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Chapter 11

"Are you sure Gaara? Maybe we need to talk things over with Temari first." Kankuro interfered Gaara looked at his brother and nodded. "You are right aniki... I believe I have to talk to Temari." the redhead agreed. He then looked at Itachi. "Do you have time tomorrow Uchiha-san?" he asked and the raven nodded.

"Yes, of course. You can drop by anytime Sabaku-san. I will be there." Itachi assured the man. Gaara closed his eyes and nodded. "Now with that off our schedule, let's enjoy the party shall we?" Gaara stated. Kankuro grinned and nodded. Itachi nodded and smiled. He looked at Naruto and smiled, making the blond man grin along.

"If I may be excused, I think my girl just arrived..." Kankuro stated as he left the group and walked towards a petite woman with sily chocolate hair.

"You didn't come here with anyone?" Gaara asked Itachi and broke the silence. "I - I came with a friend earlier who dropped me off since my car broke." Itachi stated as he looked at Naruto. "Yes. But that was already fixed." Naruto added and Gaara smiled with a nod.

"I always thought you brought your secretary with you Uchiha-san." Gaara commented.

"Yes. But I wanted to bring my best friend with me. After all, my secretary already made some personal plans for tonight." he explained.

"Naruto is your best friend and employee?" Gaara asked and both the raven and the blond nodded at the same time.

Gaara smiled. So Itachi wasn't that cold hearted after all. His eyes strayed towards the blond.

This man was definitely a looker. His tanned skin and bright sunshine hair were the exact opposite of Itachi's midnight locks and porcelain skin. They were worlds apart in the physical sense, but judging by the way they talked - they were like fruits of the same tree. Naruto can easily put a smile on Itachi's serious face.

The night went on and Gaara did nothing more than observe Naruto. He never was interested with someone this easily. He wanted to get to know the blond more. He was afraid to make a move right away - he wasn't even sure what the man's preferences were... if he was open-minded or not.

But one thing was for sure - he was attracted to Naruto.

Gaara has been discrete with his sexuality. Discrete, but not secretive. His siblings knew about his presences and were okay with it. He wasn't vulgar or flamboyant He just had two serious relationships in his lifetime. One ended in vain while he remained friends with the other. He was very picky, most of the time. He didn't go by looks alone either. He wanted someone who shares his interests.

His silent study on the blond was cut off as he saw Itachi approach him.

"It's a wonderful party. Thank you so much for the invitation. But I am afraid I have to go." Itachi stated as he held his hand out. Gaara looked at the raven and shook his hand. "It's still early..." Gaara stated.

"Yes, but I have an early flight tomorrow." he stated.

"I thought I can drop by at the office tomorrow..." Gaara stated as he looked at Naruto who was standing beside Itachi.

"Yes. I will be back by ten. We can talk things over lunch... what do you say?" he asked and the redhead nodded. "Wonderful. I will ask my personal driver to pick you up." Itachi graciously offered.

"Let me pick Sabaku-san up for you Itachi..." Naruto butted in. Gaara looked at the blond. Was the man a mind-reader or something? How did he know what he was silently hoping for?

"You will do that? Tomorrow is you day off..." Itachi said.

"Yeah, but have you forgotten that Kisame won't be back till next week?" Naruto said and Itachi closed his eyes and nodded "Yes, you are right. I totally forgot." Itachi chuckled.

"It is settled then. Sabaku-san, Naruto will pick you up tomorrow." Itachi stated and the redhead nodded.

"Pick me up here, Uzumaki-san. It's my brother's turn to man the office tomorrow." Gaara stated.

Naruto nodded and handed Gaara his phone. "Can I have your number? So that I can call you when I am on my way." the blond stated as he flashed a smile. Gaara took the gadget and punched his number in. Naruto got it placed it in his pocket and grinned.

Itachi was amazed how Naruto was able to fish such a personal information from the man. But he did notice the way Gaara looked at Naruto. The man seemed to be very interested with his best friend.

Earlier, Itachi saw a hint of sadness in Naruto's eyes. Though it's still there, it seemed to have faded a bit. He made a mental note to ask Naruto about that on their way home.

So they made their final goodbyes and left the party. Itachi took the wheel this time. Naruto was busy tapping his fingers along with the music. Itach watched the blond through the corner of his eye. He was convinced that Naruto was somewhat bothered.

"Naruto..." Itachi cleared his voice. Naruto looked at the raven with raised brows.

"Did something happen?" he asked directly. Naruto frowned "What do you mean?" the blond asked.

"Naruto, I have known you almost all my life. I can read your face. Tell me... did you have a fight?" he stated his observation.

Naruto sighed. Itachi was extremely observant or maybe he was just too transparent.

He thought that the party already distracted him, but it seems like it didn't. He didn't want to lie to Itachi too. He never lied or kept anything from the raven. The raven told him everything too. Now is not the time for him to keep a secret because the guy he admired liked Itachi.

He had no rights to be jealous - they were both unattached from Sasuke. They were not competing either.

"I confessed... and got turned down." he told Itachi. He didn't have to go into the details. He didn't want to make a big deal out of it, despite the fact that his emotions were visible to his best friend's eyes.

"Is it Sasuke?" Itachi asked and the name alone made Naruto look up. He didn't respond - but he nodded.

"Was he seeing someone?" Itachi asked. Naruto smiled dryly. How can he tell Itachi that the man had the hots for him. Sasuke's moves will be busted if he spilled the beans.

"Ah, no. He - he likes someone else..." he stammered. Itachi raised a perfect brow. His eyes were still glued to the road. "Want me to talk to him?" Itachi asked

"No. I thought things over and realized that I was only infatuated with Sasuke. He had all the traits I wanted. I just realized that I am easily attracted to caring people..." he explained. He knew Itachi was aware that he swung both ways.

"This will pass. Don't worry about me. This is natural." he assured Itachi.

Naruto was touched with Itachi's offer. Itachi have always been his hero. The raven was always there for him. Itachi deserved someone that would pamper him and take care of him. Naruto believed Sasuke can do that.

But he was afraid to play match-maker between Itachi and Sasuke. He didn't even know what Itachi's sexual preference was. In their decade of friendship, he never dared to pry on Itachi's love life.

"Itachi..." Naruto stated. Itachi looked at Naruto. His dark eyes softened. His worry was genuine.

"Sasuke likes you." he whispered.

Itachi's brows furrowed. "What?" he blurted.

"He told me he likes you. I was hurt earlier because I like him. But when I found out whom his heart has taken liking to - I couldn't complain. I'd ask you out myself if you weren't my best friend..." the blond grinned.

Itachi pouted "Naruto, you've gotta be kidding me..." Itachi whispered, obviously taken back with what Naruto just said.

"I have never asked you about your love life Itachi. But I must tell you that you are a very attractive man." Naruto stated. His cheeks started to gain color.

"I don't know if you believe in love at first sight, but things like that can truly happen. Love, no matter what type it is can work miracles." Naruto chuckled.

"We never talked about stuff like this before..." Itachi stated. But just right now, as he tried to internalize what Naruto told him, made his heart skip a beat. Sasuke fell in love with him at first sight? Weren't those things only applicable in fairy tales?

But as he recalled what happened earlier this evening, Sasuke's dark eyes floated in his mind. He never met anyone who looked at him with such intensity that it made him feel uneasy. He didn't want to admit it, but Sasuke scared him - in a good way that his mind can't explain.

"Because I was afraid to ask you about your love life .." Naruto said. The raven pulled over and stared at the wheel on his hand.

"Itachi... what's wrong?" Naruto asked.

"That Sasuke - he... he scares me somehow." he admitted as his fingers gripped the wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white.

"Why?" Naruto asked confused. It was the first time he heard Itachi being scared of someone.

"I don't know Naruto. But the way he looked at me... it made me loose my breath. I have never felt anything like this before..." he admitted as he bit his lower lip.

Naruto smiled Looking at Itachi's vulnerable side was rare. And he felt blessed to have Itachi trust him like this.

"Earlier, when he took me to the party on that motorcycle I knew he noticed that I was uncomfortable. Though at first he drove like the devil was chasing us - he slowed down and maintained a certain speed. It was as if he can read what was on my mind..." Itachi explained

Naruto smiled. Even at the first meeting, such intense emotions were observed by both parties. This was something special. Something created by fate. Something that needed time to grow and gain roots. Something that will be worth the wait.

"I always thought I was the only one that can read you Itachi. I guess he can clearly see you too. Sasuke is indeed something..." he chuckled as Itachi's blush begin to grow darker.

"Will you give him a chance if he asks you out?" Naruto asked.

Itachi remained silent. He didn't know how to answer that question. It was too early to decide.

"Uh, what are your views on same sex relationships?" Naruto asked.

"I - I..." Itachi was lost for words. He never thought about that till now.

"Are you against it?" Naruto asked.

"No. I am not." came the instant reply. Itachi was sure of that.

That was all what Naruto wanted to hear.

"Then I will be behind you and Sasuke one hundred percent!" Naruto exclaimed loudly, making Itachi jump up.

"What?! What are you talking about?" Itachi demanded as blush consumed his handsome face. Thinking of Sasuke stirred delicious uneasy feelings in him. How was it possible? He was straight as far as he could remember!


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