So every girl in District Twelve has a check list they go through once they are no longer in the reaping. It make sense, I suppose, since lifespan here ranges to about thirty-five to forty if you're lucky. Of course everyone has their livelihoods planed out, it's second nature.

I for one never thought it strange. Maybe because I grew up around it, maybe because I've had it branded in my mind forever. I don't know and I don't care.

Anyway there is a checklist, number one on that list finish school. Even though that shouldn't count at all because there's three weeks of school after reaping and no one does real work during that time anyway.

No one really cares about school in Twelve because we are born into our jobs. If you're Seam you're a miner. If you're a merchant you train to take over the family business.

So really in my opinion school doesn't count because school is irrelevant.

Number two get married. Girls don't get mining jobs because of some stupid law the Capitol made that said it was a hazard to our future kids and a few other things that really didn't matter.

And finally number three get pregnant. Because again the lifespan being so short here, and families get reimbursed by the Capitol for each child they have.

I always thought it was weird to have a kid just because the Capitol paid you to. I never understood why it was so damned important to give in to the freaking Capitol.

Now however... Well now I'm not much different from every girl with a checklist.

My name is Katniss Everdeen, I'm sixteen years old, I share the title of Victor for the Seventy-Fourth Annual Hunger Games with a boy named Peeta (Who by the way thinks I love him when in reality I'm not quite sure yet), I'm one half of the Star-Crossed lovers of District Twelve, and I have a year to get married and knocked up.

So let's back up a bit. I was a participant in the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games with a boy named Peeta Mellark. He announced his love for me during his interview before the games after which I shoved him into a plant.

During the games I dropped a bunch of mutants on him, and he still came back to save me. I teamed up with a little girl named Rue and together we burned the careers supplies to the ground.

Rue was killed and afterwards they announced that two tributes from the same district could be victors. So I went and found Peeta, who was admittedly more than half dead at that point, and brought him back to health.

After a lot of rain and some sob stories later, we ended up fighting one other tribute to the death. We won but then they announced only one Victor could be crowned.

Peeta and I decided that it wasn't worth it and so we held up these berries called Nightlock that kill you, to show them we would die first. So we both won, fantastic right?

Well not entirely. You see I was under the impression Peeta was doing this for sponsors not because he was actually in love with me... Go ahead shoot me for being ignorant! I don't care!

Look I'm sorry I'm an emotional cripple and have a low capacity for actual human emotions, and blah blah blah. But what do you want from me? I was going to die! And so was he.

Anyway he doesn't know I'm so incredibly confused about this whole ordeal. I didn't tell him about it because... Well... What would you have done? Broke his heart? I don't think so, not after he confessed without any cameras.

What was I going to say to him after he smiled so stupidly at me? After he just looked at me and said those three over used meaningless words to me.

So again he thinks I'm sincere, when in reality I'm not so sure.

Oh yeah did I mention, in a week we leave for the Victory Tour... Well that was the worst of my problems, but yesterday something petrifying happened.

Snow showed up at my house. I walked into it trying to not think anything at all but I was trembling when I actually began to talk to him.

Much less when he got to the main point "You know Miss. Everdeen everyone isn't convinced with your little, love act."

"What?" I asked slightly frightened for my life.

"You see some people have taken your little berry incident to be more than the act of a pair of love struck teenagers."

"What do they think we were doing exactly?"

"... Well you don't need to know that yet because soon it will be irrelevant. As long as you listen to me. Everything will go smoothly."

"What do you mean?"

"Miss. Everdeen, just play by my rules and I can guarantee that little sister of yours stays out of the Games."

I didn't think twice, how could I refuse? "What do you want?"

"You know what I think? A wedding in the fall would just be lovely wouldn't it?" I didn't respond, "And I'm sure that the pitter patter of little feet around the house would not be too far off from that."

I looked down at my feet. "Do we have a deal Miss. Everdeen?"

"May I ask for more direct instructions?" I asked hoping maybe it wouldn't be true what he was asking of me.

"... A wedding between you and Mr. Mellark, and of course every marriage leads to a baby."

I nodded at his words, for Prim I'd do anything. "And I think a year should be plenty of time for my two love birds to... Well you get the idea." He laughed at this.

So yeah... Guess who has a year to get married and knocked up?