Girls und Panzer: Steel Carnage

A/N: More retcons from me. Sorry. I've gone and changed the base capture timer from 60 seconds to 300 seconds. Otherwise this would be a very boring tournament with loads of backdoor strats, or loads and loads "why don't you just cap" scenarios. I also went back and corrected a detail on the Raptor's specs: I gave its step length, rather than its stride length.

One has to wonder what kind of stuff is being used to actually move these WTs, and how do pilots survive being in these contraptions. Magic and Carbon Nanotubes seems to be the correct answer…

Chapter 5: The First Round – Part 1

The three weeks seemed to fly by. The teams continued with their last minute preparations. Before they knew it, they were all unloading their tanks and other equipment from their ships into their hangars.

The hangars had two main entrances for vehicles, and were actually all very well stocked with parts, tools and had more than enough space to fit twenty tanks. There were even structures to help with mecha maintenance which surprised a few people. Around the back of each hangar were living quarters which could accommodate even the largest of Senshado teams.

As the rules stated all vehicles and tools had to be brought down to these hangars, most likely to remove advantages the organizations with previous senshado history had, such as superior maintenance tools, familiarity etcetera. But the important thing to note was that the hangars were in close proximity to each other. They were positioned far enough to make any attempts at sabotage difficult, but close enough that they could see into each other's hangars and see what type of maintenance was being done.

Which was why Rei and Asuka were glaring daggers at each other during their breaks. Oarai's and Caloriemate's hangars were positioned opposite each other, and both pilots made a point to have one of the hangar doors closed permanently. Caloriemate's Semovente 105s were being maintained outside under the sun, and likewise, the other teams from Oarai were doing some last minute tank maintenance (or in the case of Rabbit team, playing top trumps atop their M3) and were making the most of the sun.

Asuka of course had finished her preparations; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries had kindly sent an engineering team down the night before to work out any kinks in the machine, and she even managed to add a few better movement patterns herself, and was right now drinking a coke on a deckchair.

'It's a good thing we don't have to disclose our line up openly. That's still one advantage for us I guess,' thought Asuka. 'Not that it helps that much. It's pretty obvious what our basic frame is going to be.'

"Hey! Oarai!" said a bubbly sounding girl in English.

"Oh! Its Kay!" said Anzu as the other girls all waved back. "What's this, come to spy on us?"

"Oh no no," said Kay as Naomi came in behind her, towering over her. "I was wondering if you'd like to visit our camp again… oh! Sergeant Oddball! How're you?"

Yukari hid her face as the rest of the team laughed. Asuka wasn't quite sure what this was about, but wasn't going to ask them to leave just yet. They seemed like a friendly enemy, that was all.

"So, you must be the Walking Tank pilot," said Naomi as she hovered over Asuka. Annoyingly, her head and bust were casting a shadow over Asuka's eyes as she looked down.

"I am. It's Mizuchi Asuka, the Mongoose," she said, standing up and shaking Naomi's hand and leaving her coke on the ground. "Judging by the fact that you're coming up to our camp with such confidence, you must be one of the aces of Saunders… maybe the Firefly gunner?"

Naomi smiled as she returned the handshake.

"Call me Naomi," she said. "So you up for snacks at our hangar?"

"Thanks but no thanks," said Asuka. "I'm going to spy on you if I go, and you're making a point to not sneak into my pit. It's not fair, especially since you spent so much effort to keep your Walking Tank hidden during qualifiers."

"Do you think we mind?" replied Naomi. "We just like meeting new people."

"Are you sure about this? Boeing is backing you now."

"Between you and me, we have a really good relationship with Boeing. They understand that we're a senshado team before we are a corporate partner, so they are willing to let a few things slide. We're only going to lose them as a sponsor if we openly badmouth them on national television or something like that."

Asuka laughed, glancing over at the Black Forest hangar. Though it was fairly far away, she was sure she saw someone who looked like Nishizumi Maho sneeze.

"Alright, I'll accept your invitation," said Asuka, stepping off her deckchair.

As they approached the little camp Saunders had set up, Asuka was a little surprised at the number of comforts they brought from their ship. A hair salon, a hot spring, non-alcoholic bars… and a very conspicuous presence of tanks.

"Okay," said Asuka. "I see you're all for the whole creature comforts thing."

"Of course," said Naomi.

"Senshado isn't war, so why should we act like it?" said Kay, overhearing Asuka. "I'm Kay, by the way. Saunders' captain."

"Mizuchi Asuka. Oarai-MHI's WT pilot," said Asuka, shaking Kay's hand. "You guys are quite familiar with Senshado I guess. I count around forty three crew, that's quite a team…"

"Wow, not a bad guess," said Kay. "Well, Saunders University High are regulars at the Nationals. You probably know this already of course."

The rest of Oarai's girls were happily chatting away with some of Saunders's crews, sharing snacks and the like. Looking around, she saw the rest of Saunders' tanks out in full force and on display in the sun. From what she'd picked up by hanging around the Senshado team, she counted eight M4 Sherman variants, a Firefly and an M36, both of which had their long barrels being used to dry what appeared to be bath towels, which were being hung up by seven girls chatting away with each other.

"Woaa!" said Yukari as she laid eyes on the makeshift laundry line. "You decided to get an M36 and convert it into a closed top for Senshado?"

"Yeah," said Kay. "We thought about a second Firefly, but that made our weight a little too dicey."

"That sounds really scary," said Yukari. "One seventeen pounder is enough."

Asuka for some reason couldn't help but continue to glance at the girls around the tank destroyer.


[That evening – Oarai camp - Pre Battle strategy meeting]

Though the teams were confident in their ability, they decided to hold a quick last minute meeting with the captains, and anyone else who wanted to sit in. So naturally everyone showed up, as they weren't doing anything like watching movies or playing some tank game.

"Asuka-chan, did you have fun meeting Saunders?" asked Miho as the captains all sat down together. "I saw you and Naomi having a sandwich together."

"That's not important," replied Asuka. "Right now, all that matters is getting a win against them. I did the math and worked out which Walking Tank they were going to send into the match."

"Eesh," said Anzu. "Are you always this intense?"

"Of course," said Asuka. "If we can't wipe the floor with these guys, Caloriemate will crush us next round." This comment elicited some sighs and tuts.

"Well, if the schedule is to be believed, dropping to losers here is pretty much a death sentence," said Erwin.

"May as well hang in there then," added Nekota.

"In either case, I actually have a good guess as to what Saunders' WT is like," said Asuka.

"You're sure about this?" asked Isobe.

"Of course," she replied. "We saw around forty three tank crew when we visited. Kay all but confirmed that number for me."

"But how does that help?" asked Azusa.

"Do the math," replied Asuka. "Each of their tanks requires four crew to man properly, and their TD needs five. We saw eight shermans, a firefly and an M36."

"That leaves thirty eight tonnes left in their weight allowance and accounts for forty one of their crew," said Miho. "The last two must be pilots."

"But they can't have two walking tanks," continued Asuka. "It's virtually impossible to armour up two units to Steel Carnage's safety regulations and remain competitive under 20 tonnes."

"What about the Raptor?" asked Satoko. "That thing sits at 21 tonnes, and it seems to perform just fine in battles."

"The Raptor is really borderline with its armour. It can barely survive off what most tanks would consider scratch damage, and makes up for its weakness with superior mobility. But back to Saunders. They're backed by Boeing. They're used to aircraft, and so will take a Pilot with a Co Pilot to split the workload, and to have an extra pair of eyes spotting for the machine. But the thing that settled it for me was that there were seven girls hanging laundry on the M36. Doesn't that seem odd to you?"

"Not really, said Anzu. Why?"

"The girls in the Saunders camp tended to hang around in multiples of four," said Miho. "It's safe to assume that crews would stick together the day before the matches start. So seven seems like a really strange number."

"Exactly," said Asuka. "It essentially tells us what was going there. The crew of the M36 were doing laundry with the two Walking Tank pilots. So I'd guess that the Boeing machine weighs around thirty to thirty four tonnes, is manned by two pilots, one for movement, one for weapons. It'll clock around twenty five kilometres per hour when fighting."

"Twenty five?" said Saori suddenly. "It can move that fast and shoot on the move? But that's absurd!"

"Not really," said Tsuchiya. "They're being backed by the original manufacturers, and if they're anything like us, their upgrades would be straight from the sponsor itself. That means perfect synergy of parts. Good armour, good stability, fits in well with the rest of the team. Kind of like us."

"But I get the feeling their WT pilots aren't up to scratch," said Asuka. "They probably have us beat on paper, but they kept their WT hidden during qualifiers. That means this is their first ever match. The pilots' reaction times will tank if we can attack from three angles."

"The real problem on Saunders is the Firefly," said Yukari. "Their Firefly gunner is incredible. She was able to hit us on the move from a range of about 500 metres."

"On a map like Overwatch, she can park on top of the plateau and attack us from there," said Nekota. "We need to control it."

"Seventeen Pound shells are rather heavy," said Miho. "If we can force their Firefly into a brawl, then things will work out for us.

"That leaves just their Tank Destroyer. They could use it to cover the Firefly," said Asuka.

"Or more likely use it to attack us on the ground," said Yukari. "Unlike most vehicles of its type, it actually has some degree of turret rotation, and it moves fairly quickly from A to B. There's no real reason to keep it as a defensive option."

"So we've worked out what they're likely to hit us with. Next is where," said Anzu.

"On Overwatch there are two routes to the enemy base. They're actually identical so there's no real incentive to take one over the other," said Miho. "The best plan is then to send scouts on both sides and guard the routes up the plateau, and to have a reserve ready to reinforce either side."

"Then the vanguard units will be Mallard with Turtle team, and Anteater with Hippo team. Duck and Mongoose will be part of the high speed reserve, while Anglerfish, Leopon, and Rabbit will comprise the main battle force," said Miho. "Any questions?" There was a general consensus of 'no' at the meeting. "Let's get some sleep before tomorrow then. We've got an early start."


[The next day – Overwatch – Pre Match Formalities]

The nine commanders and pilots from Oarai stood opposite the twelve commanders and pilots from Saunders. Asuka was apparently included in the lineup, so she appeared in full pilot gear with the commanders on Oarai's side. Her oxygen mask hung to the side of her face as she stared straight at the Saunders pilots, both of whom seemed to avert her gaze. Behind the lines of Commanders, the rest of their respective teams stood to attention, whist the same was happening with Oarai. Miho and Kay stood up to shake hands as the team captains. The referee stood at their side and began her usual routine.

"Today's match will be fought under the Base Capture rules. Victory will be obtained if one team manages to station a vehicle inside the other team's base without either side sustaining casualties for six hundred seconds, or if the opposing team is completely eliminated, in the interests of time. As Oarai Girl's Academy are the higher seed, they have chosen to deploy from the northeast base. Are there any questions?" Miho shook her head. Kay responded with a simple 'nope'. "Are both teams ready?" Both of them gave an affirmation. "Attention!" The entire team stood to attention. "Bow!" Forty one girls in Saunders uniform, plus two who were in what appeared to be G suits and thirty three girls in Oarai uniform and one with a body suit bowed to each other. "Prepare to begin in half an hour! Dismissed!"

"Miho, let's have a good match," said Kay as she left for the Humvees which would take them to their starting bases.

"Same to you Kay," replied Miho as she returned to her team. "Asuka-chan was right. They're using a pilot and a co-pilot. We stick to the plan we made last night. Any questions?"

"Yeah, can we get going?" asked Asuka with a slight smirk on her face. This got a few laughs from the team as they all walked to their cars; apparently Mitsubishi were nice enough to provide several Mitsubishi Pajeros for the Senshado team, each with their own driver. Miho sat in the back with the other members of Anglerfish team. Asuka signalled to them to keep the door open, and she stepped into the car with them.

-Oarai Girl's Academy vs Saunders University High-

Oarai Lineup
-Anglerfish Team [C] – . IV Oarai Special
-Turtle Team – Hetzer
-Duck Team – Type 89 I-Go
-Rabbit Team – M3 Lee
-Hippo Team – StuG III
-Mallard Team – Char B1 Bis
-Leopon Team – Tiger(P)
-Anteater Team – Type 3
-Mongoose – MHI-Raptor

Saunders Lineup
-Alpha [C] – M4A3E8 Easy Eight
-Bravo – Firefly
-Charlie – M4A3
-Delta – M4A3
-Echo – M4A1
-Foxtrot – M4A1
-Golf – M4A1
-Hotel – M4A1
-India – M4A1
-Juliett – M36 Gun Motor Carriage
-Kilo – Boeing AFK

-Deployment /watch?v=PJ1rL8Ts7Ro-

[Map Overwatch. Northeast Base.]

Asuka clipped on her oxygen mask as she the final seconds before the start of the match were to begin. She took note of her surroundings, and saw that on top of the plateau was a very clearly marked area using flags indicating the confines of their base. Within the base there was literally no cover available; the ground had been artificially flattened to meet the needs of Steel Carnage. In the centre of that area was a fifty metre tall flagpole, at the top of which were a series of flare guns, all designed to fire different flares to indicate different events.

White was the signal to start or restart the match. Yellow was the signal that the base in question was being captured, and would be fired every minute that there was an enemy unit within their base. Red signalled that the base in question had been captured and the team deploying from that base had lost. Green flares would be fired from both based if the match had been settled through elimination. Black was a stoppage due to an emergency such as an accident, or loss of contact.

As soon as the white flare fired out, Asuka pushed the throttle forward, and the Raptor responded. She ran it alongside Duck team's I-Go at the front and centre of the formation, whilst Turtle and Mallard took the left flank, and Anteater and Hippo took the right. Anglerfish, Leopon and Rabbit brought up the rear of this strange Y shaped formation. They then began to split up to cover their respective zones, with Turtle and Mallard going towards the southern village, and Anteater and Hippo headed towards the northern village. As the teams had split, Asuka noticed something in the distance.

'Hmm? What the, is that a dust cloud to the south?'

"South group, can you see any tanks headed your way?" said Miho over the radio.

"I see the dust cloud, but nobody is showing themselves," came Sodoko's reply.

"We got nothing," added Anzu.

"How about north?" asked Miho. Asuka didn't see anything that indicated movement over on that side, but was sure that was a ruse.

"Nothing's headed over our way either," said Nekota of the Gamers team.

"Totally clear," answered Erwin. "Anything wrong captain?"

"Mallard team, Turtle team" said Miho. "I need you to cover the village from there. We'll join you as soon as possible"

'Alright, game time,' thought Asuka to herself.

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Yep, we'll watch Mallard's back from the trees."

"Please do, and don't chase them into the village itself until we get there. Anteater Team, Hippo Team, try to get control of the plateau from the northwest. Hippo team should use as much tree cover as they can and support Anteater team from a distance as they advance. Rabbit and Leopon teams will comprise the main force with Anglerfish team to the southeast village. We're going to back up Mallard and Turtle team."

Asuka rolled her eyes. Either Miho was still deciding on how to deploy the Raptor, or had actually forgotten about herself and Duck team. Her trigger finger was itching.

"What about us?" asked Asuka over the radio.

"Duck team should head to the northwest ramp. Stick to the trees and only show yourselves when you have to. Mongoose should come east with the main force. We're going to need you if they drag the fight into the village. Asuka-chan, it's your first match, don't be nervous."

"Who do you think I am?" replied Asuka. Before anyone made a comeback or joked with her, Sodoko came back with a transmission.

"Sodoko here! We're under attack by two Shermans!" Now a flock of birds were in the air, followed by the muffled delayed boom of cannon fire. "There's three more coming! We'll hold for maybe two minutes! Three if we're lucky!" There was additional cannon fire as the battle continued.

"Acknowledged! All units commence Operation Merry Go Round!" said Miho.

'It is ON!' thought Asuka. She accelerated the Raptor towards the line of trees at the foot of the central hill/plateau. There was just about enough space to move through the trees with the Raptor, so she took advantage and tried to stay as hidden as possible.

The Panzer IV, M3 and Tiger (P) all took the less obstructed route towards the battle, going at full pace towards the southwest village. On the way, Asuka tried to keep abreast of the situation by listening to the transmissions.

"Yes! We got one!" said Anzu.

"That's nice! But the other three are in firing range!" said Sodoko. "Nozomi! Fire on three!"

Within the next minute or so, they had managed to get close to the battle. Asuka could hear the shots coming from their two vehicles, and if the transmissions were to be believed, they'd managed to score a kill on a Sherman, despite the overwhelming numbers. Watching from the trees, she saw three additional shermans make it onto the battlefield, and with the four on two that was currently happening at the entrance to the southern village.

"Rabbit team sweep from the east and back up Mallard and Turtle! Leopon and Anglerfish team will hold the three Shermans here. Mongoose, stand by."

Asuka began to get restless. Her teammates were fighting, but she had to hold position mere seconds from the battle out of sight in the treeline.

"Captain! Saunders just showed their newest toy! Its fast and its headed for us!"

Asuka looked towards the source of the new sound of stomping. Whatever was coming for them was making plenty of footfalls, as though it was sprinting. She'd recognize that type of sound anywhere, and began to mentally note its rhythm and quality. Then it drew into view, behind the seven Shermans which were swarming around, which then seemed to rally around the new mechanical beast, trying to get a good defensive position against both Oarai's main attack force and the scouting party that had hunkered down.


Name: Assault Fortress Kennedy
Height: 5.12 m (excluding legs)
Length: 5.31 m (excluding legs)
Width: 4.90 m (excluding legs)
Weight: 33.7 tonnes
Body Configuration: 2 part: Upper unit mounted atop a Lower unit. No rotation, but lateral flexion, forward flexion and backward extension is possible.
Leg Configuration: 6 legged lateral reaching triple jointed. 3 toes on each foot forming talons.
Top Speed: 40 km/h (road), 35 km/h (cross country).
-Upper: 60mm in all directions, plus spaced armour on the flanks of the upper unit.
-Lower: 400mm in all directions
-Leg: 60mm in all directions. Spaced over joints.

Crew: 1 Pilot and 1 RIO in an internal cockpit in a front/back arrangement.

-1x 100mm 30 calibre turret mounted cannon. 40 degrees mobility, 21 degrees depression, 60 degrees elevation (excluding Upper-Lower body flexion and extension).
-1x turret mounted grappling hook.

Notes: the Boeing AFK is an experimental machine designed to test the potential applications of a multi legged vehicle. It is designed to operate over all types of terrain without any hinderance, and achieves this with its 6 legged layout and the grippers on its legs, which can be used to secure its footing on awkward surfaces, and with the correct firmware and cockpit upgrades, is able to use all six legs to move in all directions quickly, giving it incredible agility. Usually, the pilot handles primary movement, whilst the WO handles usage of equipment, monitoring unit status, communication with HQ etc. In this case, the RIO acts more like a commander, whilst the pilot acts as the driver, with both able to act as Radio Operator and Gunner as the situation allows. The AFK itself would normally act only as a Tank Destroyer with its powerful unturreted gun, but its incredible agility and turn speed actually allows it to hold its own in a mid-range combat scenario.

-Tank Corps /watch?v=yhERfyYINjk-

Saunders' machine was vastly different to anything that Oarai had. The six legs radiating out all pointed towards a central point on its underside. The way they were arranged gave the machine a much lower profile than the average bipedal machine, but also made its horizontal dimensions huge. The upper body was also fairly flat, and on its front was a massive 3 metre long barrel belonging to its main cannon and its only weapon.

'Six legged unit. Weight roughly 34 tonnes. No turret, but is essentially a giant walking gun emlacement. It can probably fit down tighter spaces due to flexibility.'

There were two skirmishes going on at that point; one with Leopon and Anglerfish taking on three M4A1s that arrived late to the battle; the other with Rabbit, Mallard and Turtle team taking on an M4A1, an Easy Eight and two M4A3s. The wildcard left was the Walking Tank, which wasn't quite committed to either skirmish. However it was facing Leopon and Anglerfish, and was making its way towards them. It was going to divide the Oarai forces in two.

'Top speed roughly 40km/h. Strengths: omnidirectional mobility and turning speed. High power main cannon outguns anything on Oarai. Weaknesses: highly exposed legs. Database matches it as the Boeing AFK.'

"All tanks at the south village, retreat to the north! Don't let them split us up!" said Miho.

"Captain!" said Asuka. "That giant bug is showing me it's 10 o'clock. I can delay it to buy the tanks more time to regroup! Permission to attack!?"

"Go for it if you're ready," replied Miho

"I'm always ready!" shouted Asuka as she burst out from the trees, accelerating the Raptor to a full sprint towards the flank of the Boeing AFK.

"Do you have any advice?" asked Azusa as the three tanks closer to the village began to reverse back behind the trees while the Saunders machines turned their attention towards the speeding Raptor. Asuka started to dash left and right during the advance and only the two closest to the village managed to fire successfully. While the B1 was reversing, the Hetzer managed to strike an M4A3 in the side, setting off it's KO flag. Mallard team also managed to fire its 75mm into the side of an M4A1 before also backing away.

"Keep your distance, and attack its legs," replied Asuka. Meanwhile, the Boeing machine stopped its advance, and tried to meet the new adversary head on. Its legs skittered as it brought its massive thirty four tonne frame to face Asuka directly, whilst stepping away from the Raptor. She could see the nose of the gun turning to meet her.

'It's going to fire as soon as it has a bead on me. Here goes nothing!'

As Asuka saw the turret closing in, she suddenly depressed the left most pedal, causing the Raptor to dash to the left, and fly straight across the line of fire of the enemy gun. This move seemed to spook the pilots because the 100mm fired just a split second after she crossed its line of fire. The recoil rocked the entire machine backwards on its six legs, and Asuka could have sworn that one of its front legs left the ground. As the Raptor landed with both feet on the ground, Asuka hit the brakes and rotated the torso to the right. She felt the cockpit lean forward and dip down as the legs planted their legs into the ground to stabilize as the Raptor skidded across the open field, leaving behind scars in the dirt as it moved towards the right flank of the Boeing AFK.

This was her opening. She had superior positioning. Everyone in Saunders was reloading. She had two shots left and was stable. The AFK was scuttling away from Asuka and would not be ready to fire even if it did have ammunition. She was about to take the shot when…

"ASUKA-CHAN! MOVE!" shouted Saori.

Asuka didn't question it. She immediately pulled the throttle back and hit the two central pedals to jump back. She felt the cockpit lurch to the right because of the way the torso was rotated. A second later, she heard a thunderous boom that sounded nothing like the Shermans' cannons, and a shell landed right where she would have been standing, kicking up a huge cloud of dirt. Following the tracer round, it didn't look like it was from anyone near her.

During the commotion, they had managed to sneak the Firefly to the east of the plateau poking its body out of the trees, into a position where it could shoot at all the tanks, but was out of range of anything that could return fire.

"All units near the southeast ramp, advance to the village and prepare for close combat," said Miho. "Anteater, Hippo, Duck, we've spotted the Firefly. Advance up the plateau and provide cover fire for the teams below."

"Yes," replied Nekota.

"Copy," said Erwin.

"Moving!" said Isobe.

'YES! Of course! We've got backup about two minutes away. We can sandwich them if we pull them away from the village,' thought Asuka.

However, there was another transmission, shortly from Hippo team.

"We've been taken out by the Jackson!" said Erwin.

"WHAT!" shouted Asuka as she was forced to dash away from another cannon shot from the Boeing AFK.

"Is everyone okay!?" said Saori.

"We're fine! We didn't roll or anything."

"Anteater team, Duck team, hold position and prevent the Jackson from moving forward," said Miho. "Threaten them with your presence so they can't just run for our base. They can't take you if they leave their cover."

"Y-yes!" said Momogawa.

"YES!" said Isobe.

"Captain!" said Asuka as she stepped between two retreating Shermans to pursue the Boeing AFK. "Do we need to help the northwest ramp?!"

"No," said Miho. As she said this, the first two tanks from Saunders were in the village. "Duck team and Anteater team will be fine! Trust in your teammates!"

Asuka couldn't help but want to disagree. However, at that moment, any arguing was pointless.

"Roger. What do you have for us?" asked Asuka as she continued to shadow the Boeing AFK, which was trying to use its agility to put some distance between itself and the similarly agile Raptor.

"Everyone except Turtle team move into the village and prepare for urban combat," said Miho as the Panzer IV rolled towards the border of the village.

"Yes!" said Nakajima, followed by a whirring as the Tiger (P) accelerated toward the buildings.

"Roger," said Sodoko, as Gomoyo forced the B1 out of cover, and at the village

"Aye!" said the entirety of Rabbit team, except Saki. The four vehicles in question were only a short distance away from the buildings in either case. The forest would provide some concealment from the Firefly, while the presence of the Raptor in and amongst the Shermans and the Boeing AFK would scatter Saunders and allow Oarai into the village.

"Turtle team should ambush the Firefly as it comes up to the village to get shots at our rear. Mongoose, tie up their Walking Tank."

"Orders confirmed," said Asuka. She then turned on the loudspeaker in the Raptor, and shouted four words that boomed across the entire battlefield. "YOU'RE GOING DOWN SPIDER!"


Name: Kosmos
Height: 7.21 m
Length: 5.31 m
Width: 4.90 m
Weight: 38.2 tonnes
Arm Configuration: 2 arms mounted to the main hull via a shoulder joint on the left and right sides.
Leg Configuration: 7m Stride length. Bipedal reverse joint. Solid foot configuration with highly mobile ankle
Top Speed: 30 km/h (road), 25 km/h (cross country).
-Arm 50mm in all directions
-Torso 60mm in all directions
-Legs 80mm in all directions

Crew: 1 Pilot and 2 Co-pilots in internal Torso Cockpit in a 1+2 layout.

Armament: 4x forearm mounted 90 mm 20 Calibre cannon, autoloader, 30 rounds, turreted arm mounted 75mm cannon.
Gun Traverse: 180 degrees Left/Right at the Shoulder Joint, 180 degrees up/down from the Shoulder and the Elbow
Control System: Cockpit based left throttle, right joystick, 2 pedal controls with AI assistance in movement. All functionality can be accessed from the pilot and co-pilot seats.

Notes: the Polyot Kosmos is a heavily modified construction mecha meant for use in high pressure environments. The modifications include the standard alterations of fitting the arms with guns, in this case two 90mm cannons, but also the addition of a third mechanical arm on the top of the hull with a 75mm cannon, which can be used in close combat situations as a way to attack the weak points of enemy vehicles, or to defend from attack. Typically, the pilot handles control of movement, while the co-pilots handle weapons systems, though the machine can be piloted from either co-pilot seat.

-Rittai Kidou: /watch?v=sL3CCLo5NIA-

[Meanwhile on Map Showdown- Pravda vs Caloriemate]

The freshmen Zueva triplets were confident in their abilities. They also knew for a fact that the Polyot Kosmos was also the largest Walking Tank in the tournament, and had the most overall firepower. All in all, they were happy with what they were working with.

Ichigo Zueva, the eldest triplet and pilot sat in the frontmost seat of the cramped cockpit, whilst behind her on the second and third seats were her sisters Nanami and Riko, operating the left and right weapons. And ahead of them was the CAT 01 of Caloriemate Caterpillar. It was armed only with a 57 mm gun on its right arm, and on its leftt arm was a three fingered claw like hand, and over its right shoulder was a high power searchlight.

Even though the team panicked as their captain was taken out first, they had managed to pull everything together, and it was a one on one with the two walking tanks.

'This will be a cinch,' thought Ichigo. 'Our armour is too good for its one tiny gun, and we have way too much firepower for her to survive.'

"Nanami, Riko, lets finish this," said Ichigo. The twins both replied with a quick yes, and she sent the walking tank forward. What none of them expected was for the CAT 01 to run forward as well.

"What the!" shouted Ichigo.

"FIRING LEFT ONE!" said Riko as she used the gun on the left arm to shoot at the CAT01. In her panic, she didn't quite centre the shot correctly, and the attack missed. The CAT 01 managed to close within five metres. "FIRE LEFT TWO!"

The CAT 01 burst forward in a sudden movement, and pushed the Kosmos' left arm towards its hull with the CAT 01's right hand. The shot flew wide again and now she was at point blank range. The next seconds were a blur. The CAT 01's claw hand closed around the barrel of one of the 90mm cannons, and bent it, before stepping into a front kick aimed at the side of its left knee, forcing the machine to collapse as the CAT 01 dragged it by its left arm to the ground.

As the machine hit the ground, the damage it had taken over the course of the match caused the screen on the left of the cockpit to black out. Now they were totally beached on their side, and the CAT 01 was closing in.

"RIKO! GET US UPRIGHT!" said Ichigo with a hint of panic in her voice.

"My screen is blacked out! I can't control the left arm!"

The CAT 01 stomped on the right side of the machine sending shockwaves through the frame that she could feel through her body. Ichigo hit the emergency override switch, which gave her control of all the arms herself, but she wasn't used to the control systems at all. In her panic though, she managed to rock the machine back and forth.

"NANAMI FIRE AT IT! QUICK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Why didn't Nanami understand that they had to get the CAT 01 off them? Shooting the CAT 01 in the front with a single attack should have knocked them out clean, and won them the match.

"You've locked me out of the controls for the right arm! Give me control back!" said Nanami, worry starting to creep into her voice.


What they needed to do was not said by Ichigo as she saw the underside of the CAT 01's foot directly above her on the central screen. Then it approached rapidly. Ichigo screamed as the foot impacted the hull, and knocked out another camera, blacking out the main screen in the font.

Suddenly Ichigo was aware of how tightly packed she was inside the cockpit. The safety harness that was keeping her in her seat was choking her, and she tried to scrabble at the metal harness to get out, but it was to no avail.


Ichigo wasn't able to comprehend. They had to get out of here, and their harnesses were in the way. She was in a full blown panic as what must have been another stomp rocked the hull of the Kosmos. Now all the screens were knocked out and the triplets were in the dark, cramped together in a steel box. All they could hear was the sound of static, and the stomping of the CAT 01.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really twenty seconds the attacks stopped. The Kosmos wasn't knocked out, and its white flag hadn't appeared but unknown to Ichigo, Katyusha had tried to radio them to get them to pull things together. However, the CAT 01, whether through luck or intuition, had managed to destroy the radio. When the girls failed to respond to Katyusha, she threw in the towel, worried for their safety.

And just like that, Pravda were sent to the lower bracket after just one match.


"And what a day of Senshado we've had today!"

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"


"I hope you're happy. We can't even call this Tanksports anymore!"

The Boeing AFK's basic structure is based loosely around the Takemikazuchi from Sora no Woto.

The Polyot Kosmos' basic structure is loosely based around the Destroid Monster from the Macross Series