The night was dark,and snow whipped around her face as she danced under the street lamp. The stick in her hand was her weapon, the stop sign her enemy. She was a brave warrior, just like the women on the show she watched that afternoon. Her braid bounced on her back as she flew, striking at the stop sign. Little did she know that she was not the only one on the street that night.

A twig snapped, and loud, male voices broke the silence. The air, which had smelled like the snow that fell around her, was now tainted with the strong scent of alcohol.

They were tall, the shortest one, about 5'7, and all were muscular.

"Give us your phone, or you'll wish you did!" The tallest one, with menacing green eyes and jet black hair jeered in a drunken slur. He reached toward her and grabbed her arm. She jerked away, hitting him full in the face with her stick. There was a sickening crack, and blood spewed onto the newly fallen snow. The other three sprang into action, throwing her to the ground and pinning her down.

"Now you get what you deserve-" The boy called her a word she'd been told to never use. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply, preparing for what she knew was coming. She could at least be brave, if she couldn't fight. She braced herself, but nothing came. The pressure on her arms lifted, and the boys groaned, as if hit by something. A metallic whirring noise caused her to open her eyes.

From where she lay, she could just make out the boys running down the street, and a red-clad person kneeling, panting in the snow. The person stood, and walked over to where the girl lay in the snow.

"Are you injured?" The woman asked, fingering her braid. She extended a hand to the girl,and she took it, only to sink back into the snow.

"My ankle." She spoke through gritted teeth, as if the effort was too much. The tall woman knelt down and examined the ankle, being careful not to hurt the girl. When she finally looked up, she sighed.

"You shouldn't walk on this, it is only a sprain, but we ought to get something on it, as soon as possible. For now, I'll carry you back home."

"Thank you, Ma'am, my name is Lisa, by the way." There was something familiar about the woman, but she couldn't put her finger on what.

" My name is Denna." The name caught Lisa off guard. Denna was one of her favorite characters on the T.V. Show, Legend of The Seeker, and not a common name.

Suddenly, whether from pain or shock, Lisa suddenly went limp, her vision leaving her for a moment.

"Lisa, are you alright? By the Spirits, answer me!"Denna stopped, kneeling in the snow to shake her.

"Denna" Lisa groaned, " I'm dizzy."

"You'll be fine. You're just in shock"

"What if they come back?" Lisa's voice trembled. Denna gave a low growl, and her hand went to her holster. Her voice was low and threatening when she spoke again.

"Then they'd better have their wills written, because they won't survive."

"I'm still frightened." Denna pulled Lisa into a hug."

"It's alright, Lisa." Denna's voice took on a soft, comforting tone, almost motherly. She picked Lisa back up, continued in the direction Lisa pointed her, and opened the door of the house.