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Quote: "Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others."- Wayne Dyer (Not sure if this fits, but hey. This is how I'm trying to live my life.)

Seto Kaiba wasn't sure what to expect as he stood in front of the hotel room door. Which was definitely a rare experience for him since Yami had gone on to the afterlife and he had to say he wasn't liking this.

More so, he disliked how nervous he felt. No matter times he told himself that this was just like any other dinner he would have with a client (minus the fact she wasn't a client and was probably going to be ten times harder due to her history with him), he was still very worried for how this was going to go.

It didn't help he also had to remind himself that this was not the girl he had seen in the Memory World that had lit up when she saw him, the one Priest Seto had wept over. This was another Kisara with her own life and own feelings. Hopefully, this would not end up with the same ending.

That is if, you can actually get her to consider speaking with you after tonight.

The rational part of his mind was telling him how irrational he was acting, going out of his way to impress a girl he barely knew and would be a problem if the right reporters were to get ahold of her (even he knew that Kaiba Corp's standing in town had its limits). There was no reason he should be trying to impress her.

But the other of his mind was in control and he knew that standing outside a door with flowers in his hands wasn't going to get anything done.

He promptly knocked on the door, wondering whether it would be Kisara or her aunt answering.

The door opened with neither of Seto's guesses, Mahad Shen looking not at all happy to see him.

"OH, it's you."

Seto's eyes narrowed, naturally responding to the scorn.

"I wasn't expecting you, Shen."

Mahad slightly grunted as he still eyed Kaiba with obvious dislike.

"Mika's out with some old friends of hers when she still lived in Japan, she asked me to make sure that Kisara didn't come back to late."

Seto resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"I'll make sure we don't stay out to late, Big Brother."

The American didn't seem to react to that, but his eyes still pierced Kaiba.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, considering this just one date."

Seto Kaiba opened his mouth to once again to say something that was going to make the other man's opinion lower even further (for some reason, Mahad Shen was capable of making to stoop levels he usually only went around Joey Wheeler) before being interrupted by his date.

"Mahad, what have I said about trying to kill a guy with your glaring?"

Mahad looked distinctly put out his cousin walked up right next to him. Seto's eyes widened at the sight before him. Dress in a sleeveless little black dress, Kisara looked stunning as her eyes gleamed blue with tasteful makeup applied and snow white hair was done in a very complicated looking braid. The CEO was glad her focus was on her cousin not him as he was pretty sure his look of astonishment made him look like an idiot.

Kisara crossed her arms as she waited.


Mahad took a deep breath as he answered in a deadpan tone.

" 'It won't work because your psychic abilities are nonexistent.' Those were your exact words."

She smiled as she patted his head, like a very grumpy looking puppy.

"Atta boy. Now be good for Marik and Ryou, okay?"

Mahad did look happy with that add on.

"Remind me why you got me two babysitters, when I am technically older than you?"

"Because I know you and I know that if you aren't supervised, you'll probably follow us. Granted you'd probably have done that for any boy who I'd be dating."

He looked away, his face blank.

"No comment."

She then turned to face Seto, whose astonishment had mostly melted away and was still standing there observing the cousins' interactions. She seemed mixed between a smile and amusement when she saw the flowers.

"Oh, you got me flowers."

Seto didn't say a word as he simply held them out to her.

"Hope you don't mind."

Kisara took them, smiling.

"White roses, one of my favorites. Most people go for red."

Seto almost shrugged as he answered.

"Apparently there was some big wedding somewhere that bought up all the red roses and I don't like pink, so white was basically my second choice."

Kisara flinched.

"Good tastes. I can't stand pink now that I've passed the 'pink sparkly princess' phase."

Seto quipped dryly.

"You mean that's really a thing?"

Mahad nodded curtly, remembering the tea parties he had during that dreaded 'pink sparkly princess phase'.

"Oh, it is."

Kisara turned sharply to her cousin, handing him the white roses and giving him a meaningful look.

"Find a vase to put that in, okay? Hopefully we won't be out too late."

"Define too late."

The pale haired girl's tone went from polite to firm.

"Go inside, Mahad."

Mahad did not look happy with her words, but turned around, watching the two until he went further into the room and Kisara shut the door behind him, effectively shielding them from sight.

It was then she raised an eyebrow at her date for the evening, arms crossed as she surveyed Kaiba.

"So, what have you got planned that will make me melt for you and make me give you my card? Just warning, it won't work."

A twitch of annoyance flashed on Seto Kaiba's face.

"Has it ever occurred to you that I wanted to take you out for reasons other than your card?"

Her reply was factually and even.

"Possibly, but it didn't stick for long. So, where are we going?"

Seto Kaiba simply smirked, grasping her hand and leading her down the hall to the elevator, which surprisingly felt nice.

"You'll see."

From behind the closed hotel door, Mahad Shen stared out through the eye hole (which he had quickly put the flowers on the table and hurried back to the door). His annoyed look deepened as he saw the two disappear from view. He stepped away from the door and walked into the semi living room where the TV was on and Marik and Ryou were on the couch.

Marik looked at the TV with a rather disgusted looking expression.

"Honestly, people think this is entertaining? That woman's acting has got to be one of the worst I have ever seen!"

Ryou sighed at friend's dislike.

"Well, I've never met anyone who professed A Knight's Tale to be one of their favorite movies, though considering it's postmodernist interpretation, riddled with contemporary references instead of medieval ones, it's hard to say this is a very long lasting film."

The Egyptian stared at the calm duelist with a blank look.

"Excuse me."

"Simply put, it's not meant to be taken seriously."

Comprehension dawned on Marik's face as he turned back to grill the movie more.

"Oh. Still, of all the movies that the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed, how come this hasn't been ripped apart?"

His friend calmly and logically answered.

"Because in some ways, it's parody, and there's no point in poking fun at a parody."

Marik glanced at the hero of the film with disbelief.

"Still, hard to believe that guy went on to play the Joker in The Dark Knight."

Ryou nodded in understanding.

"It was a heavily debated casting choice and not looked upon that favorably, but incredibly brilliant. Wonder who they'll get to do it now that Heath Ledger has passed away."

Marik nodded as the two realized that Mahad had just been observing the two, wondering what he was doing.


"Didn't know you were such a movie buff."

Marik shrugged to that.

"Kind of got into it after I left home, drove Sis crazy when we watched the Mummy movies."

Mahad mused on that, recalling something familiar.

"Reminds me of when Kisara made me watch those movies. Not a happy experience, for her at least. I can't watch movies without complaining a bit on historical accuracy."

Ryou smiled a bit at that.

"My father is the same, granted we really don't watch movies anymore."

Mahad picked up an undercurrent to those words.


Ryou sighed deeply to that.

"Let's just say, we're more of strangers than actual family these days."

Marik pondered that before turning to Ryou with a smile.

"Well, if we can't do movies, let's do a TV show marathon! Game of Thrones?"

The white haired teen looked thoughtful at that.

"Well considering the fourth season just ended, this would be perfect time to go through all the episodes from the beginning."

Marik grinned at the support.

"And I thank you for introducing me to it! There's just something about wanton destruction and these characters that makes me love it all."

The older person in the room only looked confused.

"I thought that was a book series."

Ryou clarified as Marik turned off the TV, getting out a laptop to stream the series.

"Yes and no, the Game of Thrones we're talking about is TV series that was based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and was named after the title of the first book."

The Egyptian teen didn't look up from his internet searching.

"For the record, it's a pretty brilliant series."

Ryou shot a dry look at this friend as he took the laptop from him.

"Yes, but remember your other role for the evening?"

Marik sighed as he got out his cellphone and started to dial.


His friend's tone was firm at the next words.

"And we're skipping the gratuitous sex scenes!"

Jus the young Ishtar was going to protest that, it seemed like the person had picked up on the other line as Marik spoke.

"We ready to go?"

On the other side of the line, the young Kaiba's voice was heard clearly.


Mahad shook his head in amusement.

"God bless nosey little brothers."

Marik smiled to that.

"Especially when the older brother is dating your relative. Just remember Mokuba, give us allt he details!"

"Will do, I'm following them in the limo right now."

The blonde nodded.

"Keep us posted."

Mahad sighed as he went over to the couch where the two were still seated.

"I get the impression this going to be something that is going to leave horrified or impressed. Might as well see which it is."

Kisara looked at what was in front of her and was surprised and greatly skeptical.

"I know you said something about a movie earlier, but I thought we were going to do dinner at some high class restaurant. Because I did get dressed up for that."

Sure enough, the limo had dropped the couple off at what appeared to be a movie theatre that had fallen on some hard times, as there wasn't a single person there aside from the two of them. Nor were there any movie listings or times for them, the ticket booths also empty. The front also looked a bit dated to Kisara though looked like it had recently gone through some touch up improvements, but it was also a bit welcome compared to the stark modern technological look the city was going for.

Seto smiled knowingly as he began walking towards the doors.

"Let's just say the place has its charms and something that some high quality restaurants don't have."

His date raised a questioning look at him as she followed.

"Which is?"


Seto opened the doors, gesturing towards Kisara.

"After you."

Kisara took him at that, stepping inside to something that utterly astonished her.

Compared to outside, the inside was much more alive. It had a much more modern look as the center was more of a welcome area to some fine show, rather than a movie with lush red carpets, classic looking walls, and a glistening chandelier hanging above. Off to the side, there seemed to be a place that served as a bar area with tables for customers. It was after that little side path, were the paths to the movie theatres.

Right near the door, a single person stood whom Kisara was pretty sure was called Roland stood with the menus. Standing right next to a wooden table of sorts, it seemed to have several baskets of what looked like menus. As he turned his head, he smiled at the couple and walked over to the couple carrying two of the menus.

"Welcome Mr. Kaiba, Miss Drake. Shall I tell them to start up the opening previews?"

Kaiba nodded swiftly to that.

"Yes, though remind them the real opening trailers don't start until the food's been ordered."

His worker bowed his head swiftly to that as he handed over the menus, each taking one.

"As you wish, Mr Kaiba. Here are the menus."

Seto looked pleased and made a move to speak as checked the perimeter.

"Seriously though, this place definitely looks better than I was lead to believe. Any news on finding Hamada?"

Roland shook his head.

"No, he seems to have become an utter ghost."

"Well, when you see him, you remember to bring him to me."

The employee nodded his head to his boss and then Kisara.

"Will do, sir. Have a good evening, Miss Drake."

Kisara looked at her date questioningly as Roland seemed to walk off to the side.

"Who's Hamada?"

Seto's eyes flared momentarily as he spoke and squeezed her hand (which she should have broken away form, but in fact felt reassured by).

"And idiot who is in a lot of trouble and is possibly about to get fired, but that doesn't matter for tonight."

He led her down the left hallway, where two double doors were and opened them, leading her inside to see the biggest theatre she had even seen with cushy seats complete with their own trays, an enormous screen that was currently going through the previews, and some of the sections boxed off as if for private parties.

Kisara looked around the place, amazed at it all.

"This is incredible. What is this place anyway?"

Kaiba answered as he smiled her expression.

"One of Kaiba Corp's newest projects. This used to an old rundown theatre before I bought it. Until now, the workers had been in the middle of restoring the old glory and modernizing the inside. It's basically dinner and a movie, ordering the food before or after the movie starts. We're still trying to figure out the perfect balance of new movies and old movies to play."

She picked up on the train of thought quickly.

"Like a romantic comedy marathon on Valentine's Day or a collection on classics in some of the slower parts of the movie season, right?"

He looked surprised at her astuteness, but still answered.


Kisara raised a skeptically eyebrow at her somewhat date.

"Doesn't Kaiba Corp just usually bulldoze stuff like this down and just build modern from the ground up?"

Kaiba scoffed at that, his edge of tone leaving no room for questions.

"Maybe to the other places, but this place has sentimental value to me and Mokuba. We came here before we were adopted by Gozaburo before our father died."

Sensing he didn't want to answer, Kisara let him lead on as he stopped in front of two seats which was good distance in the middle of the sea of premium seating. Sitting down, Kisara was aware of how nice the seat was and opened the menu she'd been given.

"So, what's showing tonight? Science fiction? Mystery?"

Kaiba simply settled back into the chair, menu closed as he already knew what he was going to get.

"Your favorite."

Kisara smiled at him jokingly.

"MY favorite? You got Beauty and the Beast?"

Seto nodded before narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, and I hope you realize what I'm suffering through tonight."

Kisara laughed at his expression.

"Okay, not a Disney fan. How did you even find out?"

"Your Facebook page."

Kisara hid behind her menu then, taking a close look at the selection of food.

"OH. So, what would you rather watch?"

"I'm not really a movie person. When I do watch a movie it's usually because someone recommended it to me."

Kisara lowered the menu briefly.

'You said you came here with your father."

Kaiba nodded slowly, reminiscing those days.

"Yeah, back then I could watch just about anything with science fiction or magic. Quite a difference from now. My mother also took me here once before Mokuba was born, can't remember the move though."

Kisara sighed.

"You're lucky, I don't remember a thing about my mother. She died when I was about two or so, I think. All I remember of my childhood was my father and Mahad with his parents. I wasn't really close to my aunt until a couple of years ago, partially because she was living in Annapolis for so long before she came out to California."

Seto 'hmmphed' at that.

"At least you have actual family. My father's relatives cut ties with us as soon as they got the money and dropped us at the nearest orphanage."

Kisara set the menu down to look at him frankly.

"Are we really debating whose life is worse off? Cause I think I got you beat."

Seto shrugged.

"Fair enough, if we got the real details it would probably be even grimmer."

Kisara smiled as she remembered.

"I do remember the first movie I watched with Mahad, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though, I think I remember that because it was the first time I had ever heard Mahad scream like a girl."

Seto's eyebrows raised, unable to see the archaeologist prone to that kind of fear reaction.


Kisara chuckled as she remembered.

"Yeah, you would never believe how much Mahad is scared of snakes. Even movie snakes terrify him. Does Mokuba have any fears like that?"

Kaiba had to think about that.

"No, Mokuba is pretty unphaseable. I don't think I've ever seen him that scared unless I was about to get hurt."

Kisara smiled thoughtfully.

"That's more of me then, I never got scared as a kid. Not of thunderstorms, not of the dark, and not even Maleficent the dragon. For some reason, I seem to not to be scared of anything. The only nightmares I've had are of Mahad getting hurt or killed."

Seto was silent before answering softly.

"I suppose the same is true for me too…well regarding Mokuba, not your cousin. Frankly, he annoys me just as much as Wheeler does."

Kisara shrugged as she put the menu down.

"Well, he knows about our history and he's an 'overprotective older brother type.' Can you really blame him for not liking you? Besides, you're not exactly Mr. Friendly either. You BOTH looked ready to strangle each other."

Kaiba looked almost embarrassed as he changed the subject, pushing the button near his seat.

"You about ready to order?"

Kisara nodded.

"Yeah, I think so. Can I get the vanilla ice cream too? It looks delicious."

The amusement in the CEO's voice was unmistaken.


Spying on your brother's date wasn't nearly as interesting as most animes and tv shows had made it out to be, at least that's what Mokuba thought so as he was up in the projector room looking down on the two seated.

The food had arrived (appropriately during "Be Our Guest") and they were sitting there watching the movie. Or at least Kisara was watching the movie, Seto was just staring forward and not really listening.

Still, he had to give his report to Marik who was waiting on the other line.

"Man, Seto must really like Kisara. He usually hates animated movies."

The Egyptian was quick to answer.

"Well we all knew that from the way he was looking at her before she kicked him in the family jewels. Mahad's in the bathroom, so did your brother make any moves?"

Mahad shook his head in disappointment, perking up as he noticed something.

"None, wait a minute…."

He had to squint at the distance, seeing his brother's arm hesitating to reach over and hug Kisara close to himself. It seems he didn't need to though as Kisara seemed to lean over and rested her head on his shoulder. It was almost like the two were talking about something.

"She's leaning on his shoulder and he's…."

Before the black haired kid could say anything else, he abruptly yanked away and turned around to face Roland. He gulped at the expression the Kaiba Corp employee was wearing.

Marik was still on the other end though and still curious.

"Mokuba, hello? You still there?"

Mokuba weakly put the phone back to his side and answered.

"We're busted."

Kisara still had a time keeping in her giggles as the two of them were let off the elevator.

Seto (which she had kept calling him in her head) was quite annoyed as eh lead her down the hall.

Finally, Kisara gave him and started laughing.

"I still can't believe they got your little brother to spy on us."

He groaned.

"He is SO much trouble for this."

She nudged his arm a bit with a smile.

"Oh don't be too hard, it's not like he sabotaged anything."

"Yes, that's why his grounding will not be permeant."

The couple had finally come to the door. The two just stood there, a good distance, but not too far apart. Seto spoke softly.

"So this is it."

Kisara shifted pressure from one foot to another.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, a deal's a deal."

With that, the CEO turned around and was about to move before she stopped him.


He turned back around to see the beautiful young woman he had taken on a date fidgeting like she was her age as she spoke.

"This was…..the first real date I'd ever been on. I can't say I have any idea what a good date should, but…I think tonight was great Even if it took you really out of your comfort zone."

She straightened up with a serious look in her eye.

"Don't get me wrong, I still remember what happened all those years ago and I doubt I will ever forget that. I think a part of me will always hate. But you weren't so bad tonight. Maybe it would be nice to…see each other again sometime?"

Seto was standing there, utterly frozen, until a small smile broke out on his face.

"I'd like that…Kisara."

Not even admonishing him for her name, she smiled, tugging his arm closer to her. Pulling him closer to her, she stopped and held up a single finger to wait.

"One moment please."

She released his arm and went over to the door, banging on it three times.

A mildly loud 'YEOUCH!' was heard on the other side as Kisara spoke firmly.

"Don't think I didn't know you were there, Mahad."

She turned back to Kaiba with a small smile.

"Still got my number?"

Kaiba nodded then asked.

"Want to go out for coffee tomorrow? I'll be here about seven thirty."

She nodded and pressed a small peck on Kaiba's cheek. She gave a smile before turning around to open the door and went inside.

"See you then."

Once the door was safely closed, Seto froze from his temporary frozenness and turned to walk away. Passing by the doors and waiting by the elevator, it wasn't until the doors opened and he was back inside the elevator with only a janitor as another passenger heading down with him did he touch one of his hnds were the kiss had been.

Once again, he was pretty sure his face was looking idiotic, but this time happily.

It was then he remembered he wasn't alone as he turned to find the janitor looking at him weirdly. He fell back into his rough usual self as he narrowed his eyes at him.

"What are you looking at?"

The janitor shook his head fast and promptly looked away.

The teenage president also looked away, but hint of a smile was still present on his face.

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