Wow, when I looked up this story this morning I was expecting like 1 or 2 review, I was not expecting this to become so popular, but anyways heres the third chapter, this one about Mike

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Case 2: Mike Reynolds

As a boy Mike grew up in a family where his parents both had to work full day shifts so they had to keep him inside the house alone.

With no siblings and his parents always away Mike longed for human contact, so he began to think up imaginary authority figures to keep from being alone.

The first was Chester, who was created to be something of a grandfather figure, then Svetlana who was created to be a role-model for him to look up to, and then Manitoba Smith, who was made from Mike's long for adventure, and Vito, the latest, was made by accident, after we was stuck watching a 12 hour marathon of Jersey Shore when he couldn't find the remote.

Soon these characters actually began to get into his head and started talking through him, soon enough they started talking through him.

When his parents noticed this he had already had multiple personality disorder.

Afraid that their son had become a freak they tried to make it so that he wouldn't go out in public, but couldn't after he had to begin going to school, where he faced social ridicule.

After several weeks of school his parents asked him if he wanted to drop out, which he reclined because of his longing for a social life.

After several years of social ridicule from their son, Mike's parents couldn't take it anymore, and disowned him, forcing him to live on his own.

When Total Drama found him he was homeless and sickly, his body completely out of shape, and he was starving, when they offered him to be on the show he accepted in a heartbeat.

While on the set he was given therapy for his MPD, and learned to control his other personalities, and managed to make friends as well as a girlfriend.

Can you guess why Mike's last name is Reynolds? Here's a hint: it has something to do with his multiple personality disorder