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Why wouldn't you want to apply yourself to the things you do? You could do so much more if you put effort into things. But you're already so compassionate about music, I don't know what schooling will do for your music career.

Thank you for saying you'll be here. It's hard to judge someone you can't physically see, so I'd be happy to tell you anything on my mind. Not that I think you'd judge, it's just.. some people, you don't really know, right?

You said "she". This person you like, maybe, is a girl? You've said you are a girl. Not that it's a problem, I don't seem to mind. But can you tell me about her? I'll tell you about the person I seem to always knock over.

This person is also a girl. Well, for you, that might not be so bad. But to me, it's a little different. I've only had boyfriends before and I'm not even sure this person likes me. I'm not even sure I like her! She's just always there when I seem to think about her. But I don't think I'm much her type. She's very rock 'n roll and I'm very.. not. I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to explain myself to her.


It was half way through the week already and I hadn't seen Marceline since Friday after school. She hadn't called me or even texted me. I wasn't sure if she was waiting for me to text her or if she was busy.

I decided if she wanted to talk to me, she would and that I would stay out of her way until she did so.

But every time I thought of her, I could feel my cheeks rise in heat and I didn't really know why. Maybe it was just that she was a friend and friends aren't something I have lots of. Or maybe it was the fact that she was so different than me that it attracted me to her?

I wasn't sure and I wasn't too worried about it. But I wasn't calling it a crush most definitely not love. I barely knew the girl.

Later that night (it was a Wednesday), I was laying in bed in my pajama's. I kept glancing at the pink alarm clock next to my bed, wishing something interesting would happen. I had finished all my homework and it wasn't even eight 'o clock yet.

Time doesn't seem to fly by so fast when your advanced classes homework is so easy.

Just as I felt my eyes start to droop shut, I heard my phone buzz next to me. The small vibrations urged me to move, grab my phone, and lazily check who it was.


I quickly opened the phone, saying a shy, "hello?" All was a little quiet before,

"Hey!" her mischievous voice rang through the phone, making me smile just a little bit.

"Hi, Marceline. How are you?" I asked politely. I turned on my side, playing with my bubblegum pink hair loosely.

"Good, good, I suppose. Working on a song, actually. How about you? What are you up to?" I could faintly hear her plucking away at some strings. It must be the bass she's told me about.

"A song? What kind of song? And nothing, I was just about to fall asleep, actually," I told her, curling up a little bit. She hummed in response and I could hear her writing something down. Lyrics or notes, I assumed.

"You're about to fall asleep? Are you really that tired? I usually stay up well past midnight, but I'm quite the night owl, I'm sure you could guess," she said, not answering my question.

"I'm just bored, really," I replied."I could tell, too." She was quiet for a moment.

"The song I'm writing, you asked about it. Well, I'll play it for you when you come over on Saturday," I could almost hear her smile. I couldn't help but smile again.

"Really? I'd like that," I said, poking at my bed, shy once again. She laughed and I couldn't help but laugh with her.

We stayed up until almost eleven talking with each other and laughing. When we said goodbye, she said she'd text me on Friday when we would begin talking about me coming over. We reluctantly said goodnight and I couldn't help but fall asleep with the tiniest of smiles.


Music is above any sort of schooling. It's what I love in life and math equations can't help me with it, so why bother?

Yes, the person I like so much is a girl. I've talked to her recently and I can't help but feel my stomach flutter when I hear that shy little voice.

It sure sounds like a crush, my friend. ;) I'm sure she'd understand if you told her, but why don't you let things unravel themselves? Let things happen naturally, don't run up to the girl and explode confused feelings on her. Figure things out yourself and then you can explode. I'm sure she won't mind! ;)

I promise you, I'm not the judging type. I hope you can see that.

This time, the number only went up once: twelve.