Takes place before the vault hunters come face to face with Angel. So to get a better time frame, this fic takes place around the "The Man Who Would Be Jack." So back to the main focus which is a spacecraft hovering over Sanctuary completely oblivious to those around the floating island. The craft shoots down a beam of light near Clap-Trap's bachelor pad, spooking it out of its wits. Clap-Trap hiding under pizza boxes looks up to see two cloaked figures. One being as tall as Gaige and the other smaller than Tiny Tina. Both observed their surroundings, or the taller one did as the little one hide behind him. The cloaked person looks down at the Clap-Trap and speaks.

Kaz sounds out a haiku, "We seek someone here/His presence is very near/Tell us where he is."

Kaz took out Zer0's bounty and presented it to Clap-Trap who jumped to it's wheel and regained its composure.

Clap-Trap in a panicky rant, "What are you!? And why are talking funny?! You think you can take on one of minions!"

The cloaked figure suddenly had multiple red kunais drop from his sleeves, imbedding into the concrete.

Clap-Trap convinced and scared out of his wits replies, "Right this way. If your a friend of the ninja dude, just say so."

The knifes retracted back into his sleeves with thin cables attached to each one. Both figures followed Clap-Trap to Moxxi's bar and was left alone after they made it to the front entrance. Kaz examining the neon sign of a certain woman's leg, pulled the smaller one's hoodie over her head some more to protect her mind from some profanity. Once inside, they walked over to counter where they took sit and waited for the woman who was currently on the ECHO comm talking furiously about revenge and flooding a construction site. After Moxxi was done, she took a deep breath and faced the two waiting, astonishing her for a moment.

Moxxi leaning over the counter and in a seductive tone says, "My my my, I don't recall there being children here on Sanctuary. What's with the hoods, you two shy?"

Kaz responds, "Not in the least shy/Secrecy is in my blood/Same goes with master."

Kaz placed Zer0's bounty poster on the counter, receiving a surprised reaction.

Moxxi quick with a reply back, "Woah hang on a sec, the quiet one is your master?"

Moxxi pointed at a wanted poster of Zer0. The front of Kaz's face illuminated a 勝 (victory) while the smaller one had a :D.

Moxxi in a nonchalant tone says, "Yeah, you three definitely know each other. I was just talking to him on the ECHO along with his other playmates. Wait here and they should be coming back in a few. So, relax."

Kaz took off his hood revealing a smaller looking Zer0 with a F0rg0tten helmet and "This is HEV-y" skin. The little one was still acting shy showing a X(.

Kaz in his command voice says to the smaller figure, "Amita head up/if father is to notice/we must be in sight."

Amita responds back apologetically, "Sorry dear brother/excitement for reunion/I cannot contain."

Amita took off her hood relieving a girl no older than five in a "Flowers On Your Grave" skin and a visor covering her eyes with long green hair coming out from the back.

Moxxi asks, "Father? Zer0 is your dad!?"

Amita nervously replies, "Y..yep, I'm A...amita."

Kaz introduces himself, "I am Kazuo."

Moxxi does the same, "Well, I'm the one and only Moxxi, sugar."

Amita curiously asks, "Why is father called Zer0? When his name is...mmmph."(x.x)

Kaz whispers, "There is a reason why he hides his true identity, Amita." ):

Moxxi curious herself requests, "Oooo, secrets. Do share."

Amita stumbles over her words, "Umm ummm." (O~o)

Kaz breaths out, "sigh" 嘆く

Moxxi says, "Just teasing, I know how private your... father is."

Moxxi for the next couple of hours, continued to probe around, enjoying the reactions of Amita, reminding Moxxi of how fun it is to have kids. Moxxi told them about her adventures and her own children, she decided to leave out the part about multiple husbands. Moxxi decided to ask one last question after receiving a message from the vault hunters about coming back soon.

Moxxi asking in a teasing manner, "You two wanna guess how old momma Moxxi is?"

Moxxi looks over at Amita to face a light green "25" on her visor, receiving pinch on the cheek. But Kaz on the other hand had a more accurate number, making Moxxi end the game. Realizing the time, Moxxi points them to the fast travel station. Kaz needed to help Amita down, getting another adoring sigh from Moxxi. Both waited on a bench inside the station and soon fell asleep. Amita with sheep jumping across her visor and Kaz having Zs. Some time later the fast travel station activates and our heroes arrive (first Maya, Axton, Salvador, Gaige and finally Zer0). As the group turn the corner, Maya sets her gaze upon Amita and Kaz. The others couldn't help but no ignore the sight of a somewhat familiar attire. Because they surrounded the pair, Zer0 couldn't see them so he ask a question.

Zer0 asks, "What is the hold up?/Our mission is almost done/No more distractions."

Zer0's voice wakes up the pair. Amita taken by surprised by the group surrounding her, leaned to the side to see the one they were looking for. She ran past the group and leaped into Zer0, yelling,"Papa we missed you/Two months felt never ending/We are united." Amita even had a ◕‿◕ on her visor, while Kaz bowed with a $ displayed, showing that he completed his mission.

Zer0 quickly asks out of concern, "Why are you two here?/Where is your babysitter?/You two are not harmed?"

Amita in a cheery tone replies, "We're fine! Amita really wanted to see you again, Kaz too!"

Kaz- "Our sitter was arrested for drug procession and blamed us, and knowing that if they found out who we were, would put us in danger. Only father came into mind."

Zer0 in his robotic voice says, "Well as long as you two are safe, all is fine. But I still have a job to finish so Amita you will have to play with Kazuo for a while longer."

Amita(T^T) whimpers, "o...okay."

Zer0(-_-;) asks, "You came with the cruiser correct? You can wait in there and play with your brother."

In the background, the others started to put together the scene in front of them.

Axton confused, asks, "Wait, Zer0 has kids?"

Salvador laughs and says, "Haha, thought our amigo never got any."

Gaige with a smile, says, "Even his kids are neat. Huh, only the girls has ten fingers though. Must be a special case with what they are."

Maya responds, "Guess our silent assassin is father, didn't see that one coming. But Zer0's right we have to meet the others."

Zer0 leans down to side in order to hold hands with Amita with Kaz trailing behind. The rest decided to roll with it and headed to the others, Maya looked back and waved to Amita, causing her hide behind her father showing a (?_?) but waved back. Zer0 said to the others to go on ahead as he waited with his kids. Zer0 went to one of the benches and went on one knee in front of the two that were sitting down to talk some more. As the vault hunters were being told what the next plan was, on the balcony, Maya witnessed, in corner of her eye, something you don't usually see. Amita started to formed a small bluish orb in her hands that quickly disappeared after Zer0 clasped his hands over it.

Lilith asks, "Something wrong, Maya?"

Maya nervously asks, "No no, kill Jack and save Pandora right?"

Roland answers,"Y..Yeah, anyway we need to reach the Bunker to take out Jack's secret weapon before he can use it against us."

After the meeting, everyone went to the bar to relax, the topics were mostly about what Zer0's kids would look like and apparently they were ones missing. Maya on the other hand went to confront Zer0 on what she just saw. She ended up meeting Moxxi at the door with some drinks at hand.

Moxxi asks the siren,"You going to meet the kids too?"

Maya replies, "Yeah, I think we can get along."

Zer0 was in view talking to the two. Moxxi stepped in first offering them juice, over Zer0's shoulder, to the kids. Moxxi was bent over showing more cleavage than usually, making Kaz give the emoticon of blushing. (/././)

Moxxi praises,"A little thanks to your little ones for keeping me company."

Maya nervously asks,"Zer0, I have a couple questions about... sirens."

Zer0(!) answers, "Very well. Kaz wait here with your sister. Respect Moxxi."

Zer0 walked away with Maya while Moxxi entertained Amita and Kaz.

Maya states, "She's definitely a siren."

Zer0 admits, "I guess you saw then/ Yes she is a pure siren/As she is not mine."

Maya then assumes, "Not yours?"

Zer0 explains to her,"I found her in a damaged transport, where my wife died saved her when it exploded. That was 5 years ago. She has the markings as well and I do not know what she is capable of. Even so, I do not want her to be in public when she cannot defend herself, knowing the burdens of being a siren."

Maya with a quiet voice "Never thought I'd see a siren being treated as a daughter."

Zer0 in his monotoned voice asks,"I have a request for you if understand the situation."

"Request?" Maya said.

Zer0 says, "Help Amita with her abilities, so she can survive of her own. I can't keep hiding her from the galaxy, other wise I would be no better than the Order of the Impending Storm."

Maya shocked by this stumbles over her words, "S...sure I guess, but wouldn't Lilith be better I mean... uh yes, yes I can.


Kaz(Kazuo)- 13 year old son of Zer0, who trains to be like his father. Acknowledging his mother's sacrifice in saving Amita, he has taken the task of looking over her with his life. Unlike Zer0, Kaz uses kusarigamas that digistructs red instead of blue.

Amita- The 5 year old under the care of Zer0, who doesn't have any special combat abilities due to being a siren, making Zer0's expertise useless, and Zer0's overprotective nature around her. This has also caused her to fear the outside world. Amita doesn't know about the events that took place when she was rescued, probably never will.

Zer0(OOC)- Identity still unknown comes from a planet called NumerCron. He does his assassinations to support his kids and his deceased wife was once his assistant. The reason for going to Pandora was to earn enough to be set for life.