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Chapter 1

"Damn! Why now?" Naruto grunted and he dropped his head on the steering wheel. It was a bad day.

First, he woke up late and had to do his morning rituals in a rush. Secondly, his not-so-trusty-anymore car won't start. He glanced at his wristwatch - 9:18 am was displayed as the second hand continued ticking. He was already 18 minutes late and he had to turn in his book report to the accounting sector before 10.

Being the assistant of the company's OIC in Export will not help at all. He was sure to get an earful of words from his immediate boss Asuma Sarutobi. He was a fair man but he hated lateness like a plague.

He got out of his car and pulled his jacket and portfolio with him. He locked his gate and decided to take a cab instead. As he quickly made his way to the nearest curb, he heard someone honking at him from behind.

He turned around and was surprised. So this day wasn't really that bad. He thanked the heavens for this divine intervention.

A deep red Mercedes Maybach 62 was behind him and he knew only one person with a car like that. It was the boss of all bosses and his good friend, Itachi Uchiha. The tinted window went down slowly and revealed a handsome raven haired man in a dark suit looking at him.

"Naruto? What happened to you? Why are you walking?" he asked as he stopped the car beside the blond.

"I woke up late. Then my car broke. Asuma-san will kill me!" he wailed dramatically. Itachi smirked "No he won't, especially since you will be arriving with me. Hop in." he said with a smile.

Naruto got in the car and was now grinning from ear to ear "Thanks Itachi." he said as he fastened his seat belt for dear life. Itachi nodded and stepped on the gas pedal.

The car zoomed it's way through the traffic. They were lucky that every time they reached a traffic light, it was in green and ready to go.

They arrived at the FMU Enterprises in 10 minutes flat, making Naruto approximately a half an hour late.

The elevators were cleared the moment Itachi stepped in the building. Naruto walked briskly behind Itachi who was walking with his regular swift, long strides.

They reached their floor and Itachi stopped to talk to his secretary before going into his office.

Naruto walked towards his desk and met Asuma Sarutobi, who just got out from his office.

"Uzumaki you are late!" the man bellowed Naruto cringed at the volume of his superior's voice. He was about to open his mouth to explain when he felt a warm, assuring hand on his shoulder. His ass was covered!

"I am sorry he was late Sarutobi-san. He was helping me look at some programs in my computer at home. I should have called in for him." Itachi said as he gave the bearded man a soft stare.

Asuma blushed "Ahh, my apologies Uchiha-san. I am sorry for my voice. Uzumaki... you can go back to your desk now and prepare for that book report..." the man said, his voice getting smaller by the word.

Itachi looked at Naruto and winked. Naruto smiled gratefully at Itachi. It really paid off sometimes if your best-friend was your boss as well. He made his way to his desk and turned his computer on. He could still feel Asuma's gaze on his back.

Itachi was smiling to himself in his office. He wanted to laugh out loud if given the chance. He found the scene earlier too amusing.

Asuma have been working for the Uchiha's since he was a fresh graduate, before Itachi was even born. He considered the man like family already. But the way his face deformed from anger with Naruto's late arrival earlier amazed him.

He missed his family. He was the only living heir and his parents (bless their dear souls) left him years back from a vehicular accident. His father's cousin, Madara Uchiha managed the family business until Itachi was old enough to take over the company on his own.

He looked at his left and gently traced an elegant finger on the smooth frame of his parents' picture. He still felt alone after all these years. He matured too quickly than necessary. He sighed, the amused smiled left his lips. He missed his mother and even his strict father. But that was done and he was left to survive.

He shook his head to erase the solemn thoughts. He took a deep breath and started his daily work. He checked his schedule and began reading the papers that was noticeably piling up on his desk. It was almost the end of the month, so the king of all due dates were starting to knock on him for approval.

Naruto just came out of Asuma's office. He already submitted the book report he prepared and gotten Asuma's signature on it. He then rushed towards the accounting department. He still had 10 minutes before the deadline.

He passed by the auditing aisle and greeted his long time friend (who obviously has a crush on him) Hinata as he passed by. She waved at him as she blushed. He quickly rode the elevator and went up to the 15th floor. He heard the metal box ding and quickly went out.

He reached the accounting section and placed the thick book report on Kurenai Yuhi's desk. He gave a sigh happily. He just made it on time.

"Naruto-dear, did you rush to get here?" a sweet voice called him from behind. He looked around and gave a small bow as a beautiful raven-haired woman walked up to him.

"Good morning Miss Kurenai... yup... I rushed to get here." he smiled sheepishly. She giggled as she covered her lips with her hands, showing well manicured nails.

"Is Asuma giving you a hard time again?" she asked as she sat on her desk as the blond grinned. Naruto could never understand how Asuma managed to woo a woman like Kurenai into marriage. Kurenai was cool and sweet while Asuma was the grumpy ogre. Love indeed was indeed a mystery.

After a few chatter, Naruto went back to his floor. He passed by the canteen and got himself a latte and milk tea for Hinata. He usually gets her sweet things to eat since she was the only one he knew in the building thoroughly, except Itachi that is.

He walked towards her table and placed the cool drink before her. She blushed harder "Naruto-kun... you shouldn't have..." she said softly. "It's okay Hina-chan..." he informed her as he grinned. Hinata was the personification of grace and beauty. Naruto have known her since they were in pre-school days. He liked her and he was aware that she liked him romantically.

He left her desk and went to his own. It was Friday and he made a mental note to take his car to a shop... or hire someone to come over his apartment since his car won't start. He tapped his pen glumly on the notepad before him. He was saving up for a new laptop but decided he had to take some of that savings for his old Toyota. He loved his old tangerine Corona. He considered it a classic and couldn't seem to find it in his heart to part with it.

His trance was cut short when he realized that someone was standing before him, hand on hip and heels impatiently tapping on the gray marble floor.

"S-sakura-chan! Uh... how can I help you?" he asked as he scratched his head.

The strawberry-blond woman scowled at him "Is Sarutobi-san around?" she asked in a voice filled with irritation.

"Yes, just go right in..." he said as he pointed at the closed door on his right. The woman left without a word.

Naruto frowned as he watched the woman walk, her hard heels clicking behind her. He never understood why she was still mad at him. Was it a sin to try and court her when they were young and immature? Naruto realized that the woman never got over him courting her. It seemed that she swore to curse Naruto with her scowls as long as she lived.

Naruto shrugged and decided to start working. He already finished Asuma's reports and he have updated the excel files for all the products to be delivered.

He smiled when he realized that he had nothing to do that day.

Maybe it wasn't a bad day after all. So he pulled up a browser. He decided to look for a good car shop for his beloved Toyota.

He searched the yellow pages and saw several names that seemed to be competent. As he scanned, a promo caught his eye 'Free oil change and Freon adjustments'. That wasn't bad and he needed those.

So he quickly jotted down the number and the contact person's name.


K. Hatake


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