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Kili sank into his chair, running his fingers through his hair and sighing loudly as he turned to look at his brother.

Fili had spent the entire afternoon complaining about Elf-maidens; how they were snobbish and rude, how they were too tall or how they had the shape and structure of a 12 year old boy.

And yet, after all of that moaning, he had spent the last half an hour attempting to woo Arwen, Elrond's daughter, who was sitting not far across from Fili.

The she-elf was undoubtedly beautiful, but had sat there staring at the straw haired dwarf with a look on her face as though there was a glass of curdled milk under her nose.

Finally, the womanizing nephew of Thorin conceded defeat and turned his attention to Estel, a young toddler who had slowly crept up on the strangers, eyeing them suspiciously with his big blue eyes.

The straw haired dwarf had always been great with kids and as Kili watched him now, making horse noises while bobbing the boy up and down on his lap, it almost seemed as though his brother was having more fun than the child.

But just then the boy shrieked with delight as he managed to grab a handful of Fili's beard with his chubby little fingers, yanking as hard as he could manage.

"Oi! You porky little son of a b-" Fili cut himself off mid-sentence and looked with a sheepish smile at the she-elf who was standing watch over Estel as she raised a disapproving eyebrow at him.

Kili smiled and shook his head as he turned away from his older brother to marvel at the beauty of the Elvish hall.

It wasn't enormous by any means, in fact it was a bit small for a dining hall in the dwarf's opinion, but it was absolutely breathtaking.

The hall seemed to be fashioned after a giant canopy, with great big, arched open doors that looked out onto the Valley from one end and the inky night sky on the other. Hundreds of white flowers hung effortlessly from the pillars like they were growing straight out of the stone itself, and as decor for the feast, there seemed to be bouquets of multi coloured plants at every corner along with intricately carved wax candles which lined the walls, giving the area a warm glow.

There had only been a few hours to prepare for the feast, but the people of Rivendell had managed to cook what seemed like enough food to feed an army of 1000 men... or at least thirteen hungry dwarves.

The rest of the company, Kili included, had nearly died with joy at the sight of roast mutton, salted pork, juicy steak and tender chicken that seemed to be calling to them from the tables.

Bombur had nearly dove face first into the food before a pair of elves informed them that none were permitted to eat until Lord Elrond gave the proper blessings.

All twelve dwarves were extremely displeased and they now had to wait, pacing about and distracting themselves with other things to keep their minds off of the food that lay ready and eager to be eaten on the massive oak tables.

The sun had set a few minutes ago and everyone had already taken their seats; the only ones missing now were Gandalf, Elrond, Thorin and the guest of honour; Vanya.

The rest of the dwarves were sitting right in the centre of the hall at the largest table with a huge ornately carved chair at the head, a vacant seat on either side.

Elladan and Elorhir were sitting across from each other beside the two empty chairs, next to Elladan was Arwen and next to her was Bilbo.

The Hobbit had been absurdly quiet for the entire evening, at first Kili thought he was upset, but then he understood that the Halfling was merely transfixed by the beauty of Rivendell. His brown eyes were wide and he simply stared in wonder at everything his gaze fell upon, a small incredulous smile coming to play across his mouth every so often.

Beside Master Baggins there was Dwalin, then Bifur, Bombur, Ori and lastly sat Oin with his metal hearing device propped up against a goblet.

Kili's eyes wandered now to his side of the table.

There were two empty seats on either side of Elrohir, then going down the table sat the dark haired dwarf himself, then his brother –who had given Estel back to the she-elf and now sat staring gloomily at the food in front of him he could not yet touch- then there was Balin, Bofur, Dori, Nori and at the very end of the oak table sat Gloin.

"Finally!" Fili's voice snapped his brother out of his thoughts and the entire company of dwarves gave a breath of relief when they saw Gandalf's stooped figure make its way towards the table, stopping for a few seconds to speak with a couple of the other guests.

The Wizard made his way to the company and Kili saw as the Elf twins placed their hands over their breasts, bowing their heads respectfully as they greeted the old man.

Once Gandalf was seated beside Elrohir, he looked around at the table and frowned slightly.

"Where are Thorin and Vanya? And Lord Elrond?"

"We thought they were with you!" Ori piped up from near the end of the table and as the wizard shook his head to show that they were mistaken, the entire lot groaned loudly.

Now they had to wait even longer before they could eat.

"My apologies Mithrandir, but Vanya? Is that the fair maiden's name?" Elladan spoke for the first time since Kili had heard him enter the girl's room that morning. He had a clear, commanding voice that drew everyone's attention at once.

The two elf brothers looked so similar to Elrond, yet they differed greatly at the same time.

They both had cropped, curly brown hair that came to settle just below their pointy ears. It looked almost like Bilbo's hair, except much more refined and neat, not just the jumbled mess of curls that sat atop the Hobbit's head.

Their eyes were stark grey and seemed to sit a bit higher than their father's, their eyebrows with a much softer arch than Lord Elrond's. They had sharp cheekbones and perfectly square jaws, broad chests and lean figures; Kili suddenly found himself envying the two when he mentally smacked himself and turned his attention back to what was happening.

Elladan's brown brows were furrowed and his pale eyes were bright with excitement, he looked as though he would attack Gandalf if he didn't answer him fast enough.

"Yes, Master Elf... her name is Vanya." Kili didn't understand why the wizard looked so hesitant as he replied, but there was an obvious crease in the old man's brow and he stared at Elladan oddly.

"Vanya." The prince said the name as though the taste of an exotic fruit was on his tongue; foreign, yet sweet and delicious.

And as the young dwarf watched the smile that spread across the Elf's lips, Kili knew that he too had come to fall under the girl's spell.

Fili suddenly nudged his brother under the table and the two exchanged a quick glance- the straw haired dwarf apparently coming to the same conclusion as the other- when the older of the two smirked, beckoning his head towards the Halfling.

Bilbo's face had grown bright red and he was muttering something inaudible under his breath as he glared poisonous daggers at Elladan.

It was actually almost humorous to watch, and just as Kili was about to duck his head in order to cover his laughter, he spotted his uncle storming through one of the arches and the young dwarf's chuckle died in his throat.

Thorin looked positively murderous.

His nephew almost wondered if they would find a dead body lying somewhere in the river a few days from now, but then again Bilbo was sitting here and Elrond's son was present as well...

Fili noticed the sudden change of expression on his brother's face and followed his gaze.

"Well, someone is going to get uncle's boot shoved up their a-"

"Ah- Thorin!" Gandalf shouted as he saw the leader of the company stalk towards the table.

The tall dwarf was simply glowering at the wizard as he arrived; his nostrils were flared, his eyes were dark and his cheeks were flushed. The rightful King of Erebor simply ignored the Elf twins as they gave their greetings.

"Sit," Gandalf said this with perhaps a bit more force than necessary, but kept a smile on his wrinkled face the whole time as he beckoned the leader to the empty chair between Elrohir and his nephew.

Kili gave a low oath when he realized that Thorin would be sitting right beside him for the entire feast... it was laborious enough to sit with him and be on ones best behaviour when he was in a good mood so the dark haired dwarf didn't want to think about what it would be like when he looked as though someone had killed his entire family right before his eyes.

Kili watched as Thorin scanned the remaining empty seats and his nephew thought he could almost see steam coming out his uncle's ears as he realized that Vanya would have to sit beside Elladan while he was shoved off to the other side of the table.

"Good luck, brother." Fili muttered quietly as he slowly and silently edged his chair away, trying to put as much distance between himself and his uncle as possible.

The younger of the two sighed loudly as he got ready for what he knew would be a long night; at least the food would be good.

"And at last the final members of our company join us!" Gandalf's voice brought everyone's attention to Lord Elrond as he walked in slowly, smiling gently while the most beautiful woman Kili had ever seen clung onto his arm. And as the young dwarf stared in awe at the girl, he realized it was Vanya.

She had always been beautiful, but tonight she was simply heart stopping. Kili couldn't quite put his finger on it, but she looked different; as though there was a light glowing beneath her skin.

Her eyes seemed brighter, her lips pinker, and even her hair looked as though each lock was sparkling like stars in the night sky.

Perhaps it was the deep red gown that made her look so lovely; the neck scooped down to reveal her décolletage and left the top of both her shoulders bare. The mesmerizing material clung in all the right places and Kili's face went pink as his eyes involuntarily lingered on certain parts of her body before he shook his head and regained his senses.

The entirety of his company had gone silent, and the dark haired dwarf was reminded starkly of the first night Vanya came to Bag End.

The son of Dis looked to his uncle now and nearly laughed out loud.

Thorin's mouth was agape and he kept blinking rapidly, as though the Dwarf prince believed that the girl was some sort of hallucination that would disappear once he returned to reality.

But Vanya slowly made her way to the table with Elrond towing her gently by his side and as they got to be a few feet away, Kili saw Elladan rise and respectfully bow before his father and the girl.

Elrohir stood and followed his brother, and the rest of the company -except Arwen- rose and did the same.

The Elf Lord sat the girl down in the chair next to his wide-eyed son and whispered something into her ear before he went to stand at the head of the table and placed his hand over his chest.

His children, Gandalf and the rest of the Elves in the hall took their seats and the dwarvish company plopped down clumsily soon after.

Elrond began to speak in Sindarin and as Kili had no idea and little interest in what he was saying, the dwarf's eyes wandered back to Vanya.

Her gaze never left the empty plate in front of her, even as Elladan had his grey eyes simply glued to her face. The girl began to shift uncomfortably until the Elf Prince peeled himself away from her long enough to crouch down to retrieve something from under the table.

After a few seconds, he brought up an enormous bunch of bright flowers and presented them to the girl with a wide smile, his perfect white teeth gleaming in the candlelight.

Vanya blushed and quietly accepted the flowers, carefully placing them down behind her chair and returned to staring intently at her empty plate as though fascinated by it.

For a spilt second, the girl stole a glance at Thorin and quickly ducked her head once more; a look of confusion painting her features as Kili looked to his uncle.

The Future King of Erebor looked down at his lap, a solemn expression coming to settle over him as he placed his fist over his thighs and opened his hand.

A single purple flower lay in the middle of his huge palm. The plant was broken and bruised, dark blotches marring the once beautiful petals as the Dwarf Prince studied it intently, a deep frown etching its way across his lips.

And as Kili watched his uncle turn his hand over and let the flower fall gently to the ground, Elrond took his seat and the feast began.