Author's Note: Okay, so I may be being a little contraversal with the racism thing, but this is in a time where people could be very brutal when it came to racism. So I apologize if that has offended anyone-it wasn't meant to!
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Gossip flourished the vicinity of New York where Avery and Christopher Cobb lived. 'Didn't you hear, the Cobbs took in a little mixed orphan,' the people had been saying for the past couple of weeks that Melody Pond had been staying with the nice couple. The young couple seemed to ignore it, more than happy to help the young girl.

They sat at dinner, talking about things that Melody had only recently gotten accustomed to such as family-type dinners and shopping. She was surprisingly charming despite the touch of social awkwardness due to her lack of exposure to a normal life. She smiled more easily now, brightly embracing the promise of a life away from the Silence. She still had nightmares every night, but Avery would come into her room and calm her. A beautiful bond had formed between the Cobbs and Melody in the short amount of time they had spent together, and she had never felt happier.

Melody bit into the turkey that Avery had made, her eyes widening. "I didn't know food could taste this good, ma'am!" she said, smiling at her.

"Haha thank you, you're very sweet," Avery replied, sipping her water.

"You're the one who's very sweet, ma'am," Melody replied. "I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done."

Avery leaned over, patting her shoulder. "You are welcome, sweetheart," she told her with a smile. "Now take your elbows off the table," she teased, giggling slightly.

Melody laughed as well, doing as Avery said and finishing her meal.

Later on in the evening, Melody climbed into bed, Avery standing over her to tuck her in.

"Goodnight, Melody. Sleep tight, and just know I'm only a room away. You are safe," she bent down, kissing the girl's forehead.

"Miss Avery?" Melody said with a yawn.


"You are going to be a great mom. Jane is very lucky. I just wanted to tell you that," she told her. "Goodnight!"

Tears welled in Avery's eyes. "Thank you, Mel. That means so, so much to me. Goodnight," and with that, Avery Rose and went to bed.

Melody was awoken in the middle of the night as the doors were bombarded. She felt arms grab her, and she screamed, struggling to get free.

The Silence had hold of her, dragging her out to the living room where she saw Avery, Christopher, and baby Jane all being held.

"NO!" Melody screamed, staring at Madame Kovarian who held a sinister smile on her face.

"Did you really think you could escape us, you little twit?!" Kovarian hissed. "Stupid girl. I hope you've enjoyed playing house, because you've just murdered this little family of yours. KILL THEM," she gave the order.

Avery and Christopher began to thrash and scream as the alien crones incenerated them before Melody's eyes.

"NOOOO!" Melody screamed louder than she ever had, sobbing and thrashing in a furious rage. She managed to sling both of the men holding her, running up to Madame Kovarian with her fists held high. "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! THEY WERE GOOD PEOPLE, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL THEM! WHY?! WHY ME?! WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!" she screamed, lunging for Kovarian's throat, but the men pulled her back quickly, holding her tighter.

"HUSH child, before you join them," Kovarian warned.

"Do it!" Melody sobbed. "Just do it!"

"Silence!" she hissed furiously. "You are coming with us."

"No! NO! NOOO!" she sobbed as the Silence carried her away.

"All-all they were doing was helping me find my parents. That's all I wanted! They were so kind to me! Why did you have to kill them?!"

Kovarian didn't respond.

Melody wriggled her nose, baring her teeth. "I'm not going to kill the Doctor."

There was a long silence. "You want to see mummy and daddy, now do you?" she said after a while.

Melody quieted, looking completely and utterly shattered. Kovarian smiled at this. "I can take you to them."

"W-why w-would y-you do that?" she asked brokenly, tears still streaming down her cheeks.

"I think it will be good for you," she responded fakely. "Maybe you won't run off. Besides," she turned to Melody with a mocking expression plastered onto her face, "I am so very, very kind. But one condition. You must kill the Doctor. If you refuse, I will assure you that you will never see your parents again."

"You promise?" Melody asked harshly. "You better promise me."

"Oh, I promise," Kovarian said in her most evil of tones.

Melody calmed, but continued to sob quietly in the back seat as she mourned the loss of the Cobbs.

They took her away, back to her normal room. Kovarian laughed wildly as she sat down. "We've studied her, and now we've broken her. The next phase is in motion-complete brainwashing."