Please note that this story's chapters are drabble-ish in nature. In other words, each individual chapter likely won't exceed 300 words. Over the years I've found that shorter chapters help me stay consistent.

There will be three chapters per update, one update per week. As of right now six chapters are written. I haven't decided exactly where this story will go, but I'm hoping to avoid that big, "Holy shit, my animal just turned into a human! Wow, you're attractive . . . I think I'm in love!" cliché.

I tend to write and read some rather dark stuff (for more info, check out the "Podfic Info" page on my blog) so don't be surprised if things start to get heavy. For now, I'll keep the official rating at T.

You didn't come for my prattling, so enough of that. Enjoy!

Chapter warnings: None.

1 - There is Impatience

Prompt: Window

Words: 129

Sasuke laid his head against the window with a small sound of dismay. He was so bored it hurt. His owner had work (as he usually did during the week), and Sasuke had found himself at a bit of a loss. His yarn had grown boring, he'd done his wandering, taken several naps; even his jingly toy had failed to hold his attention.

Frowning as well as a cat could, he looked up at the wispy clouds outside. He absolutely hated days like this. As nice as the silence was, he was bored and restless and, yes, he was lonely.

Not that he would ever admit it.

The fidgety feline curled up against the cool glass and tried to get comfortable. He wished Naruto would just get home already.

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