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This is told from PB's point of view!


It was taped to the inside of my locker, I noticed, peering at the plain, black notebook. I also noticed the different colored pens attatched to my locker below the notebook, a small sticky note on the front of the package saying "pick one!" in small, neat hand writing.

What exactly was this?

I tossed my book bag on my shoulder, grabbing the tapped notebook and pens, shoving them into my bag, then headed to my next class.

I would have to deal with later, I can't be late to class.


I plopped down onto the rolling chair, sliding my legs under the white desk that sat in my bedroom. I stared down at the black book and pens (gel pens, I had learned) and decided to find out what exactly this was doing tapped to the inside of my locker.

I opened the front cover, seeing a letter written in red ink on the first page. On the inside flap, I could see there were little drawings, still in red ink, all over the cover. Strange. I decided to read the note that had been left.

Hey, stranger!

So, I've decided to try something, and you, my friend, are going to be my new best friend. I don't know who you are and you don't know me (hopefully, or this won't be much fun). See, I taped this notebook to your locker hoping you'll play along in my little game. I want to talk to someone I don't know, express my thoughts and feelings, and maybe even make a secret friend. Cool, yeah? I won't tell you my name and you don't tell me yours. You'll know it's me by the red pen. That brings me to the pens I had stashed in there, too. Choose a color you like and write back to me. I'll know it's you by the color you choose. We can pass each other notes and thoughts between classes (we go to the same school, I'm not some creep). Sounds pretty cool, right?

I've decided to place pictures of my favorite things and people on the front cover of this notebook. If you want, you can do the same on the back. Same with the back cover, it's yours to draw on. I've already doodled on the front, so have at it!

Leave this in locker number 519 if you'd like to pass this back and forth. I hope to hear from you again!

So.. wait a minute. This person I don't know, she, or he, is wanting to be my friend without knowing who I'll ever be?

This could prove to be interesting.

I quickly grabbed the hot pink pen and began to write under the red.