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Chapter 10

Naruto took Sasuke's phone and typed the number down. As the numbers went in one by one, he felt as if he was choking. He bit his lower lip and took a deep breath.

His chest felt annoyingly tight. He wanted to feel what his heart was screaming. But his mind was contradicting it.

He was jealous of the sudden confession. Who was he fooling? Hell, he liked Sasuke. But as far as he can recall, the man never initiated anything romantic to him. They went out, yes - but it wasn't a romantic date, just the regular friend's night out.

"Are you alright Naru?" Sasuke asked as he lowered his face to meet the blond directly in the eye. Naruto blinked furiously and nodded. How can Sasuke seem to be able to read his feelings. "Yeah, I am fine." he answered.

"Naruto, have I offended you somehow?" the raven asked.

"Sasuke... I... " Naruto's response came to a halt. He sighed. Better get it out of his chest before his lying face give way.

"Yes?" the raven anticipated.

Naruto took a deep breath and smiled. He never thought there was a selfish bone in his body. But he wanted to be honest to Sasuke. The man was very good to him all this time.

"I hope that you will treat him well." Naruto whispered.

"Naruto, though you don't tell me with words your eyes tell me everything. I am sorry Naruto. I am sorry for leading you on. It wasn't my intention." the raven stated.

Naruto smiled weakly at Sasuke "I guess I was too obvious." he chuckled.

Sasuke smiled and patted Naruto's cheek. "You are a wonderful person Naruto." the raven said.

Naruto smiled, fully this time. He looked at Sasuke and nodded. The raven was right, he over thought things. His infatuation with the handsome raven came in too quickly. He was not that inexperienced with love, but he wasn't a pro either. Love has it's own timing. Since it wasn't today, perhaps tomorrow.

"You know what? Itachi - he is different..." Sasuke stated with a sigh. Naruto perked up. A dreamy Sasuke was another first to witness.

"I don't believe in love at first sight. But after meeting Itachi - this must be the closest thing to that phenomenon." Sasuke stated as blush started to color his cheeks. Naruto laughed. What Sasuke just said sounded like it came from a schoolboy who was experiencing his first crush.

Sasuke chuckled softly as he tried to hide his blush away "It's not funny Naruto. You need to back me up here..." he complained. But Naruto continued to laugh.

"If you are planning to date him, promise me one thing..." Naruto said as he handed the gadget to Sasuke.

"What is it?" he asked eagerly.

"Itachi is my best friend. Hurt him in any way... I will surely beat you up." he threatened with a smile.

Sasuke nodded and gave the blond a salute. "I shall not force myself unto Itachi. You can count on that." he promised.

Having that off his chest, Naruto exhaled loudly. If he and Sasuke can't have something romantic, they can at least be friends - friends in a level between being the best and the regular acquaintance. That would serve them both fine.

"So till the next time we meet?" Sasuke stated as he offered his palm to Naruto. The blond shook his hand "Yeah, till next time." he nooded.

Back at the Sabaku Mansion

"I see... go on..." the slightly monotonous voice urged Itachi. The raven continued to explain about the pros of the partnership. Gaara, though he looked bored - he was actually listening. He already knew that if he joined forces with the Uchiha, it will greatly improve both of their businesses.

He was glad that the raven took time to see him and accept the invitation He wanted to meet Itachi Uchiha in person. He was now convinced why Itachi was feared and as well as respected in the business world... the man could speak! And with his good looks and charm, all business transactions were already in the bag.

But he didn't want the raven to think that he was too easy. He will make the raven wait a bit. After all, the raven suggested the merger first.

"Very well. I shall be visiting your office three days from now. That is when I shall give you my decision." he stated and the raven nodded.

"Thank you for taking time to think things over Sabaku-san. I will await your decision by them. I assure you, all of this will be beneficial." the raven smiled.

Gaara nodded. Their meeting was over. They should then enjoy the party. But in all honesty, Gaara wasn't a party animal. This was all his sister's idea - that Temari was so extravagant! He looked around and saw both familiar and unfamiliar faces. He sighed as he sipped his champagne.

"How are things going?" Kankuro, Gaara's older brother plopped beside the red-head. Gaara glared at him and the man laughed. Itachi nodded, taking note of the other man's arrival.

He silently watched as the older brother teased his younger sibling. Itachi sighed, he have always wondered what it would feel to have a younger sibling to boss and bicker around with.

"Hey, Itachi!" the loud and bright voice made Itachi look up and the bubble of trance disappeared.

Gaara looked up as well and his eyes grew large with utmost surprise.

"Naruto! You are finally here." the raven greeted the new arrival.

Naruto grinned, his eyes crinkling and his smile radiant. He opened his eyes and looked at Gaara. The Emerald gaze collided against the Sapphire. Gaara was suddenly lost for words. Who was this golden haired man with the beautiful ocean eyes?

"Oh, Sabaku-san... meet Naruto Uzumaki, Assitant Head for export. Naruto, this is Gaara Sabaku." Itachi introduced the two.

"He works for you Uchiha-san?" the red-head asked and Itachi nodded.

Naruto bowed and then offered his hand out. Gaara shook the hand... feeling the warm strong grip the man offered him. "Pleasure to meet you Sabaku-san. Happy birthday." the blond added.

For the first time during the entire party, Gaara smiled.

"Pleasure to meet you Uzumaki-san. Please, call me Gaara." he added and the blond grinned "Well then Gaara, you can call me Naruto." the redhead nodded his approval.

"Uh, Uchiha-san..." Gaara stated and Itachi raised his brows "Yes?".

"Did you bring the papers for the merger?" the Sabaku heir asked, his eyes not leaving Naruto's smiling face.

"Yes, I have them with me." Itachi said as he reached for the envelope he carried in his suit's chest pocket.

"I would like to sign it now..." the red-head said much to Itachi's surprise.


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