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It was that black cat again.

Kagome stared at it and it stared right back with its piercing yellow eyes. This went on for about five minutes until the cat lazily broke the stare by yawning and showing its sharp teeth.

"Is there any particular reason you keep coming back here?" Kagome tilted her head to the side, kneeling down to the cat's height, "You can tell me, you know. I realise that you're not a... normal cat."

She might have said that, but she didn't actually expect the cat to actually answer her.

"Kisuke sent me to investigate your Reiatsu," The cat said in a deep voice, staring calmly at her and noticing that her eyes only widened slightly and that she didn't react like a normal person would when coming across a talking cat, "Your Reiatsu can be sensed all the way from Karakura Town."

"That far?" Kagome looked thoughtful, knowing that Karakura Town was quite a distance away from Tokyo, "My Kaa-san is making fish tonight. Are you hungry, err...?"

"You can call me Yoruichi," The cat said, "And I humbly accept your invitation–!" The feline let out a sudden yowl when something heavy settled on her back and Kagome's brow twitched as Buyo purred loudly and nuzzled Yoruichi's neck.

"...You're a female, aren't you, Yoruichi-san...?"