Chapter 1: FireTeam Disaster

"Fireteam's Violet and Rose, report to the WarGames simulator, Immediately." Said Roland,

"hey, sir? I just wanted to ask you something." Said Church, Second in command of Violet,

"Church?" asked Lachlan,

"We're going up against the reds, I know them, and you know their leader, and My sniper rifle, I…" Spoke Church, as Lachlan cut him off,

"Ginger, Rose leader, served with me on Requiem and Master Chief on the Space Point needle of Seattle, skilled with the SAW and Energy Sword. Your Sniper Rifle? Take this one."

Lachlan turned and walked to Church's loadout selector, he scrolled down with his finger until he found the 'beam rifle' he selected it,

"this, is the Covenant Beam Rifle, it's easier to control and fire off quicker shots, use it."

"ok, and… The reds, one of them is fat, one of them talks like a pirate, and the last one is a science nerd." Said Church,

"okay, so, the Fat one is the yellow one, the red one is the pirate, and the maroon one is a nerd?" repeated Lachlan,

"uhhm he's orange."

"looks yellow to me."

UNSC INFINITY WarGames Simulator, 3:00pm, Sunday, 14th April, 2558

Match Start

Machined popped out of the ground on Ragnarok, they each held the team's loadouts, attached them to their armour, and sunk back in.

"Tucker, on me." Ordered Lachlan,

The two Spartans, went around the right side of the structure, and started advancing on the caverns.


"nah, I'm good sir, I like this rock, I shall call it sleep rock." Replied Griff

"God Dammit! You DIRTBAG!" Sarge Cried,

Just then a plasma bolt came out of nowhere and struck sarge in the head, killing him.

"Sarge from FireTeam Rose, Eliminated" Said Roland,


Grif sat up and looked around, he saw sarge on the floor,

"Oh, Son of a bitch."

"Boo." Lachlan de-activated his active camo and withdrew his two magnums, he emptied the whole two clips into Grif's shoulders and drew his shotgun for the last shot.

"Grif from FireTeam Rose, Eliminated"

4 sniper shots echoed, and not far behind, an explosion.

"Caboose from FireTeam Violet, Eliminated"

"Tucker, I need you to go take out that sniper,

*boom, Crack, Boom*

"Simmons, from FireTeam Rose, Eliminated."

"Tucker, from FireTeam Violet, Eliminated"

"hello, six-thousand-seven hundred and eighty-four." Said Ginger,

"S'up." Lachlan Said,

Lachlan drew out his two combat knives and stood in defensive position, while Ginger withdrew Tucker's energy sword,

Ginger charged Lachlan first, Lachlan parried and went to strike at Ginger's left side, he dug a Combat knife deep inside, but Ginger spun around and dug his sword into Lachlan's arm, he pulled out and slashed his stomach, Lachlan, in one final effort tackled Ginger and raised his Knife up, and back down into Ginger's chest,

"game over, FireTeam Violet, Victorious, next match, MINOTAUR versus CYCLOPS."

"Something's wrong, why is he still bleeding…" Said the Chief,

"Tucker's sword…. Ginger, it…. Wasn't programed for.. WarGames, these injuries, are.. real.." Said Lachlan before he saw darkness.

"SHIT! MEDIC, MEDIC, NOW!" Yelled Ginger,

"He's still breathing, he'll be fine, he just has to rest and get operated on."