Hey, guys.

I'd like to apologize to you all for being gone for so long. Things have come up and kept me busy with school and all that jazz. However, now that schools out, I will have plenty more time to write my stories.

Unfortunately, this story isn't one of those. For the time being, I've run completely dry on this story, Locker 519. I can't seem to find it in me to continue writing the story. I've thought about it lately and decided that should I ever continue this story (I promise I'll work on it a little to try and keep it in my heart to finish it), the rating will change. There's no reason to keep this rated M for nothing. I had originally planned to have "good stuff" in it, but it just doesn't seem like that kind of story, you know? Also, should I finish it, it will be a while down the road. Not in twenty years or anything drastic, but for the time being, I just don't want to work on it anymore.

That can all change, however. Will it, I don't know, but I'll really try to keep it going. If I finally decide I don't want to write it anymore, I will discontinue it or put it up for adoption. I don't know right now.

I'm sorry to disappoint you all, I really am, and I hope you can forgive me! Please have a great summer and don't forget to read a lot! It's good for you! ;)

I have other stories, well. Only one other Bubbline, but it's complete, if y'all are interested. If any of you follow me, please know I will have future stories out! I'm working on a few right now, so please look forward to that!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll see you all again! Thank you!