10 Years Later:

In a bar on the other side of Pandora, where bandits of all kinds were drinking, gambling, fighting, and doing other bandit things. A small rumor was going around about a group of them were well aware of the location of the last Vault on Pandora. But that kind of information wasn't worth killing over if the everyone knew that the Vaults are guarded by creatures you can only imagine to exist in nightmares. Nothing new other than wanted posters in the bar until everyone caught sight of something as rare as the Vaults walk through the doors. A slender figure in a post-apocalyptic school girl uniform with long blonde hair with two ribbons. Walking towards the counter, grabbing everyone's attention, she places herself on top to get a good view of the place.

"Heard there is Vault somewhere around here! I wonder who can help poor little meeeeeeee?" She said closing her eyes and making sure everyone could hear her.

The whole bar stops, falling silent, as the two large bandits walk up. One of them said,"It's a bit dangerous for a young babe, to be worrying about stuff like that." The other one finishes the thought,"But your kind is always welcome in our gang?" The young lady smirks, switching over her crossed legs, giving a small glance of what design she was wearing underneath the shirt.

"So where's the head-honcho of your group by the way?" asked the young lady, and like she requested, a shorter man sporting a fur coat and cheesy accessories steps forward.

"I'm the leader of the Legendary Badass Brigade. Looking you over, I wouldn't mind using your other merits if you know what I mean ha ha ha, but I have to be a little cautious of what you are if you're going to join, Tiny Tina." The man, otherwise known as Deadly Dan, said.

He also added,"I'm also not sure what's so 'Tiny' about you though?" Regarding Tina's assets. After her name was mentioned, everyone in the bar stood up with their weapons pointed at her while the bartender quickly retreats to the back. Dan then throws down Tina's wanted poster on the ground sporting a high price for her head.

"So, Dumbass Dan, you know where the vault is then?"Tina asks, resting her chin on her hand waiting for his response.

"It's "Deadly Dan,' and yeah I know, but it's going to be hard to convince me to let you join in though." Dan says, taking out a large golden pistol.

Tina was currently positioned in front of Dan and in between two of his guys; the rest of bandits were surrounding them about a foot behind them. Tina then slowly motioned her hands in the following order; raising a hand at Dan, then grasping it, while saying "snagged," next she pointed her hands at the guys near her like guns, saying "bang," and finally does a sideways chop in front, with the word, "slice."

"What are you mumbling about you..." Dan couldn't finish his sentence when he was suddenly pulled by his feet by a glowing piece of string and flew out the window. A second later, the two men near Tina get hit by spears so hard that they stick to the wall. And last but not least, a sickle is sent from across the bar, passing through the twelve unaware bandits and latched onto the furthest bandit's neck, and in one motion with a strong pull caused the entire row to lose their heads. Out of the shadows, a large figure in a Zer0 suit and Ech0location helmet walks out with a :( projecting on his face.

"Refrain from danger/We might not always be there/Too many close calls." He said.

"Translation: I love you, right? Kazy?" Tina skips to him poking his helmet holding a blushing emoticon.

The two walk out to meet the rest of the group holding Dan in a cocoon. An older Amita in white robes and a frogger hat, and a matured Nia in rags that showed off her long, tattooed legs and wearing her face plate. Kaz tossed Nia her spears and turned his attention to Dan struggling to get out. Asking what Tina was planing on doing, then she activated her backpack which shot out four metallic arms each holding a unique weapon and said "interrogation." That was everyone's cue to leave, and when they were a good distance away that could hear the revving of a chainsaw followed by a scream causing them to have sweat drops. But Amita quickly brings up a subject to get away from the gruesome noises.

"It's good to finally be Vault Hunters, isn't it brother?"Amita asks as they tread through the sands of the desert towards their Bandit Technical.

"Still I'm surprised our father allowed this, let only our new mother allowing you to tag along at such a young age." Kaz points out.

"It's because we were raised by the best warriors of course. But you forget that she had a lot trouble before accepting the idea it remember?" Nia says, getting involved.

They all replay the memory and laugh a little. Tina soon comes, yelling and waving a bloodied map, before everyone finds a seat on the Bandit Technical. Driving into more unexplored terrain, they start off on their quest as Vault Hunters Level 1 and onto Legendary Badasses!

The end

thanks for reading, might even make a prequel