The white room was lit with white-hot lights. A giant machine stood at the center of the room, several chords streaming from its orfaces, all connecting to the body of a girl who could be no more than four. She had red, shoulder-length hair and wide grey eyes. Freckles dotted her plump cheeks, which were stained with tears as she trembled in fear.

Before her stood a man dressed in some sort of military-like uniform. He held a gun to the little girl, his face hard as stone as if he had no empathy for what he was about to do.

"Fire," Madame Kovarian said from behind a glass barrier separating the control room.

Without hesitation, the man fired a bullet straight into the little girl's heart.

Melody Pond screamed in agony, thrashing to get away from the chords but it was no use. The screaming only became louder and more shrilling as a gold light emitted from her body.

Kovarian's black lips slithered into a smile. "It's beginning. Run the tests!" she commanded as the men behind the controls worked feverishly.

Soon, the girl was completely embodied with sun-like light. She cried to no avail, but was soon quieted as she no longer felt the bullet wound, or saw the light. She looked at her hands, which looked a slightly darker shade than usual. She touched her face, which had completely transformed. She had brown hair and brown eyes now, and didn't look like she was much older. She looked at the poisonous woman behind the glass. Her prisoner. The woman who tortured her, but never had she gone to this extreme.

She wanted to study the regeneration process.

"Take her to her room. We will test her vitals tomorrow," Madame Kovarian said, as members of the Silence disconnected the chords and carried the surprisingly strong and struggling little girl to her room. More like a dungeon than a room, really.

"Heart rate slightly changed. Blood pressure higher than normal," one of the doctors on staff told Madame Kovarian as he examined the little girl. Melody Pond kept her cold eyes on the eye-patched lady.

"What's the matter, now then?" Madame Kovarian asked Melody mockingly. She didn't answer. "Oh, look at that, such hatred in such young eyes," Kovarian continued with a sadistic smile. "Isn't it just beautiful?"

Melody finally looked away from her,her fists clenched so tight that her knuckles were turning white.

Kovarian chuckled slightly, before turning to another henchman. "Alright, then. Let's test for changes in physical abilities."

Melody was brought to a gymnasium like structure. They removed her flat shoes and replaced them with tiny tennis shoes.

"Alright, miss, three laps around the track, on you go," one of the men said, nudging her to the start line as the man beside him brought out a timer.

Melody didn't budge.

"Well, off with you!" the man with the timer yelled.

She looked up at him, wiggling her nose in disgust. "NO!"

"Well then we can do this the hard way," another man said, bringing out his whip.

Melody let out a sharp gasp, shielding herself as he cracked the whip across her shoulder blade. She screamed, stumbling back. She looked up at him, baring her teeth like a savage. Then, she took off running around the track.

"Hmm, timing has improved," the man with the timer said as he clocked her on her third lap.

The Silence proceeded to do a number of tests. Testing her strength, speed, flexibility, and comparing them to her previous incarnation.

This was the life of Melody Pond everyday. The life of the woman who was trained and conditioned for one thing: to kill the Doctor.