Right so on The Wolf 3 Fox oneshot I have received a lot of amazing feed back for it!
Also, I have noticed a lot of people have followed it, as if they where hoping that there would be me or what not so I just thought I'd ask (To see how many people actually want more) If you would like a sort of sequel.
I was thinking of maybe the life of them while together. Not sure when I will write them or how many more there will be but please review and tell me what you want.

Oh and any one that sees this that also reads Office Romance, I hope to update that soon!
And I was wondering what pairing you guys would like if I write a Christmas oneshot:
America x England/\
Sasuke x Naruto/\
Or Akihiko x Misaki/\

Bye for now and tell me ASAP what you would like...I'm sick but I will try my hardest to write more when I get your reply's which I eagerly wait for./~