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Italic: Memories
Bold Italic:Jacks thoughts in memories
Bold: Manny talking
Normal: Guardians in the room

**Jack rubbed his eyes with one hand and yawned, leaning back slightly in the chair and promptly falling asleep.**

"When will man in moon show new clip? Feels like years since last one If he holds us here least he could do is entertain!" The other guardians lightly rolled their eyes at North's statement. They'd argued with him about this a lot in the past few minutes...

"Because watching my memories is so entertaining."

"See, Jack gets it!"

Almost immediately after the man asked, the TV sprang back to life. "If I had known complaining would get clip back sooner, would have done it hour ago."

"For the last time, it hasn't been an hour mate!"

"Jack is six in this memory."

"Why have you gotta go to school?" Jack asked Aria, letting out an irritated huff as him and the taller child walked down the road.

"It's not really school, Mama just pays this man to come and teach me stuff."

"Still! I won't get to play with you all day! That's not fair!"

"Why weren't you in school, Jack?"

Jack just shakes his head. His family hadn't had enough money to pay a tutor to teach him, he knew how to read and stuff, as he wasn't a total idiot, but he really didn't know much else.

"Well, you could come, but you're too little."

"We're the same age." Jack huffed again, crossing his arms and glaring at the girl.

Bunny let out a snort "You were a bit of a brat, mate."

Aria rolled her eyes and placed her hand on his head "You're short, genius. I think Emma's taller then you."

"At least I'm not a girl!" Jack yelled back at her, his face red in embarrassment.

All of the men in the room winced, Sandy going as far as to facepalm. "Oh frostbite you bloody idiot."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tooth turned to the guardian of fun, raising her eyebrow "Just what's wrong with being a girl!?"

"I uh...I was a kid...didn't know how amazing women were?" He tried, sinking down in his seat.

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?" Aria turned to the boy, glaring at him "What's so bad bout being a girl!?"

"Uh...girls are weak." He muttered.

Bunny winced and scooted away from him on the couch. "Girl's are what?" Tooth asked, glaring at the boy with as much hate as the little girl in the memory. Jack didn't even bother answering, just sunk lower in his chair.

"Oh yeah!? Is that so? Then next time Danny and Marcus and all them beat up on a certain shepherds son, this weak girl will keep to herself!" She turned on her heel and walked into the bakery.

"I just meant girls like Rebecca! Come on, Aria! Don't be mad at me!"

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