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Chapter 7

"Are you really sure that I can tag along?" Naruto asked as he tried to loosen the tie he had on. Itachi was behind the wheel. "Yes, of course. I am to come with a guest." he murmured. "You can always take Konan with you." Naruto reasoned. He felt uncomfortable being dressed up formally.

"I could, but she is out with her boyfriend." he stated. "Besides, this will be a good experience for you." Itachi stated firmly. Naruto gave his friend a weak smile "I know. But the attire is killing me!" he exclaimed as he gave Itachi a funny face that made the raven smile.

The car ride was going smoothly. Itachi wanted to get to their venue as soon as possible. He could see rain clouds forming not too far ahead. The weather report predicted a cold night. But Itachi wasn't taking any chances. The weather can really be unpredictable and they were still a bit far away from where they were supposed to be heading.

Naruto turned the radio on and began humming along the tune that came up. Itachi made Naruto wear a gray suit since it was a formal party. He knew the blond preferred casual clothes most of the time, but he was glad Naruto agreed to his choice.

Suddenly there was a loud jerk.

Then the car went to a halt. Itachi blinked a couple of times. Then he looked at Naruto.

"What's wrong?" the blond asked. Itachi shrugged.

He went on and tried to restart the car. He heard a few wheezing sounds. The car sounded as if it was in pain. Itachi frowned. He had all his cars checked and maintained. Then he realized that he was using a car that was just a week old in his possession.

He bit his inner cheek and scolded himself silently. Why did he choose that car? Why did this have to happen tonight?

"Naruto, it won't really start!" Itachi commented in dismay. He already tried restarting the car for like fifty times now and all it does is crackle and wheeze.

Naruto can see the frustration in Itachi's face. The handsome raven had his brows furrowed and he looked flustered.

They were in the middle of a dimly lit street and the next civilization seemed to be miles away. Naruto could see Itachi's facial muscles grind. He knew the man was trying so hard not to blow up in anger. They needed to attend a business party in forty-five minutes and by the way the car sounded, it seemed like it was impossible.

"Where can we get a mechanic? I don't even know where we are!" Itachi threw his hands up in defeat.

That rang a bell in Naruto's mind. "I think I can get someone here... wait..." Naruto stated as he got his phone out and started to dial.

Itachi frowned as he looked at the blonde. What he wished for right now was a taxi to pass so that they can get a ride. He didn't like the darkness of their current location. And he was never late nor absent for an appointment.

Frustrated, he removed his seat belt and got out of the car. It would take a miracle to get them out of this mess.

Itachi looked at his watch. The business party was actually the birthday party of Gaara Sabaku.

They were supposed to meet and discuss the business proposal Itachi was trying to talk the Sabaku heir into. The party was supposed to start by 9pm. Itachi does not have personal driver despite being the owner of such a large company.

His personal mechanic, Kisame was not available. The man just got married and was on his honeymoon. Itachi was sure his car was okay. He just couldn't understand why it won't start. Lady luck seemed to hate him tonight.


Naruto on the other hand was listening intently to the ringing sound on his phone. He called Sasuke and he hoped that the man was available.

After a few more rings, Naruto finally heard Sasuke's deep baritone. But he can't hear him clearly. The background was blaring loud music.

"Yes, Naruto! What's up?" Sasuke asked, his voice a node louder than usual.

"Sasuke? I'm sorry! I really can't hear you!" Naruto yelled back.

"Wait... I'll call you back!" the raven stated and the line went dead.

Naruto stared at his phone and waited for it to ring.


"Hey Sasuke, where are you going?" the slim dirty-blond haired girl he just met grabbed his arm as he got up.

"I need to make a phone call, sweet cheeks..." he stated as he took a swig from the almost empty beer can before him. She pouted at him.

"Come right back..." she sweetly asked and the raven nodded. He left his booth and went outside the pub. He located a silent spot by the parking lot. He took his phone out and dialed Naruto's number.

The blond answered before the second ring was done."Sasuke? I'm sorry. My timing is really bad... I guess you're out..." the blonde stated apologetically.

Sasuke knew that it was important. Naruto would never call or text him at this hour.

"No, no. It's fine. What is it?" he asked.

"I need your help..." Naruto stated and stopped. "Naruto? Are you there?" he called.

But another voice came on the line. A deep sultry voice that remarkably sent goosebumps on Sasuke's skin replaced Naruto's. "Hello? Please come and fix the car. I will pay you five times the amount... No! Name your price! Please it's an emergency!" the beautiful voice was frantic.

Sasuke smiled, he was curious who that voice belonged to.


Naruto tried to suppress the laugh that wanted to escape his throat. Itachi was over-reacting. He knew the Uchiha heir didn't want to destroy his clean reputation in the business world. Itachi never took over phone calls from him. It was a new attitude that the blond didn't know existed under the raven's demigod stand. Itachi was still human after all - and an easily frazzled one.

Naruto's grin kept growing as he listened to Itachi frantically converse with Sasuke. He was demanding the man to say yes. He could see how tight Itachi was clutching his Blackberry.


"Calm down, will you? Tell me who you are and where is Naruto?" Sasuke asked, half chuckling.

He heard a deep sigh. "I am sorry. This is Itachi and Naruto is beside me. My car won't start and my personal mechanic is on leave and... please - tell me you will come..." the voice pleaded.

Sasuke was surprised. So he was talking to Itachi Uchiha. And he couldn't imagine the man asking him with pleases.

He grinned "Okay - calm down. Can you tell me where you are?" he asked. Now that question silenced Itachi for a few odd seconds. He didn't exactly know where they were and there were no particular landmarks to tell this man of their location.

"Are you still there?" the voice asked.

"Uh, wait. It's too dark here..." Itachi stated. Then an idea sparked. He took his phone out and turned the GPRS on. "I can give you the GPRS coordinates..." and he heard the man's approval.

He gave the man the information that he got. "I will be there in 15 min - no, make that 20 minutes." and the line went dead. Itachi stared at the phone on his hand.

He handed it to Naruto. "What did he say?" the blond asked. "He said he will be here in 20 minutes." Itachi responded.

Naruto nodded "Then we will be saved." the blond gave out a relieved sigh.

"Is this man good?" he asked.

"Oh yes. He fixed my car and made it work like brand new." the blond stated happily.

Itachi nodded. This man better make his car work He could not miss this party. It meant a lot for him and his business. Itachi went back in his car and stared blankly into space.

Naruto have known Itachi for many years and he knew that the raven didn't want any consolation. So he remained outside and rested against the car.

At least he can see Sasuke right away once he arrives. He can also prove to Sasuke how similar he looks like with the Uchiha heir.


Sasuke didn't bother to go back in the club. He went directly to his ride and started it. He made his way to his destination. It was a long way from where he was at, but he knew he can get there in time.

He was mesmerized by Itachi Uchiha's voice. He liked people with beautiful voices. It was one of this rare instances that Sasuke wanted to meet someone because he liked what he heard. He put his helmet on and drove as fast as he could.

He didn't want Naruto nor Itachi waiting. He couldn't wait to meet the man that mesmerized him with his voice.


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