"So you're saying this Edward guy," Detective Maes Hughes pointed to the name on the paper. He was in the corner booth at some french sounding cafe with his good buddy the Vampire Hunter. "is possibly the murderer?"

"Yes," Roy said with a positive voice. This had to be the killer. "I took the time and looked back into some of the old cases. The name 'Edward' pops up a lot, though the surname changes. It can't be a coincidence."

Maes sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Look, Roy," his tone was like that of a worried father. "I know this lead may seem like something big, and it might be, but I think you need to start being a little more subtle about your investigating. Remember what happened to James last year?"

A nod came from Roy as he answered, "Yeah, he was killed in his home after he had claimed to have found the vamps. All his research was destroyed and everything." Roy then smiled as if he was sure that wouldn't happen to him. "But, the difference between me and him is, I'm only telling one person, and I trust that one person not to go and gossip about the case."

"I'm just saying, Roy," Maes leaned forward, resting his arms on the table. "as a friend, I'm worried you're gonna get yourself in over your head."

"I could care less," the dark haired man sat back in his chair, a sigh escaping his lips. "As long as that bastard is dead, I wouldn't mind if I died in the process."

Maes just shook his head, giving up. "Whatever you say, Roy. Just remember, if you go down, I'll be the one who has to avenge you so be careful and make sure you take down the right guy if you're going on a suicide mission."

"Yeah, yeah," they had gotten to the subject Roy didn't really like. The killing of the vampire. Like, how the hell is he supposed to do that? "I'll try to get it right."

"Good. Oh, and if this lead is legit, be sure to call me before running to your doom. I could help."


"You ready to go, Al?" Ed stretched his tired arms over his head. They had just finished their last hunt of the month. He had just finished packing their blood bag filled cooler into their car, an old, almost rundown mustang that obviously needed a new paint job, but still ran well enough to use.

"Uh," Al lips formed a very visible frown and awkwardly shook his head. "I need... some fresh air. I'm going to take a walk. Is that alright?"

Ed's brow furrowed as he found himself confused. He opened his mouth to point out they were surrounded by fresh air, but decided against. He nodded lightly. "Yeah, go ahead."

The golden eyes watched as the brunette figure disappeared into the park they were parked next to. As soon as he was sure Al was gone, he let out a loud tired sigh.

'He better hurry up,' he thought while looking at the slight pink that lined the horizon. 'The sun'll be up before we get home if he takes too long.' Edward's eyes scanned the sky, admiring the way it looked when it was changing from night to day. He rarely got to see the blue the sky was supposed to be colored anymore now that he didn't stay up late, trying to be like a normal mortal.

"Admiring the view?" the recognizable voice was coming from the trees behind Edward.

'How did he find me?'

Before Ed could even begin to turn to look at the guy, the brown haired man was standing next to him, acting as proud as ever. He spoke again, not even looking at Ed, "I'm sure you're usually packed up somewhere dark by now?"

Edward of course knew the bastard.

Seth was apart of a werewolf pack that were considered very close family friends, but they were also to be distrusted. He had grown up around the pack and Seth had been one of his friends back then. He liked Seth, actually, but the guy had a way of pissing him off.

"Long time no see, wolfy."

"Hey that isn't my fault, Elric."

Ed scowled. "I told you before that family name is no longer mine, so quit calling me by it," he growled, glaring heavily at the guy. "Right now I'm a 'Gray' not an Elric, dog-boy."

"Oh that's right," Seth made it seem as though he'd forgotten what had happened, but that clearly wasn't true. Every werewolf in his pack knew full well what had happened to him that day. "When a vampire is banished from his clan he loses his title, doesn't he? But usually, he doesn't drag his younger sibling down with him, am I right?"

"I didn't drag him down," the vampire snarled in response. If Seth came for an explanation, well he's getting one. "Al came with me. I couldn't force him back into the clan after he chased after me. I wasn't allowed to be in a mile radius of that place."

Seth sneered at Edward and looked displeased. "You couldn't break the rules one more time for your brother?" the man shrugged, smirking as he did so. "Guess you're not as noble as I thought."

"I would have been killed," Edward hissed, trying to keep his name clear of the title coward.

"And that stopped you?"

"Al stopped me," Ed's eyes darkened from the thought. "He wouldv'e been banished for following me out and I would've been killed if I went back. It's better he has me instead of living out here on his own."

Seth's black eyes rolled. "How nice of you."He suddenly looked at Edward and his mood changed as if he wanted to change the subject before Ed was left hurting. "Anyway, you're starting to get skinny. Running out of blood lately?"

Ed sighed. "Actually yeah. Cops have been getting really close to catching us lately. I'm sure you've heard of the 'vampire' murders."

"That's you?" Seth laughed a little bit, proud of his friend. "Police shouldn't stop you, though" Seth had a little bit of worry stashed inside his usually egotistical tone. "I'm sure you could kick a cop's ass. You're not as good as me, but you can fight." Seth poked the teen's shoulder and laughed. "Well, as long as you haven't lost that muscle you used to have, wimp."

"Hey!" Ed playfully punched him in the arm. "I work out even more than I did before, jerk!" That's when he smiled for the first time in a while. It wasn't real, but it was a smile. "I bet I could even beat you in a fight!"

"Heh, yeah right," Seth laughed at the boy's hope. "You couldn't beat me if you tried."

Ed glared, feeling his blood boil. "You wanna bet?"

"Not really," Seth shrugged his shoulders and sent Ed a smirk. "I know I'd win so I'd rather not waste the energy. Anyway, it isn't fair to fight a vampire when it's almost his bed time."

"Oh shut up."

"Make me."

"I will."

But, before Ed could keep his promise, a loud sharp sound filled the air and Seth perked up, turning into his serious self again. "This isn't good."

The teenager felt confusion fill his mind and he wanted answers and he wanted them now. "What's go-"

"No time to explain," Seth's form changed from human to wolf. "Gotta go." He then howled and ran off into the trees, leaving behind a bewildered and confused vampire.

His golden eyes stared at the spot where his friend disappeared for a moment, blinked, and then just shook his head and sighed, "Werewolves..."