desperately to save the Vulcan Royals and Youth as well as one of their own. Established Spock and Uhura. Kirk/Spock friendship. All the bridge crew will be seen and heard from before it's over.

Chapter 15: The Net

The monitors had alerted the medical team that Spock was awake. They entered to find him blinking his eyes like a very large owl trying to clear them of remaining dust.

He was disoriented at first, but Healer Sorrel wasn't concerned. "This reaction was to be expected in Osu Spock. His cognitive functions will return to normal within 2.54 hours with proper caloric intake. Doctor McCoy? Where is your food processor? I can program with his specific health requirement and get Osu Spock with his meal. T'Mar continue the preliminary exam until I return?"

By time Sorrel and Sovel had returned, Spock was sitting up and had some color in his face. They had gotten food for Uhura as well. They couple ate in Spock's room. By the time they had finished, Kirk was in Med Bay Alpha.

"Mr. Spock? If you wanted some time off, there are easier ways to get a break than getting poisoned!" was Kirk's opening line.

Sybok snorted and most of the Vulcan's raised their respective eyebrows. Spock had "No comment" on the matter and continued to drink his tea while reading the PADD Chekov had given him of the recorded conversation between T'Pring and T'Ling.

An hour later - Sopek's comm flashed the signal and everyone listened to the direct feed from the Enterprise brig and watched the video recording. The conversation was in Vulcan and the translator was turned on for the Human's present.

T'Pring was in the brig area and she had brought Sopek a mid meal by way of greeting.

Sopek bowed slightly as T'Pring approached him. "My Lady - thee shouldn't be in this area."

"Thy concern is unwarned. Thee shall protect me as you always have done in the past. I had wished to speak with thee again. I am shamed by my current position and Stonn's involvment in the current events on this ship. I prepared a meal for thee. It would please me if thee would consume it? It is thy favored dish as well as this Earther ship is capable of making true V'Tosh fair." T'Pring said Earther as if it were one of the worse curses in the Universe.

Sopek took the dish and uncovered the meal. It was comprised of all of his favored foods. T'Pring had gone thru a great deal of trouble in making this meal. He sat at the desk outside of the containment area, Stonn was watching them both with cold flat eyes.

T'Pring didn't acknowledge Stonn in the slightest. Not in action or thought. She ignored him completely and focused her attention on Sopek, who turned on the outside monitor and began to eat the soup and bread. The young guard broke the bread and dipped it into the soup and offered the first bite to T'Pring. She was sitting on the edge of the desk.

T'Pring veiled her eyes and took the offered food. Se'kan nodded to himself as he watched the live video feed. Sopek had just ensured the meal wasn't poisoned.

In true Vulcan fashion they didn't speak while they ate. After the meal had been shared and consumed, which was in and of itself, scandelous behavior for a Bonded female, Sopek spoke. "It is pleasing the see thee again, regardless of the circumstances T'Pring."

T'Pring nodded. She moved a little closer on the desk. She quite forwardly took his resting hand in her own and said. "My Mother is going to have me Bonded to Sybok and have my union with Stonn disolved. He has dishonored our Clan and his own House. I do not wish to be Bonded with Sybok. I desire thee, but in order to remove the shame from our Clan I have been given to the illogical one. It is only slightly better than being promised to him than his Half Breed Brother."

T'Pring had linked their two fingers together as she was speaking. All of the Vulcan's watching had eyebrows high on their foreheads. Such behavior wasn't acceptable from a Bonded female or a Youth. "The only way to spare me from the shame to come is for Stonn to die before Se'kan can question him. Thee were alway my first choice and now that thy Clan has been elevated to High Born status my Mother would accept thee as my Bondmate. I can offer you the crown again in time if thee would pledge thyself to my Clan? and assist in Stonn's untimely demise? What does thee say?"

McCoy muttered under his breath that the "Lady" didn't waste anytime when she was plotting murder and he had thought her Mother was a cold blooded Bitch.

Sopek answered. "I will assist thy with the removal of Stonn. He will no longer be a consideration come the morning. You must return to quarters before the shifts change."

T'Pring gave a tiny Vulcan smile and pressed her forehead to Sopek's. She then turned and left the room. Sopek's gaze followed her out of the area. He then turned to Stonn's containment area with a phaser in his hand. The young Vulcan male had seen the whole exchange. He could hear it, but couldn't be heard thru the room's barriers.

Stonn backed up in the cage as Sopek aimed his phaser at his heart. He saw his end in the other Vulcan's eyes and said. "As she betrayed Spock, myself, and Sybok, she will betray you given enough time. Once you have outlived your usefulness T'Ling will have you killed. There will never be enough power for her to be content." Stonn wasn't as stupid as everyone thought he was in reality.

Sopek didn't stop his action but did answer the young man. "I am aware of this fact Stonn, but I must fulfill my duty to her." Stonn was shot with the phaser and then the hypospray was injected neural nano-bites into him.

Back in T'Ling's rooms, they all saw the older woman nod in satifaction and with a truly mad look in her eyes as her Daughter collapsed to the floor. She waited a full 30 minutes before she summoned the guard outside of her door and medical attention.

T'Pring was rushed to the Medical Bay and Healer Sorrel announced that her Bond with Stonn had been broken. He was very careful not to say why it was broken. T'Ling requested that all the links to be Bond be moved, so she would have time to heal before taking a new Mate.

It was all agreed to and done as requested. When T'Pring awoke, there was a hollow space inside of her were Stonn had once resided in her mind. For the first time she questioned her Mother's plans. She donned the robes of a Vulcan woman who has suffered a lost of a Bondmate.

Se'kan informed all of the Elders and Youth as one that Stonn, the suspected traitor had suffered an unfortunate event and was longer a viable concern to anyones safty. Everyone saw T'Pring's robes and no one inquired further as was proper in Vulcan society.

The remaining Vulcan's would be heading down to New Vulcan in the morning via transportors.

Deep in the ship, with a neural chip headband on his head as well as the nano-bites in his blood, sat Stonn in the Brig with one Hell of a headache. He didn't understand what as going on until he saw S'haile Se'kan, Healer Sorrel, Sovel, Sopek, and several Enterprise gaurds. They were setting a trap for T'Pring and T'Ling. They had known all along.

In the meantime, Spock was finally out of bed and able to move around the room without looking as if he were going to keel over at any moment. T'Pella was overjoyed and happily read her story book to him that night. I-Kat wouldn't the pair out of her sight.

Several of the other Sehlats felt the same way regarding Spock. They were mostly I-Kat's brothers and sisters and all of them were familiar to Spock. McCoy was cracking jokes about the Vulcan First Officer being a sucker for large furry fanged animals, when I-Kat beared her considerable fangs at the Human Doctor and he beat a hasty retreat out of Spock's room. Uhura and Kirk's laughter was heard in all the Med Bay. The Vulcan guards had eyebrows raised, but T'Mar looked slightly amused.

To be Continued

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