Chapter warnings: None.

Sasuke Recoils

Prompt: Crouch

Words: 116

"You're a lot bigger than you used to be, y'know. That's gotta be a tight fit."

"Shut up."

"Are you seriously comfortable down there?"

" . . . Not particularly." Sasuke grumbled.

Naruto grinned and crouched down next to his bed. When he leaned over to peer into the small space beneath, he was amused to find his dear former-feline glaring out at him.

"Sasuke, come on." He sighed, still smiling.




There was something lively in Naruto's eyes, something Sasuke might have wanted more of in another situation; one that didn't involve water.

"Don't think I won't drag you out."

Well, shit.

"You wouldn't." The man growled, sinking further back.

He was wrong.

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