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Basically, this will take place after the series conclusion, after the Memory World and the Ceremonial Battle. This is basically those two meeting in the modern day. How Mahad was reborn is a tricky subject I hope to work in, but this is fan fiction. The will of the authoress is supreme! Or author depending on gender.

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"Are you sure you're okay?"

Mahad felt his eyes roll as he checked his watch once more while still carrying on the phone conversation.

"Yes Kisara, I'm fine. I've just arrived in Egypt and I've already gotten through customs. Now I just need to wait for Ethan to do the same and the two of us will head over to the meeting with the Bureau of Archaeology for the exhibit. I promise I will try and get back home as soon as I can."

The feminine voice of his cousin responded in kind.

"Alright, but do try to come back soon."

Mahad sighed.

"Then again, it's a very iffy soon considering I'm with Ethan."

"Remind me why you need to watch him again?"

Mahad rolled his eyes at what seemed to be the millionth time he had this conversation with his cousin.

"Because along with being an authenticator for ancient artifacts, Mr. Fox also pays me a great deal of money to make sure his son doesn't get into trouble."

"Well, you should get a raise for that considering how much of your time you've given up for him."

Mahad replied in a sad tone, knowing very well what his cousin was referring to.

"Yeah, I know. As soon as I can, I'll be back to visit them. I owe them that much. How's school?"

Kisara's tone became a bit more upbeat.

"Same old, same old. Still getting teased for my hair. Though compared to what I've been through, it's nothing."

Mahad grimaced at the nonchalant way Kisara was saying this. He knew very well what she was referring to this time as well, but that doesn't mean she should be able to talk about that experience so casually. Still, he knew that those scars were still there.

"You know you can talk to me right?"

"I know, you're the only person I can talk to."

"Just try not to hold onto the past too much okay?"

"Alright. Oh yeah, you got a call from a Professor Hawkins."

Mahad felt his eyes widened in surprise as he recalled the cheerful smile and green eyes of his old Egyptology Professor.

"Professor Hawkins called?! What did he want?"

"He didn't say. He just said that you should call him the next time you get the chance."

Mahad nodded, he could settle for that for now.

"Alright, I'll make sure to call him as soon as this trip is over."

His eyes focused on the person he was waiting for as Ethan Fox strode up to him.

"Kisara, I'm going to have to call you back."

"The snake is through customs then? Well, don't forget what I've said."

"I won't. Bye Kisara."

"Bye Cous."

Mahad shot off the silver phone and flipped it back to its normal position. At this, Ethan smirked his pearly white smile.

"On the phone with your girlfriend, Shen?"

Mahad groaned.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Kisara's not my girlfriend, she's my cousin."

Ethan rolled his eyes boredom. Then he brightened up as he saw a driver holding up the name Fox.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, she's the only girl I've ever heard you talk about; so she might as well be your girlfriend. Hey, looks like our rides here. Better give a move on."

Mahad nodded as he followed his coworker/pain in the neck out to their rented car. Thus giving him enough time to think on what in Ra's name he did to get stuck with Ethan Fox.

In a way, he only had himself to blame. Him and his awkwardness with other people. Starting college earlier than most had given him a bit of a disadvantage with his fellow students, even though he was well qualified for the classes. Somehow, he had ended up with Ethan in his World History class and was asked to copy his notes for him.

Which turned into an almost daily occurrence. Ethan often skipped his World History and several other classes, but for some reason it meant something to Ethan. Maybe because Mahad was able to put up with his ways when most people wouldn't. And yet it progressed into something Mahad had become used to, covering for Ethan when he could and making sure he didn't get into too much trouble. A habit that became a job, paid for by Ethan's father; a man that he respected a lot more than his son.

Mahad knew that to Ethan he was probably a means to an end. So why did he stay around him? Aside from it being part of his paycheck, maybe it was because Ethan was everything Mahad wished he was.

Popular, the ladies' man, an ability to charm just about everyone. Ethan Fox had recently been acknowledged once more by People's Choice as one of the "Top Ten Bachelors of the Year." His good looks certainly qualified him for the spot; golden blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a chiseled body of muscle that made him seem like the reincarnation of Prince Charming. If that wasn't enough, he was also the heir to Fox Insurance, a multibillion dollar company.

He was the person welcomed and liked wherever he went. Someone who didn't have to worry about really anything.

Of course, most people didn't realize his narcissistic ways and true nature, until much too late. And to the majority he was still the dashing man with everything. Mahad felt pity for the girls Ethan got involved with; the bright cheerful girls that turned into emotional wrecks by the time the relationship(if they could even be called that) was over.

As for Mahad, for as long as he could remember he never fitted in. He might have looked normal, but he felt different. His shy nature around everyone(especially girls) made them think him a snob and had ostracized him from his peers. Not even his parents made him feel like he belonged, though he knew they had loved him very much. No one just knew how to deal with him.

Only Kisara seemed to understand what he felt, the feeling of not belonging, as if you were meant to be somewhere else. She had once told him that's how she felt every day. That led the cousins to becoming incredibly close. After moving in with him and his parents are her parents died, she had become practically a sister to him.

He continued to feel that void until one day he would never forget. It was a field trip down to the history museum to see the dinosaurs. Once more, Mahad had found himself alone and separated from the group.

He managed to stumble into the Ancient Egyptian exhibit and he couldn't help but wish at the time he had ten more pairs of eyes. Everything interested him and he couldn't help but notice another tour starting for the exhibit. He hung back quietly from the group as he listened to the guide lecture on the pieces, his ears never missing everything.

He got in to so much trouble from going off on his own, but it was that day that Mahad finally felt as he understood something. As if he belonged somewhere. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Going to college, which usually made a person give up his/her childhood dream job, only strengthened that notion. He could still recall the first class he sat through one of Professor Hawkin's lecture. The fact that his professor was looked down by his fellow students made no difference to Mahad. After the first week, Mahad stayed after class to ask a few questions and that began a great teacher student relationship.

Mahad felt himself smile as he remembered being introduced to Professor Hawkin's granddaughter Rebecca. He hadn't been surprised that such a young girl was so smart, he himself had skipped a couple of grades so he should know better than anyone. She was even more impressed as she realized how much he respected her grandfather.

I wonder what it is he wants to talk about, anyway?

"Hey, Earth to Mahad."

Mahad blinked back to attention to find that the ride was over and Ethan was outside their ride at the building that was the Center of the Egyptian Antiquities Department. People went in and out and now it was time Mahad joined their numbers.

He got out of the car, naturally adjusting to the Egyptian heat.

"Alright, I'm back. How long do you think this will take?"

Ethan's voice showed his irritation.

"Hopefully, not too long. I can't wait to get back to the States where I can do whatever it is I want without my father's eyes on me. No offense Mahad."

Mahad forced out the lie he had many times before as the two walked side by side.

"None taken."

They continued into the building and stopped by the reception desk who told them that a Ms. Ishtar would be with them in a moment.

Ethan smiled at the news.

"A woman then? Better leave the talking to me."

Mahad responded with an eye roll.

"Don't I always? Just try not to leave another broken heart in your wake. Even if it's your own at finding out she's not pretty."

"No promises, my old friend."

It was true, even though Mahad was fluent in Arabic he often let Ethan do the talking because of his poor skills with the opposite sex. It was worse with very attractive, unmarried women. For some strange reason if she was taken, Mahad could talk semi normally.

He breathed in and out, praying to whatever high power in this world, that this Miss Ishtar be middle aged and ugly. At least that way, he could talk without coming across as rude.

A gentle, calm, and feminine voice cut into his thoughts which made him open his eyes.

"So you are the representatives from Fox Insurance?"

The gods really hated him.

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