Son of the Moon

Chapter one


Artemis was running down the beach at Montauk, she had been tracking a monster and she had just seen it go after a mortal woman and her infant child whom she had been watching fondly for the past few days. Suddenly she heard the woman scream in pain,… followed by the monster, a Cyclops, yelling out in fright; when she rounded the bend Artemis stopped in shock, the child, who couldn't be older than seven or eight months, was standing in front of his mother and glaring defiantly at the beast but that wasn't the most amaizing thing. The amaizing thing was that the ocean water around him was swirling faster and faster before it formed a hand and grabbed the Cyclops, pulling it under the water.

Once the boy collapsed Artemis ran forward and looked at the woman, she was bleeding out on the sand with the beast's weapon in her stomach. When the woman saw her coming her eyes widened, "Lady Artemis?" she asked cautiously.

Nodding Artemis decided that she shouldn't be surprised, the boy was clearly a demigod so his father must have told the woman about the gods, "You injury is beyond my ability to heal.".

"I figured that but can you promise me something?" the woman asked slowly growing paler as she lost more and more blood.

"What is it?" Artemis asked determined to help ease the woman's pain.

"Take my son Perseus with you and raise him to be strong, brave, and noble? I know you normally don't like men but please he is too young to have earned your ire. Please." she begged and Artemis could tell that she only had moments to live.

Looking from her to the unconscious child on the beach she felt her heart soften towards the small demigod, turning back to the woman Artemis grasped her hand and said "I swear on the River Styx that I will do all I can to raise and help your son.". The woman smiled and closed her eyes, going to Hades with hope in her heart for her family, picking up the child Artemis wrapped him up in a silver blanket and cradled him to her chest, "Come now little one, time for you to meet your new family." before flashing the two of the them just outside the hunters camp.

"Lady Artemis you've returned!" her lieutenet Zoe Nightshade said happily as she and another huntress, Phoebe, ran up to greet her.

"What's in your arms my Lady?" Phoebe asked curiously when she saw little Perseus.

"This Phoebe is our new baby brother Perseus." she told them, "He's a demigod and his mother was killed by the Cyclops I was hunting then this little one used his powers to kill it.".

"This infant managed to kill a Cyclops by himself?" Zoe asked, looking in awe at him.

"But he is male my Lady." Phoebe protested.

"Yes but we can raise him to be a good Man instead of an ignorant barbarian like most of his gender." she told them, gently rocking her new son back and forth.

Suddenly he woke up and looked around afraid before his eyes fell on me, "Mama?" he asked confusedly causing me to smile.

"That's right little one I'm your new Mama. And these are two of your new sisters Zoe and Phoebe." she said turning him so he could see them.

"Hello I'm Zoe." Zoe said smiling down at him kindly.

"Ze!" he gurgled happily making her laugh.

"I'm Phoebe." Phoebe told him obviously starting to warm up to the cute little child.

"Phe-Phe!" he laughed out in delight.

"Lady Artemis may I go introduce our sisters to their new baby brother now?" Zoe asked holding her arms out for Perseus, nodding Artemis gave her the infant and Zoe rushed off showing him off to every one of the hunters.

-eleven years later-

Percy had grown in the eleven years he had lived with the hunters, he was stronger, faster, and smarter than most trained adult demigods were and was still growing. All of the hunters love their 'little brother Percy' and he loved them just as much. Artemis had trained him to fight with most weapons but he truly excelled at the bow and was almost as good as Artemis herself was at it.

Artemis finished packing a bag for her son and smiled as she turned to him, "Here you go little one and remember even though it will be your hunt I will be watching over you." she said fondly and ruffling his hair.

"Mooom." he groused trying to fix his hair and not smile, "I'm not little.".

"I know I know but you will always be my little one Percy." she said wrapping him in her arms and giving him a kiss on the head.

"I love you to mom." he said as he hugged her back.

Shouldering his pack he headed out to do his first solo hunt to find and kill a wild Harpy that had been hunting children in a park in New York City. He headed out turning back to wave at his family before carrying on. "He'll be fine my lady, my brother is strong." Zoe said moving to stand next her, pride evident in her voice.

"I know my friend," she replied "I know.".


'There it is' Percy thought slowly drawing back his bow before firing, 'and now there's one less monster in New York'. Suddenly Percy was grabbed from behind and before he could react he felt himself be transported by magic to someplace else. The second it stopped Percy shot an elbow back hitting his kidnapper before spinning around and giving him a solid kick to the stomach sending him flying back. Looking closely Percy saw that it was a blonde boy a few years older than him with a scar going down one side of his face, "Why did you kidnap me?" Percy demanded drawing his sword, a silver falcate, and pointing it at the boy.

"Get away from him!" he heard someone yell from his left and, taking a glance, he saw a blonde girl about his age running at him with a knife. Ducking under her strike he quickly came back up when she was above him and threw her with his shoulders.

"STOP!" a strong voice yelled and turning he saw that it was a centaur, Chiron, that his mother had told him about.

"This is not your fight Chiron. This is between me and my kidnapper." Percy said giving the ancient teacher a hard glare.

"Luke is this true?" he asked the blonde boy who was still on the ground.

"He's a demigod so I brought him back here where he belongs." the boy, Luke, said slightly angrily.

Sighing the ancient centaur said "That does not mean you grab the child and kidnap him." he said exasperatedly, "Annabeth help him up and take him to the dinning pavilion so he can have his lunch." he told the blonde girl sending the two of them off. Turning to Percy he asked "Would you be willing to stay here until this can be sorted out?".

Shrugging Percy said "Might as well, Mom will probably claim me when I'm in front of a crowd and then show up with my sisters to get me and scare everybody beyond belief. Name's Percy by the way, Percy Jackson.".

Laughing Chiron responded "Well at least I'll be entertained then." before walking off towards the dining pavilion.

When they reached it Chiron stomped his hoof on the ground to gain everyone's attention, "Everyone this is Percy Jackson. He's going to be here for a while until he can find a way back to where he was before one of our campers decided to,… er, forcefully introduce him to our home." he finished causing everyone to snicker looking at Luke.

Suddenly their laughter turned to gasps of shock as they looked above my head and, taking a quick glance, I saw a holographic moon hanging there. "And cue angry hunters in five…four…three…two…one." I said counting down with my fingers as I went. Just as I reached one there was a flash of silver light and my Mother Artemis as well as my favorite sisters Zoe and Phoebe, who I had always called 'Ze' and 'Phe-Phe'.

"WHERE'S MY SON?!" Artemis shouted at the same time Ze and Phe-Phe yelled "WHERE'S OUR BROTHER?!".

"Mom! Ze! Phe-Phe!" I yelled running towards them and was quickly scooped up by my sisters.

"Mom?!" most of the campers yelled in shock.

Turning I glared at them, "Yes Mom. I am Perseus Jackson, son of Artemis.