Morning sunlight opened burned the darkness away from my vision, the warmth of the sheets reviving my aching body. A quick view of surroundings reminded me of my sexual escapades of the previous night, Fluttershy strewn about on the bed rather lazily drooling. She breathed gently onto my face, her arms laying around under the covers not really gripping anything. Perfect escape route, I her limp body drooped around my splayed limbs without a care. Pushing and pulling her arms off of me, I slowly put my good leg on the floor, then the broken one. The pain barely eeked my balance, and the cast was easily torn off. A huge bruise painted my shin a ghastly purple, and my knee shook violently under the pressure of my body.

"Come on Isaac… baby steps." Carefully limping to the door, I made it out into the living room and searched for my clothes. Not in the kitchen, not in this random dresser, not under this bed. Very spot seemed exhausted, until I found a small laundry hamper hiding in the corner. Opening it, I found my dirty clothes surrounded by used animal beds and little animal sweaters. Quickly they were on me, and even more rapid was my progression out the front door into the misty, warm morning. The fog hung low to the ground, obscuring the familiar setting.

"Okay, just get into Ponyville, find a mare that WON'T try to fuck my brains out, and get home… and maybe hug Sweetie Belle." My incredibly painful, long trek began, the forest becoming smaller and smaller in submission to the fields surrounding me in their warm, open embrace. Strangely, not a pony crossed my path into the town, the fields being relieved of the dense fog by Celestia's powerful sun. My leg bit back with every step, but I ignored the pain in fear of being in another Clopfic and drudged on into the fading abyss. The loose dirt road followed a curvy path, leading me to a large hill dotted with trees.

"I don't recall Ponyville being on an incline… whatever gets me away from Sluttyshy I guess. The walk up the hill tore my shin to ribbons with pain, eventually leading to a large forest of large, round topped trees. The fog faded away, revealing as well a large red barn in the epicenter of this congregation of trees.

"This must be Sweet Apple Acres… maybe I could hide in the barn for the day and let my leg heal." It was still relatively early in the morning; I assumed the Apples were asleep. I creeped up to the farm, sneaking through the open window. The barn reeked of age and some sort of musty hay, the whole place filled with tools and differing hook ups to carts and plows. The first floor was almost completely covered in the old hay and loose dirt, nothing seemed useable for any sort of concealment. A ladder connected the two floors, the second floor stocked with high piles of hay. Quickly scurrying up the ladder I found a coffin like pit in the middle of four stacks of hey. A perfect little hole to climb into and hide. I carefully let myself down into the hole, the stabbing pain taking me down to my ass.

"Aaarg! Damn it! Oh my GOD this hurts!" After a good minute of writhing in pain, I was able to pull a good cover of musty, hot hay over me to disguise my shape. For hours I lay there, sweating under the dirty, smelly hay. Drifting in and out of sleep, I eventually came to hearing the Apple's voices, getting to work on the farm. I wasn't listening to what they were saying, just wanting my leg to heal up so I could high tail it out. But, I guess somethings just aren't meant to be.

"Applejack! Get some more fresh hay from up on the second floor! Them cows are a getting hungry!" The ladder creaked loudly, with the sound of rough hooves clopping against the old wood of the 2nd floor.

"Hold ya hooves Big Mac! Imma a bail or two!" Bails above me shook and dropped more of their awful cargo on me, waking me from my half sleep trance. Keeping silent, I looked up to see a bright orange blob grabbing a bale of hay and thus shortening my hiding hole. Obviously it must've been Applejack, her hat and voice easily recognizable. Using the falling hay to my advantage, I shuffled to spread out my cover, more evenly covering my body.

"Wha- darn it! Dropped ma hat!" A brown sun hat fluttered down onto my face, fear striking my heart with fear like nothing else I've seen. Quickly she jumped down the structure to retrieve her cranial accessory, getting closer and closer to finding me.

"Well there ya are! Floppin off like tha-… what in tarnation?" She jumped down to me, landing on my bruised shin.

"AAAAH!" I tensed up, sending hay, pony and hat into the air.

"My leg! Oh my god my leg!"

"What the?! What in the hay are ya doin here?!" Quickly I covered her mouth with both hands, trying to silence her. She squirmed about uncomfortably, trying to buck me.

"Quiet! Please! I'm trying to hide in here!" She slapped my hands off her mouth, quickly retrieving her hat.

"Ah don't know what kinda monster you are, but there's no way in Equestria you're bummin in ma barn!"

"Please?! I need to hide in here just till tomorrow! After that, I promise I'll be out of here and never come back!"

"Hold on now! If you're hidin from something, ah don't want ya bringin it over here now!"

"It's okay! I'm hiding from… Fluttershy."

"Fluttershy? What are ya doin ta Fluttershy?!"

"No, no, no! It's really complicated I know! Just please let me stay up here for the night!"

"Why should ah?"

"Because… I have no reason, but trust me! I'm running away from something really worth running from!" She leered at me for a good 30 seconds, before touching a hoof to her chin.

"Fine… but on one condition."

"Name it and it's yours!"

"Work your share, and ya get your place ta stay. If ya go beyond the call ah duty, then ya get your dinner too."


"Element a honesty sugar cube. I figure them fancy hooves a yours be mighty useful!"

"Well, thank you miss… I appreciate the gesture."

"But, if ya try somethin, me and ma brother will be on ta like stink on a dead cow and send ya back ta Fluttershy." Her leer returned, burning into my very soul.

"Alright, alright! Please don't do that! I promise I won't … "try" anything. Can I get your name though?"

"Applejack, and ya'll?"

"Isaac… I'm a human from Trottingham."

"Good ta know, now what do ya say we climb on out of this musty hole and get ya ta work?"

"As long as you don't intend to kill me as soon as we get out." I reached the top first, throwing her a hand to help her out.

"Oh my… them fancy hooves a yours real… pretty lookin." She stared at my hands, going wide eye as I'd expect Lyra would.

"Um… thanks?" I threw a hand round her wrist a blush exploding across her face.

"Whoa now! That's feels real weird!" I pulled up to the top as she squirmed under my grip.

"Applejack?! What's taken ya so long?" She skittered up to a sitting position, kicking a bale down to the floor below.

"Sorry Mac! Got a little caught up in something!" She climbed down first, poking her head up before climbing all the way down.

"Ya'll just wait up here now, I'll introduce ya and… clear the air before ya go and spook Big Mac."

"You seem awfully trusting Applejack."

"If ya never have faith in somepony, ya never have faith in anypony." She winked at me, climbing down the latter to her brother.

"Mac, ah need ta show ya something."

"Find somethin interesting in the hay stack?"

"You could say that… now don't be freakin out, ah need ya ta stay calm and hear him out."


"Isaac? Ya'll can come on down now!" She called to me, Big Mac throwing a glance up to the 2nd floor. I poked my head out, Big Mac not changing his dull expression say for a raised eye brow. Sliding down the ladder and landing on my abused leg, I stumbled out into the open. Big Mac dropped his brow, returning to his normal countenance.


"Oh didn't see that coming."

"So ya think ya can work with him just for the day Mac? He promised to be out by tomorrow." Big Mac looked to her, then to me, then back to her.

"Eeeyup." He turned back to his work, walking off to the orchard.

"Huh… that was easy." Applejack signaled me to follow her, trotting out of the barn.

"Now since ya got them hooves about ya, why don't ya git started bringin them apple baskets back to the barn after we buck em?"

"Might be a little slow with the hurt leg, but sounds reasonable enough."

"Just work your share, and ya git your bed for tonight free from Fluttershy. Ah promise." She and I made our way to the orchard, the trees blocking some of the emerging summer son. The heat about the place was building quickly, the Apples pulling baskets out of a cart.

"Set em under the trees Isaac, we buck em, and you take em back to the barn." The work was easy at first, circumscribing trees with wooden baskets and waiting till Mac or Applejack kicked the trees with a loud "thwack". When it came to carrying the baskets the devil began to poke his head through the details. My shin tore at my mind with its constant screaming of agony. The first two baskets reached the barn, I simply dumped them where it seemed other baskets of inventory had been left as well. I wanted to run back to the duo to catch up on the surely building shit I had to carry, but of course running became like cutting my own wrists with a spoon. I reached them of course, 10 more baskets resting next to the cart.

"Oh fuck me."

"C'mon boy! You want that bed ya gotta work for it!" Applejack said, whipping my ass with her freakishly painful tail. Both hands found my bottom in fear, repressed memories of high school locker rooms surfacing again. She giggled at my skittish retrieval of the baskets.

"Whoo look at him go! Runnin faster than a spooked bull being chased by a brandin iron!" I ran with the baskets, stopping at the door.

"Wait… what the hell was that about?!" My question was half of why I ran, other half why in the hell she smacked my ass. I threw the baskets on the ground once again and quickly came back to them, the pain void of meaning by now. The day dragged on for hours and hours of this, the heat only getting worse and worse. Eventually on one load I was sweating so much in my jacket that it was if I climbed into a hot shower in full clothing. My panting was a dead giveaway.

"You gettin hot over there?"

"Very much so yes." I said panting through the immense amount of sweat pouring from my forehead.

"Well ah reckon ya'll don't need those clothes ya'll insist so much on wearin, you can take it off if ya need to." Red flag, red flag coming up. While I knew this was probably going to go south faster than hell, I had to take her up on her offer. The sun was in the center of the sky, if I was gonna get through several more hours of this, there was no way in hell it was going to be in this jacket.

"C'mon now, don't be shy! All ponies are naked here, aint a problem if your only naked from the waist up."

"I was gonna keep the shirt on."

"Oh… are ya sure bout that? Awfully hot!"

"Yes… I'm very sure."

"Okay then… if that's what makes ya happy ah guess."

"Jesus Christ it's only been 3 hours."

Another good two hours passed with the rough working continuing without a hitch, at least 50 baskets of red apples being transported from me to the barn. Coming back to the orchard, I could hear off in the distance something like a scream, a shrill, abnormally loud scream.


"Uh oh… I think she's looking for me." I made my way back to the Apples, having to go a little bit farther as they had done the same to get more apples out of the orchard. Big Mac and Applejack were arguing over something, the pile of baskets increasing only by 2 or 3. Whatever debate swung back and forth between them was pretty heated, Applejack shouting toward an angry Big Mac.

"Well who said ya can't do that with a human?!"

"The same pony who told ya it was wrong to do that with Wynona!"

"Well how bout we change that?! I like what ah see, it's ma right to pursue what make me happy!"

"Um… excuse me? I enjoy a good shouting as much as the next pony, but I got a bed to work for." Big Mac viciously threw me a glance, Applejack turning to face me entirely with a massive blush.

"Oh Isaac! Um… how long were ya standin there partner?"

"Long enough to know that whatever it was, it probably wasn't worth me getting in the middle of." She looked to the ground, laughing a little.

"Heh heh… well thank ya kindly. I apologies for that, awfully rude ta yell when ya got a guest." I grabbed 4 more baskets with my forearms, Applejack shuffling her hooves uncomfortably in the dirt.

"Not a problem, just get on with the day and I can be out of your hair."

"Yeah… can't wait for that." She trotted over to another tree as I turned about to bring the baskets back, but before any distance could be truly covered a sick thumping noise sounding out.

"AAAH! GOSH DARN IT AH MISSED!" I spun around in terror, the baskets dropping to the ground. Applejack lay on the ground, a visceral scrape running along her left thigh up to her cutie mark.

"Oh crap Applejack!" I rushed up to her, Big Mac meeting me there.

" Applejack what happened?"

"Ah missed the tree and grazed her! Ah think ah hurt something!" Blood leaked out of numerous tiny cuts on the scrape.

"You need any help? A band aid maybe?"

"No, no! All I need is ta get back to the barn and get some disinfectant!" She wobbly stood back up on her hooves, her left back one shaking rather violently.

"C'mon Isaac, pick up them baskets and get movin! Like ya said, ya got a bed to work for!" She limped on her leg towards the barn on the same path I followed with the baskets. Big Mac however stopped me with a strangely gripping hoof on my shirt tail.

"Ah don't know what idea she got in her mind about you… but I'd suggest ya watch yourself if you don't want something bad ta happen to ya."

"Whatever could you mean?"

"Ah mean, if ah catch ya so much as lookin at ma sister in a way ah I don't like… you gonna concerned with somethin much worse than Fluttershy."

"I shit thee not when I say you haven't a thing to worry about friend… I don't do these kinda things."

"It's not you ahm entirely worried about. Now get on back to work… and keep them eyes of ma sister!"

"No need to worry Mac! I've been down this road before and I learned me a thing or two." He returned to his work, a glared drilling into his stern face. Disregarding such, I made haste to catch up with Applejack, getting hold of my spoils to bring back to the farm. Surprisingly, Applejack was waiting for me at the half way mark, sitting on her rump. Her hat sat on the ground next to her, her ears flopped on her head and pained expression on her face.

"Applejack? What on ear-… Equestria are you doing here all by yourself?"

"Ma leg hurts too much… ah can't make it back to the barn." She looked up at me, eyes pleading for something. A quick inspection of her scrape couldn't bring any evidence of crippling injuries. If anything Applejack wouldn't be put down by such a small complication. None the less, she seemed content much content to sit there in her pain.

"Need some… help?" She peered up to me with her big green eyes with all the pity she could muster, and threw it in my face.

"Ah just need ya to maybe…"

"Carry you?"

"How'd ya know I was gonna ask that?"

"Sadly… I've been down this road before." I let the baskets down in front of her, leaning down to inspect her "crippling" wound.

"Doesn't look so bad… is the element of honesty trying to pull one on me?"

"What? Oh no of course not! Ma legs hurts and ah need help! How hard is that ta believe?"

"And here I was thinking you were tougher than that."

"Ah guess ya don't want that bed if ya'll wanna be disrespectful and all!"

"Alright, alright! Just… don't squirm while I'm doing this, might drop you." Her face lightened up significantly, laying down on her back for easy carrying. I worked one hand under her shoulder, the other at the base of her tail. Dangerously close to her plot. With one swift move I lifted her up into the air, she was much heavier than Fluttershy. Maybe it was just the fact that she was an earth pony and Fluttershy a Pegasus, but immediately she started squirming in my arms.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" Quickly she worked herself into a position that demanded my hand directly on her plot, her tail whisking back and forth between my arms.

"Ya'll weren't givin any support to ma rear!"

"I know! I was avoiding that!"

"Well if you're gonna cry bout holdin a mare's rear, than git up to the barn and ya'll and can put me down!"

"Great! Can't wait." She was getting awfully hostile, probably agitated at my refusal to recognize her advances. Sprinting as fast as I possibly could I carried her to the barn, almost laughing in glee when I broke the horizon.

"Alrighty then, think you can walk now?"

"Ah dunno, kinda like it up here. Nice view, gives me a break from all that workin."

"Don't push me Applejack, I've got half the nerve to drop you."

"And ah got half the nerve to send ya right back ta Fluttershy!"

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh ah would if ya gonna be nothing but disrespectful ta me!"

"Fine… where should I drop you in the barn?"

"Right where ya been putting the baskets, ahll head inside and git ta grabbin some disinfectant for ma scrape, and ya'll can just wait for me."

"Shouldn't I be getting back to work?"

"Naw, ah need ya for something before you go rushin off to work again."

"You've gotta be kidding me."

"Mind telling me what it is?"

"Let's just say, if ya get it done, I can guarantee ya not havin ta work for that bed anymore." The barn door remained open, no other pony crossing our path. The barn seemed completely abandoned of any ponies, I knew granny Smith was around, and Applebloom definitely.

"Where's the rest of your family, can't just you and Mac up here."

"Ma little sister Applebloom's at school, and Ma granny Smith's probably nappin or somethin like that." For naming where her family was, she was awfully quick about it. Almost like she was rushing to get to something else. Take a guess where this is going, I dare you. I took her into the barn, the baskets of apples catching her eyes.

"Done a nice job Isaac, that'll save us a tona work today." I let her down to the floor, as she stood up perfectly balanced and coordinated.

"Just take a seat on them there hay bale, and I'll bring what ah need ya ta do right out."

"Wait, you seem to be walking just fine."

"Still hurts!"

She trotted off with a funny limp through the barn door into the house part, me taking a defeated seat on the hay bale.

"This is bullshit right here."

"Having fun there?" A booming, echoing voice scared the shit out of me, not holding a physical entity in sight.

"Is that you god?"

"Yeah, it's me. Saw that 69ing with Fluttershy man. You're quite the playa aren't you?"

"See? This is why I don't go to church."

"Now, now, no need to be worried. I got something in store for you and Applejack."

"What? Are you gonna break her character more and have her lie more?"

"No… unless you count this as lying." Applejack burst forth from the door, a thing of disinfectant in her hoof. She trotted over to me normally and spat the cream, gel disinfectant stuff into my lap.

"Do me a solid and… apply it?"

"Apply it?" She looked back to her flank, the scrape barely crawling up to touch her cutie mark and leading all the way down to her ankle hoof thingy.

"Ah can't really reach back there so good with ma hooves, lend me one a yours?"

"I think I'd rather eat the dirt we're surrounded by."

"Uh… can't you get Big Mac or… anypony else to do it instead?" She smirked at me, taking off her hat.

"Come on now, how hard can it be for a stallion like you to apply gel to a mare's rear? Ah coulda sworn you were male."

"I am… but I have my morals darn it."

"Tell ya what, drop them morals just for tonight, and ya git your bed. With a little bit more work, ya git your dinner. Sound good?"

"Oh lord what have I started?"

"Now keep your chin high! I'm lettin ya off easy! Ya'll should be grateful ahm even letting ya sleep in a bed tonight." I sighed, her point pretty much hitting the nail on the head.

"Alright fine, I'll rub your ass, then I get back to work and nothing else happens okay?"

"Ah can't guarantee that, if you're good at it ah might feel tempted to… take it a bit farther."

"Oh… didn't see that comin did ya?"

"Just get up here and let's start."

"Now hold now, put some heart into it. Ah wanna make sure ya actually earn the bed, not just nah, nah, nah your way through."

"What does this entail?" I ask hoping not to get an answer.

"Just do what ah tell ya, and you'll be golden sugar cube."

"Oh god just kill me now"

"No." Applejack reared up, as if about to kick me in the face. But instead she sat her plot right in my lap, her hind legs grasping my thighs together. Her tail rested between her plot and my stomach. Twitching a flicking in happiness.

"Now just dab it on there, don't wanna be all slimy." She giggled and shook her plot in my lap, my stomach screaming to let me puke. I picked up the little squeezy thing, squirting some of the thick liquid onto my finger tip. Looking down at the round orange thing laying in my lap, every muscle in my arm was resisting my movements. Not wanting to touch any pony's rear in this matter, knowing it was only going to get worse.

"Well c'mon now, don't be shy. Ah don't bite." Her voice came in a lusty tone, driving me mad with disgust. Finally my hand met her scrape, her cheeks shivering under my hand. Closing my eyes and biting my lip I started to gently rub the gel on her wound, Applejack for whatever reason flicking her tail in my face.

"You liken what ya see?"

"Already said no." I muttered under my breath, Applejack sighing in content rather than listening. Her tail had a mind of its own, rubbing against me and swishing about happily. Before I knew it, my finger was dry and her plot not near covered. Sadly squeezing more into my finger and going back in. Applejack pushed her plot back into me with her front legs, a determined look on her face.

"Don't be afraid ta use your whole hoof sugar cube, gonna be a long day if ya don't pick it up." With a knotted stomach I squeezed some disinfectant into my palm, gently rubbing it into her plot.

"The least ya can do is look at me while ya do it."

"Please don't make me…" Her hooves wrapped round my waist, pulling her butt into me even tighter.

"Alright Isaac, ah think that's quite enough. Time for you to get the real part. Off when them pants boy!"


"Please Applejack, can I do ANYthing else to get me bed?" She whipped me across me the face with her tail, turning about to face me.

"Well… I guess I can ask Fluttershy if she gotta bed…"

"You're mean!"

"And horny! Now get them pants off before ah go and fetch Fluttershy!" With a stern look back and forth between us I undid my fly, pulling my pants down.

"Oh my… nice and rounded." She poked the head with a dirty hoof, eyes almost bursting from her skull. She inched closer and closer to it, nose taking whiffs of air from my crotch.

"Mmmmmm… nice ahn musky." I covered my eyes with both hands, imagining something completely non-pony related doing this under much more pleasant circumstances. She licked at the flaccid tip, giggling and nibbling at it. Closing my eyes obviously did something, I was for some reason stiffening up in her mouth as she took in the head. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, booping her nose against my hip. Her tongue rubbed all over the bottom of the shaft, tickling the head occasionally. She pulled up to simply kiss the head, rolling her tongue in circles around it. In the void blackness I was seeing during the whole thing, I dunno what I was fantasizing about, but it was probably focusing on anything other than the pony below me.

"Mmmh, mighty tasty. Now it's time ta really get things started!" She turned around again, pointing her butt towards me.

"Mount up Isaac, we're goin for a ride!" I parted my fingers to gaze into her plot, boner almost completely killed. But I wanted that bed, my shin calling back with its familiar sting as I got off the bale onto my knees before her.

"Flank hole."


"Not ma baby maker, ma flank hole." Shit. Fluttershy was pushing it, but Applejack anal is just too damn far.

"Um… are you sure about that?"

"You want that bed or not?" Hearing her reasoning, I looked down to her, putting my hands on her plot slowly and gently. With the sad, defeated face of a man who got caught beating off to ponies by his mother, I spit on her hole, and worst off, rubbed it.

"Oh my… that hoof a yours is just magic!" She pushed into my finger, pushing it in her.

"Eeeeew… can't pull out!" As much as I tried to remove my trapped finger, her cheeks contracted in a strangely powerful embrace around my knuckles.

"Ah! I like that! Keep goin!" She panted and closed her eyes, her hat falling off as she bucked back into my trapped hand. Almost breaking my finger, I pulled it out rather roughly, much to her discontent.

"Ah said keep goin! What ya'll doin back there?"

"Just give me a second and this will be over much faster." Grabbing myself, I… aligned myself with her opening.

"Put it in… slowly." She bucked back violently back, driving the head in. Holding back my immense amount of vomit, she moaned loudly, tail flicking up to curl around my neck. With much effort that I didn't want to put in, I started slowly pumping my hips back and forth, feeling the warmth of her bottom pull me in. Up until now my back had been perfectly straight, giving me a disgustingly detailed view of her plot. So to avoid absolute turn off, I bent down and wrapped my arms round her stomach, burying my face in between her should blades to obscure my vision. She was moaning and groaning rather loudly, something dripping onto my thighs and pulled down pants. Wanna guess what it is? Go to hell.

"Sweet Celestia! You feel amazing!" She gyrated her strong hips against me, twisting me in her. Her bucking became much stronger, beating my curved stomach half to death in an instant and slowing my progress. But she didn't seem to care as she drooled and lolled her tongue out of her mouth, her eyes half hooded in pleasure.

"Oh man that smarts." I muffled into her neck, feeling her butt beat my midsection to jelly.

"Ahm getting close! Hold on tight Isaac!" She barely got it out above a whisper, gasping for air under my ministrations to her rear. Her thighs squeezed together, her cheeks pulling me in deeper and deeper into her. She bucked back into me, hard enough to send me backwards into the hay bale. Applejack fell back onto me, kicking her legs in the air as her marehood shot streams of whatever you call it into the air. It dribbled down from between her legs onto me, soaking my pants.

"Damn it… those were my good pants." She sighed happily, shaking her tush a bit with me still buried in her.

"You were amazing Isaac… ah dare say you earned yourself more than a bed sugar cube." She pulled her butt into the air and freed me of her confines, laying herself back down on it. She seemed quite happy with herself, smiling and drooling lightly as if she was asleep, every now and again wiggling to get comfortable. She lay there for a good ten minutes before we both heard the sounds of hooves clopping against the hard wood of the house on the other side of the door, Applejack quickly springing to her hooves and grabbing her hat.

"Get up! Ah think Granny Smith heard us!"

"What in tarnation is goin on out there Applejack?! I thought you was workin in the orchard with Big Mac!"

"Uh, nothin Granny! Just wrangling this here cattle back to her pen!"

"And how does it feel amazin?" Her face turned deathly white, the door knob being turned by Granny.

"Shit!" I reached down and tore my pants back into place as the door swung open, Granny Smith standing in the frame of the door.

"What in tarnation is THAT?!"

"FUCK!" I stood up, trying to pull my pants back up as I got to my feet and ran faster than greased toward the door. Granny Smith for whatever reason pursued me with a switch in her teeth, whipping me painfully as I burst out into the evening sun.


"Aaaah! I'm trying!" Her switch burned when I came in contact with my flesh, my pants only then being pulled up all the way.

"DON'T YA DARE COME BACK NOW! AHL SWITCH YA!" She whipped me across the back, sending me into a painfully sprint craze down the hill I came up earlier that morning, not even sure of where I was going. I kept running until I had actually came upon the verges of Ponyville, smashing into a house to stop myself entirely.

"God… damn it… can't… BREATHE." I collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, breathing as if I had been drowning not a moment ago. Slowly, I had my lungs back under my own control and was able to stand again. I finally noticed something missing.

"Aw man! I left my fucking Jacket!" I never left the house without my jacket, none the less left it somewhere.

"Damn it… that was my favorite jacket." Looking about the place, I saw it was defiantly going to get dark soon. Ponies would definitely be heading sometime, and I would have the perfect opportunity to skitter into an alley and hide. As I thought, many of the stands at the market were packing up for the night, ponies heading in doors.

"Alright, shouldn't be too long of a-"

"Are you okay… human?"


"Are you alone?! Do you need help?" I snapped to the source of the voice, covering my crotch with both hands.

"PLEASE DON'T RAPE ME!" Oh shit Lyra.

"What? Why would I do that? You've obviously had something very traumatizing happen to you! Please come inside you need to get out of the open before somepony sees you!" Lyra was standing on her porch looking out to me, using her magic to grab me by the hand and yank me towards her.

"What? But you don't even know me!"

"Doesn't matter, you're a human in need just like any pony would be. Now get in the house before some pony sees you!" She used her magic to full on lift me several feet off the ground and into her door, quickly slamming the door behind her and locking it with a padlock.

"Jebus I was gonna say yes!" I said rubbing my head flat on my ass on the floor. She rushed about the place in some sort of panic, closing every blind in the house and locking every door. I stood up, watching her every move. The last few mares I had the pleasure of sharing my company with hadn't been quite trustworthy, Lyra I couldn't even guess what sort of ideas were going through her head right now. She trotted up to me, looking back and forth in the house.

"Okay… just wanna make sure no pony sees you!"

"Why is that so important to you may I ask?"

"Well, I don't think many ponies know about humans, don't wanna scare somepony."

"Okay… I'm afraid but convinced."

"So what's your name human?"

"Isaac… and you?"

"Lyra, Lyra Heartstrings! Expert on human history and anthropology! Glad to make your acquaintance!" She threw me a hoof, smiling wider then a semi truck. I held her hoof in my hand and shook it.

"Isaac… thanks for taking me in Miss Heartstrings."

"Oh it wasn't a problem! I've never seen a real human before! The text book pictures are so much more different than the real thing!" She said it between giggles, as if it were an entirely different language all together. When I went to pull my hand away from our little shake, she placed another hoof on top of the hand.

"Wow… so this is what a "hand" really looks like… so bony and… flexible." She stared intently at my hand, me trying to pull away before she slobbered all over it… or did something even worse. ( Lyra X human cliché in 3… 2… 1… )

"I love them… your hands are beautiful!"

"Heh heh… well uh… thanks." I pulled my hand from her, her smile fading.

"Oh… sorry. Got a little carried away I guess." She quickly turned around and rushed into the kitchen, all I could do was follow her the short distance into the other room.

"Whatcha doing Lyra? Making dinner?"

"Yeah um… just need some help getting this one pan out."

"Really? Your magic not getting it?"

"Just… grab it and pull for me will ya?" The pan she was talking about was deeply lodged in a pile of other wares, only the silver handle visible. I grabbed the offending ware and braced the pile, giving a long steady pull. Before I could relieve the pan of its prison however, a turquoise arua surrounded it and yanked it out.

"What? I thought you said-" She brought the thing down on my skull, knocking most of the sense out of me.

"Bu bu… bu… bleh." She came down a second time, bringing on the inky blackness that first brought me to Fluttershy again.