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Author Note: I was devastated that Paul had to die…I loved him and Jacob together and I heard this song when I was cleaning and the idea came to me. Hope you enjoy!

"I love you…" the words echoed through his mind…again and again…and again after that. He was gone there was nothing else to say about it.

Jacob tossed and turned in his bed…he hated this bed it was uncomfortable like someone put stones in the mattress. If given the choice between the choice between this one and the one he used to share with Paul…he'd pick Paul any day…Paul.

"Damn it…" Jacob said sitting up in bed his back in pain as usual.

He was thinking about him again…he didn't want to…but he had to. He rubbed his eyes and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He didn't want to make too much noise; he knew that she would be up. Emma….Denise whoever she was or wasn't…he didn't care anymore.

"What Emma…" Jacob said after seeing that the door was opening.

"I was just seeing if you were up," she said with that tone of anger in her voice.

"I'm up…now go," he said as she closed the door.

"Wow…someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," a voice said.

Jacob looked behind him…there he was...standing there…looking pretty hot for a ghost. He saw him a lot…sometimes he'd want him to be there but he wasn't.

"Morning Paul," Jacob said getting off the bed and walking into the bathroom.

Ghost Paul was leaning on the door frame as Jacob got undressed and got into the shower.

"I love this," Paul said. "The other day I moved all Emma's stuff around…it was great."

"I'm glad you are enjoying yourself," Jacob said from inside the shower.

Paul was gone again….he couldn't stay for very long…Jacob knew that of course. He just wanted to remember the good times he had with Paul…they were getting harder to remember as the days went by. Jacob finished showering; he got dressed and made his bed. He made his way to the kitchen, hoping no one was there.

"Jacob!" Joey said from his seat.

"Morning Joey!" Jacob said forcing a smile, he cared about that little boy…he really did.

Jacob found himself something to eat and sat down next to Joey….

"Joey, are you all finished eating?" Emma asked him as she came in the room.

The little boy nodded and the two quickly walked out of the room…Jacob wanted nothing more than to kill her. He knew that he had to bide his time and wait it out….he finished his breakfast and noticed keys on the counter. Looking at them he knew they were to one of the few vehicles that they had at the house.

"Idiots" Jacob said taking the keys.

Leaving his dishes in the sink, Jacob walked back to his room grabbed his jacket and wallet. He quickly made his way to the front door…and he made it outside. Joe Carroll was smart man he thought to himself…but maybe Ryan Hardy was smarter than all of them…he didn't know for sure.

"Come on…" Jacob said trying the keys in the cars.

The key fit into the lock of a truck, Jacob got in the truck and started it up…rolling down the windows he sighed. He would take the back roads, in case the police came looking for him…but if they did…he didn't care. Backing the truck up he pulled out of the driveway, as he continued on his journey he remembered.

"Damn you Ryan Hardy…" he said to himself has he pulled on to an empty back road.

"Where are we going?" Paul asked him…now appearing in the passenger seat.

For a second Jacob glanced at the seat…there he was...his Paul. Wearing jeans and a plaid shirt…he smiled at Jacob.

"For a ride…." he said smiling.

"Sounds good to me," Paul said back.

Jacob smiled…Paul always made him smile…always. He remembered when they first met and they had to pretend to be a couple.

"Pretend" Jacob said out loud. "We weren't pretending….were we?"

"No…well I wasn't" Paul said knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"Do you think she knew?" Jacob asked out loud changing the song on the radio.

"Who? Sarah?" asked Paul.

Jacob answered him quickly, they sat in the truck silently for a few moments remembering their neighbor.

"Sarah…we led her to her death," Jacob said.

"We had to…." Paul said.

Jacob thought back…trying to push Sarah out of his mind. He continued down the road thinking and remembering. He remembered the first time they kissed…he was nervous but Paul wasn't…he remembered that.

"When did you know?" he asked Paul hoping he was still there.

"The first day I met you," Paul said. "I knew that I never wanted to be apart from you."

Jacob's eyes started to water…and he barely noticed a tear falling down his face. He knew that Paul loved him…with all of his heart and soul. It was obvious…his feelings never changed. Jacob pulled over and cried…wanting nothing more than to be comforted by the real, flesh and blood Paul.

"Funny….I felt the same way about you," said Jacob starting up the truck again and continuing on the road.

"You never told me!" Paul said.

Jacob shook his head, he wanted to say it so many times because he felt it…but he couldn't and he hated himself for it. Suddenly the worst memory of his life popped into his head…

"How did it feel?" Jacob asked.

"You mean when Ryan Hardy stabbed me?" Paul said. "Like I knew my life was over…like I knew that I wouldn't have much time.

"I tried to save you…I really did," Jacob said with eyes welling up.

"I know…I know," Paul said. "But if anyone had to kill me…I'm glad it was you."

Another tear fell down Jacob's face as he headed back to the house. Returning to the driveway, Jacob got out of the truck, rolled up the windows and made his way to the front door. He opened it and walked inside; he noticed Emma was walking by the door.

"Hi Jacob, where were you?" she asked him.

"Out" he answered.

"Jacob…come on…you can't just go out when the FBI could possibly be around, you know what Joe said," she said to him.

"Come here," he said putting his arms out.

She walked over to him and he put his hands around her neck…and snapped it. Emma fell to the floor in a pool of blood.

"I love you, Paul" he said walking over her dead body.

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