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Chapter 4

"Naruto?" Sasuke said as he waved his hand before the blond's face. Naruto fell into a trance and grew very silent and still. Sasuke got up and stood before Naruto.

He tilted the blond's chin up. That made the man snap out of his trance.

"Uh-sorry..." the blond mumbled as he diverted his eyes elsewhere.

He heard Sasuke chuckle "You are really interesting Naruto. You seem to go in and out of trances every now and then..." he commented. Scratching the back of his head Naruto grinned "It's just that, you really remind me of someone... the similarities are unbelievable..." Naruto blurted out.

"Oh, really? Someone looks boring like me?" Sasuke asked with a smile. Naruto looked at Sasuke. There was no mistake about it.

"You look so much like my boss. And you don't look boring." he stated. Sasuke grinned "Really? What is his name?" he asked as he dabbed his lips with some tissue.

"Itachi..." he stated the name.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and eyed the blond "Uchiha?" he asked.

Naruto nodded "You know him?" he asked. Sasuke shook his head "Nope. I just heard of him. I don't even know what the man looks like." he shrugged.

Naruto got up and went to get his phone. He slid his fingers here and there. Then he handed Sasuke the gadget.

Sasuke looked at it. He was looking at a man with long hair, dark eyes and a smug expression on his face. Naruto had his arm around the man and was sporting a cheeky grin.

"Do I really look that emotionless?" he asked as he returned the phone to Naruto.

"No. But look at your skin. Your eyes. You even smile like him." he insisted. "I can't seem to relate." Sasuke said. "I know. I don't have any picture of Itachi smiling." the blonde grinned at the raven.

"Well, if you say so. I believe in your judgement." he smirked. Naruto couldn't believe what was happening. He was really a friendly person. But it was rare for him to get along with someone he just met that easily.

He felt so comfortable with Sasuke as if they have been friends forever.

"So, you coming with me?" Sasuke asked. Taken off-guard, Naruto looked at the raven quizzically. "You said you want to meet father..." Sasuke stated. Naruto quickly nodded

"Yes! Of course. Sorry I forgot..." he apologized. Sasuke chuckled and stood up. Naruto followed, picking his wallet to pay for Sasuke's services.

Naruto decided to take the car for a test run.

It hummed beautifully, in fact - it sounded brand new. Sasuke was driving ahead so that the blond can follow. Naruto couldn't stop looking at Sasuke's back. Where did this guy hide all his life? He was sure that Sasuke will soon be the talk of the women in town.

But he was glad that he met the man before the others. They soon came to a halt. Naruto was now looking at a decent establishment with tinted glass. Sasuke got off his ride and motioned for Naruto to follow him.

Naruto parked his car and locked it. He sprinted his way towards Sasuke.

The chimes tinkered as Sasuke opened the door.

"Hey Sasuke!" a cheery voice greeted them. "Hey Karin, is dad in?" he asked. Naruto looked at the red-head with the thick-framed glasses on the desk.

"He went out, but he said he will be back. Who you got there?" she asked as she pointed her ruby red pout on Naruto.

"Oh, this is Uzumaki-san. He came to pay..." Sasuke said.

Karin smiled "Oh, how do you do Uzumaki-san?" she greeted. Naruto grinned "Doing fine love and please, call me Naruto." he offered a hand. They shook hands.

"Karin." she stated as she flashed Naruto a wide smile.

"I'll call my dad. Please sit down Naruto. I'll be right back." Sasuke said and disappeared.

"Sasuke didn't price his services I presume." Karin stated. Naruto nodded "Yes. He said that it wasn't much. But I insisted." he explained.

"Well, Sasuke is always like that. He fixes cars for a hobby." she said as she started to file her nails.

"Hobby? What does he do in life?" Naruto asked. Karin grinned "Sasuke owns a small business. He became independent the moment he got his degree." she said.

"Business? What sort of business?" he asked.

"Perfumes..." she responded.

"What? Really?" Naruto asked in shock. He could not imagine Sasuke to own such a business.

Karin giggled. Sasuke walked in and raised a brow "What are you two talking about?" he asked. "He was asking me what your business was." she said as she tucked a stray hair behind her triple-pierced ear lobe.

"Shocked?" Sasuke asked as he took a chair and sat in front of Naruto. "I am a chemist by profession." he stated. Naruto grinned "Now you said I was the brainy guy." Naruto lightly patted Sasuke's arm. Their chortle was stopped when the chimes tinkered again.

A tall man with silver hair walked in. His face was covered with a dust mask. Naruto's attention was caught as he stared at the man. "Dad..." Sasuke stated as he got up and gave the man a little bow. So this was Sasuke's father, Naruto thought. The man eyed Naruto and then

looked at Sasuke. Sasuke knew what Kakashi was thinking. "This is Naru - er - Uzumaki-san. He insisted on meeting you to pay for the service he got from me." Sasuke stated. Kakashi smiled, as his eyes displayed his gesture."I believe you are the first one to ever go against my son's word and insisted on meeting me." he said chuckling.

Naruto grinned "He did a wonderful job, but he wouldn't take any payment." he explained.

Kakashi nodded. "Well, just treat him to dinner or something. He would accept that." the man stated and Sasuke chuckled. Naruto grinned, Sasuke inherited the man's happy-go lucky personality obviously. He thought that the man was grumpy over the phone earlier. Maybe he was just not a morning person.

"Well if that is the case Hatake-san, then I will borrow your son and treat him to dinner tonight." Naruto stated enthusiastically.

Sasuke laughed "So I believe you listen to seniority. I can't imagine how fast dad was able to convince you not to pay me anymore." he told Naruto. Naruto smiled at Sasuke's comment.

Kakashi excused himself and went to his office. Naruto looked at Sasuke "So, are we having dinner tonight?" he asked. Sasuke took his phone out from his jeans' pocket and stared at it. "I can't tonight Naruto..." he said after a few minutes of silence. Naruto was dismayed. He wanted to have dinner with Sasuke tonight. But the man seemed to have other plans made ahead.

"But I will be free tomorrow night..." he said as he looked up with a warm smile. Naruto smiled "Okay then, tomorrow... I will call you." he stated.

He handed Sasuke his phone and the raven tinkered his number in. "I have to get going. Please send my thanks to your father." he said.

Sasuke nodded and walked him to the door.

He smiled at Karin and she waved back "See you around Naruto." she chirped happily. Naruto was happy as well.

This weekend was one of the happiest and most relaxed he had in a while. He got in his car and left with a smile still plastered on his face.

"He is a nice guy..." Karin stated as she broke Sasuke's silence.

Sasuke looked at her and smiled. "Yes he is." he agreed.

"Do you like him?" she asked, her tone was teasing.

Sasuke grinned "Like? In what way?" his smile getting wider.

"Oh, you know what I meant Sasuke. I just don't know what to do with you." she giggled.

Sasuke walked towards Karin, leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek. "You can start by stopping that teasing tone." he said and Karin playfully slapped his arm. Sasuke had known Karin since they were young. She was his closest friend to date.


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