Arcadia, 9:54pm, 2558.

Spartan Commander Palmer is scheduled for execution along with Private Grif and two Sangheili traitors. She and the others had each been tied to an execution pole to be decapitated by the executioner.

"People of Arcaydeh (Ark Kay Deh), welcome to the first execution of the Demons that the weak humans possess, you see this female and male? They are week, they are of the Demon kind." Spoke the Executioner,

Palmer started to shimmy her hands out of the ropes, there's no way, I'm going down like this. She thought,

"Let, the heretics, be punished!" Shouted the Executioner,

UNSC Infinity, Spartan Deck, Spartan OPS room, 6:47pm, 2558.

Captain Thomas Lasky, proud Captain of the Infinity, walked into the OPS room, fireteam leaders of CRIMSON, MAJESTIC, VETERAN, PRISM, CYLCOPS and MINOTAUR all crowded around Spartan Miller.

"Welcome, Captain." Said Miller,

"Thank you, Miller." Replied Lasky,

With a deep breath, Lasky leant over the table, sighed and continued on with his speech.

"We have… Reports of some rouge Spartans…." Lasky Began,

"What!" Exclaimed George,

Miller stared at George, with a look that said, Shut up, or you're going down there.

"They are not innies, but I assume they've gone to find Commander Palmer and Private Grif, the Spartans I'm talking about, are Fireteam VIOLET and ROSE, and Spartan 117, I only need one volunteer for this, I need someone to go find them, they stole a longsword, capable of Slipspace travel and Flight Lieutenant Alex Walker's fighter plane, the rest of you will be dispatched to the surface." Continued Lasky,

Fireteam VETERAN's Squad Leader, shot his hand up.

"Right, Vincent, get your team, you're going to Arcadia, that's where we think they are, as for the rest of you, Miller is our temporary Commander." Replied Lasky,

The Spartans nodded, and Lasky left, with Vincent tailing him. Eventually, even a Spartan can be caught out by someone.

"Vincent?" Lasky asked as he spun around,

With a sigh, Vincent Replied, "You're not sending us to stop them, are you?" Asked Vincent,

"No, No I'm not, technically, I'm disobeying High Command, but go, before they find out, just bring em home Warrant Officer." Said Lasky,

"Already done sir."

Vincent then bolted for his squad's quarters.

"Clayton…. *Pant* Caitlin and *pant* Oh god, I'm so tired, and Jess, you ready? Asked Vincent panting,

"Sure are Vince." Jess replied,

"Good, lets go." Vince replied,

2 ½ hours later

Arcadia, 9:56pm, 2558.

"Church, you sure you can hit that elite from here?" Asked Lachlan,

"Sure I can, I'm the… uh… best.. sniper around?" Said Church,

"Yeah, dude, you're so gonna fuck this up." Commented Tucker

Church lined up the shot and fired, instead of hitting the Elite, he hit Grif, in the shoulder.

"Oh… Son of a bitch."

"uhhh guys, now would be a good time to go…" Ordered Lachlan calmly, despite a plasma torpedo from a corvette was heading towards them.

"Oh shit….. RUUUUUUUUUUUN" Yelled Church,

The three of them bolted for the edge, four serhaps came down and fired on the Spartans, one of them chased down, lining up for Lachlan. Lachlan turned and ignited his jetpack, he smashed into the Serhap, which surprisingly, didn't have its shields on, he ripped open the emergency eject hatch, and pulled out the elite, he jumped in and flew down next to Church and Tucker,

"haha, need a lift?" He Said Mockingly,

"yeah, wouldn't mind one at all", said Church,

The two blue's grabbed onto the side and they flew off to the execution site.

Lachlan, having no idea how to control this craft, happened to crash land in the middle of the grounds, killing a few Elite Minors.

"Ahh, that was great flying!" Said Ginger,

"Shutup, I'll take you on in a broadsword." Replied Lachlan,

"Quiet." Ordered the Chief,

"So, uhhh where's Palmer?" Asked Alex,

"Shit." Said Ginger.