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Penelope Garcia hummed an upbeat tune as her fingers flew over the keyboard. Her lovelies had finally solved one of the most hideous cases in her long history at the BAU and they were at the police station finishing up before boarding their private jet and flying home to her. If things went the way she hoped, her family would be safely home just in time to go out for a celebratory dinner. And things would go her way if she had any say…Garcia stabbed a button on the phone beside her. "Hello, you've reached the office of the goddess you better be on your way home." She cheerfully greeted. "How can I assist you in your travels?"

Morgan smiled despite himself. Hearing the bubbly blond's voice always made him feel better. "Hey Baby Girl" he softly muttered. "I just wanted to let you know we made it to the jet. The pilot said we should be taking off in about five or ten minutes."

"Wonderful! I can't wait to get you guys back so I can hug you till all those awful memories go away!" Penelope exclaimed.

"Sounds great" Derek wearily replied.

The tech analyst stopped her typing and stared down at the phone. "That bad?" she sympathetically asked.

Morgan sighed. "Let's just say it's gonna take a lot more than hugs to get us through this one. We all identified with the families; could understand their pain. Finding one tiny body after another…it really hit us hard, especially Hotch, JJ, and Rossi. We had hoped to solve this one quickly. None of us could stand to see another little beaten and a-abused little boy's body. But it didn't work out that way. And I think that's what is bothering us the most. If we'd just gotten here sooner, figured out the clues left with the bodies earlier…"

"You guys did everything you could to solve the case and catch the bad guy." Garcia assured her friend. "You did the very best you could. You have nothing to feel guilty about."

Derek nodded even though the BAU cheerleader couldn't see it. "I know Mama. That doesn't make it any easier though." he said. "Listen, I've gotta go. We're about to take off. I'll call you when we get close to home."

"You better." Garcia replied before softening her voice. "Take care of my babies for me. Okay?"

"You've got it, Sweetness" Morgan agreed. "Bye"

"Goodbye my love" Penelope called into the speaker. She then cut the connection and turned back to her work. She had to be finished with this crappy busy work in time to meet her heartbroken family. They needed her. Mission in mind, the tech analyst dove back into her work. She had a mountain of agent files that had to be updated and only five hours to get them all done. She huffed at that thought. There were some things about the Bureau she'd never understand. Why they insisted on having paper files on all their operatives was beyond her. Her babies had everything stored safely away in their hard drives. There was no need for a backup particularly an ancient one. But when your boss commands you to do something, you do it no matter how stupid it seems to you. Sighing, Garcia picked up the file she was working on and settled in for a long afternoon.


Penelope raced through the halls of the BAU. Morgan had called and informed her that the jet would be landing in half an hour and that had been fifteen minutes ago. She had to get these files down to the records room and put them away so she could be in the bullpen to greet her weary family when they stepped in the door. Juggling the unsteady stack of folders, Garcia rounded the corner of the hallway and ran smack into Anderson.

Folders flew as the two agents attempted to stop themselves from tumbling to the ground along with the papers.

"Sorry" Anderson apologized once he'd steadied himself. "Are you alright?"

Penelope nodded. "I'm fine. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my files." She replied, staring down at the mass of papers and file folders. Sighing, she leaned down and started picking up the mess.

"I'll help." Anderson offered, grabbing a couple of folders that were near his feet.

"That's okay. I can get it." Garcia assured, taking the folders from the young man. "You go ahead and get that to Strauss before she blows a gasket."

"How did you…"

"All Knowing Oracle, remember?" Garcia smugly said.

Anderson stared warily at her. "Right" he replied. "I'll, I'll just be going now." With that he scampered away.

Penelope chuckled. Anderson was so easy to freak out. Anyone with one eye and half sense would know the report in his hand was meant for Strauss. You didn't need to be an all knowing oracle to see that. The nervousness in his face and posture broadcast it for everyone to see. Shaking her head at the gullible agent, Garcia went back to her clean up. She swept some of the loose papers towards her before reaching out to pick them up. Her hand hovered over two adjacent pages; two very similar pages. Penelope gasped as she took in what she was seeing. It couldn't be! It just couldn't be! But there it was in living color. Garcia's eyes widened. This was going to change everything!

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