Authors note: Hey guys. I know this is kinda overdone by people, but I wanted to get my version out there. In the movie Jack looks about 16-17 but I always thought he'd be 13-14, so in this story he just turned 14 before he died, kay?

Italic: Memories
Bold Italic: Jacks thoughts in memories
Normal: Guardians in the room

Disclaimer: If I owned this then a sequel would already be in the mix.

Jack rubbed his eyes as a bright light enveloped him and blinked. He was in a white a grey room, and the other guardians were there. Tooth, Sandy, and North were on a couch to the left of the largest TV the winter spirit had ever seen. Bunny was seated on a loveseat to the right of the TV and all of them seemed slightly irritated.

"Finally, Frostbite shows up." Bunny said, looking up from cleaning his boomerang. "Was beginning to wonder when ya'd get here."

Jack's eyebrows furrowed "Am I late for something?"

"Knock it off, Bunny." Tooth scolds at him before grinning at Jack. "No, Man in Moon just wouldn't tell us why we were here until you arrived."

As if on cue, a voice fills the room.

"Hello my Guardians. I have brought you here to learn more about Jack Frost."

"Learn more about me how!?" Jack yelled back at him, already dreading the answer.

"You will view his memories, before and after he became a Guardian. Don't try to leaveā€”it's pointless. No harm will fall to you and time is frozen outside of this room so you will not miss any work."

"Come on! You can't do that! Those are MY memories, you can't show them!" Jack desperately yelled, but MIM didn't reply back. The forever-14 year old walked over to Bunny's loveseat and sat beside him, sinking low in his chair. "This is great."

"You're tellin me? Frostbite probably was spoiled to death with a loving family-oh the agony." Bunny rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Shut up. You don't know anything about me." Jack ground out, surprizing them. Bunnymund had just been picking at him...

"Jack is four years old in this memory, Guardians."

A small boy with brown hair and brown eyes came running through the clearing, a girl with black hair and emerald green eyes running behind him.

"What'd you do?" Bunny raises his eyebrow at the boy.

Jack just smirked and crossed his arms. "What makes you think I did anything?"

"OVERLAND!" The girl screamed, jumping past a cart the boy knocked over, her braid flying. "YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!"

"Well, that's a big indication." Tooth mused. "What did you do to that poor girl?"


"I don't feel like it!" the smaller Jack grinned over his shoulder and stuck his tongue out.

"Overbite!" She suddenly stops and puts her hands on her hips, a smirk on her face. "Ooooh, Jackie!"

Jack groans and sinks down in his chair. "I forgot she called me that."

"Jackie, really mate?"

"Is she your girl that is friend?"

It took the winter spirit a minute before he blushed red and waved his arms. "No way! Aria was not my girlfriend!"

Jack suddenly turns around and stops, his mouth flying open. "Did you just...?"

"Give it back, Jackie."

Jack's eyes light up in mischief "Nope, Arianna." Her eyes flash.



"Give it to me, Overland."

"Come and get it, Bratcher."

"You should be nicer to that girl, Jack." Tooth scolds.

"Yeah..." He rubs the back of his neck. He and Aria had two fights the whole time they knew each other, the first hadn't been big but...he winced as he remembered the final arguement they'd had.

"Did you fight often?" North asks curiously.

"Nah, that was our first fight."

Aria walked up to him and yanked a scarf from his pocket. "Ha!"

"I let you have it."


"I really did." He laughs slightly. "It's not like I wouldn't see her coming from across the road."

"Open it, Ari." Aria rolls her eyes and unfold the scarf, gasping.

"Oh, Jack!" The five year old throws her arms around the younger boy. "This is so pretty!" She put the necklace over her head. It was a tiny mishappen wooden flower attached to a piece of string. Jack beamed.

"Well, Spring is your favorite season and It's your birthday so...Happy Birthday!" Aria grins and hugs him again. "Comeon, let's go play hopscotch!"

The screen fades off for a minute and everyone looks at the spirit. "Um, so yeah...this is going to suck."