The Adventures of the American Doctor and Rainbow Dash

Chapter 1 Where am I ?

A young man in a black and red TARDIS was starting to materialize at the entrance to the Ever free Forest once it was fully materialized the human stepped out wearing a black trench coat with his sonic screwdriver in his hand .

"Hmm I should have wound up in the Star trek universe that's weird from what I can tell this isn't it" he said to himself . He was looking around when he saw some sort of road and right when he was going to follow it a light blue rainbow maned pegasus was coming in at a fast rate of speed .

"LOOK OUT BELOW" she yelled as she was descending fast . He didn't have time to move and he got slammed into his mid section in which it knocked the wind out of him sending him his back . He couldn't move at all as he was also knocked out .

"oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh what have I done" she said to herself in a panic . The first thought that came to her mind was getting him some help .

Damn is this what it feels like to be knocked out? Damn remind me to give …. what ever it was a good talking about watching where she's flying she could have killed me he thought as he couldn't move a single muscle . She was able to get him on her back and rush him straight to Twilights where she knocked to get her attention .

"Rainbow something wron- uh what is that?" asked a confused Twilight . Rainbow told her what happened in which they got him straight to her guest bedroom where she enlarged the bed in order to fit him . What in bloody hell is going on here? But still as soon as I wake up something tells me i'm going to have one hell of a headache He thought as he was sleeping .

It didn't take him long to open his eyes sure enough he saw the same pony who slammed right into his stomach . Alright better wake up slowly that way I don't feel the after effects of what happened …. oh damn my TARDIS as soon as I feel better I have to go secure it Thought the human in quite a state of panic . Finally he was able to get into a sitting position .

"OH uh hey sorry about slamming into you like that I was trying a new flying trick but it didn't turn out like I wanted it too" said the light blue pegasus . "uh who are you?" he asked as he was still wearing earlier . " OH I'm Rainbow Dash the fastest flier in all of Equestria" said Rainbow Dash as she was boasting . "OH so your the pony that slammed into me yeesh not to be a downer but you could have killed me" said the human with a frown .

"Sorry I didn't know" said Rainbow with her ears flat and quite a frown on her face . "Look next time we should both watch where we are going" said the human . "oh who and what are you?" asked Rainbow curious . "Well I'm the American Doctor and i'm Human as you already can tell" said The American Doctor .

"NO not that your real name" said Rainbow already put out . "I'm Adam , Adam Seville Time Lord" said Adam . "Wow a Time lord that's so cool" said Rainbow with a smile on her face . "Uh listen I have to get back to my TARDIS I have to lock it up" said Adam trying to move in which he was able to but he noticed something . "Uh let me guess your …. Cutie mark?" asked Adam making sure that nothing broken.

"Uh yea" said Rainbow with a blush on her face . He made sure to head out the door making sure that Twilight didn't notice him lucky for him she was reading her book . Perfect this should be able to work in my advantage. Thought Adam .

In which Rainbow was confused sneaking past her friend . "Look knowing her if I stick around she's going to play '20 questions' I don't have time for that" whispered Adam .

"Oh I tend to get what your saying even I don't like her questions at times" said Rainbow . "But instead of going the direct root get on me and I can get you there in '10 seconds flat'" smirked Rainbow .

"Uh okay hope I don't break your spine" said Adam a bit concerned . "Don't worry it's going to take a lot to break me after all I have an athletic build" said Rainbow . Sure enough the both of them took off toward where he told her he left the TARDIS doors opened .

The sudden sound snapped Twilight out of her book . Huh was that Spike ? Or was that Rainbow ? … … OH well doesn't matter better read Thought Twilight as she was reading the newest Daring Do book . Both Adam and Rainbow made it and sure enough the doors were still opened . "There closed and locked ain't no one getting in but me and me alone" said Adam .

He pulled out his scanner and oddly enough he picked up something in the TARDIS . "Okay that's weird good thing I have my key to open it again" he said . In which he did a Dalek was there attempting to cause havoc to his TARDIS .

"Hey buddy step away from the machine" he said trying to get his attention . "YOU ARE THE DOCTOR EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE" Said the Dalke in it's monotone voice as he started to approach the human and Rainbow .

"Alright that does it no one messes with my friends and gets away with it especially if it's someone that I had just met" said Rainbow as she charged in gave it a good bucking knocking it over . That gave Adam enough time to find his sonicscrewdriver .

He fired a sonic shot at the Dalek destroying it . "That was AWESOME" said Rainbow as she flew in and enveloped him in a bone crushing hug .

"Can't breath need air" he wheezed as he was struggling for air . "Oh sorry" said Rainbow as she went for a gentle hug . "That better?" asked Rainbow . "Yea better" said Adam as he hugged her back .

"Something tells me that this is going to be awesome" said Adam . Luckily the doors locked automatically for them . "Alright you got some explaining to do what the hay was that?" asked Rainbow wanting him to explain everything .

"well follow me into the library and i'll tell ya what I know so far" said Adam . The two walked into another section of the custom built TARDIS .

"Grab a seat" said Adam . Rainbow took a seat also next to the fire making herself comfy as possible and ready to listen ."Here it is I'm a Time lord a Time Traveling human to be precise anyway though my TARDIS brought me here for some reason as to why ? I don't even have a single clue, Anyway as to what that was that was a Dalek during my travels I encountered one I was able to take it out with a single sonic shot with this my sonic screwdriver and this is a custom built TARDIS as to what it means don't ask I don't know" said Adam as he relaxed near the warmth of the fire .

"Alright I guess I believe you anyway this is an awesome library so is there a upstairs?" asked Rainbow . "Oh yea there is and on the upside your no longer a pony your a human much like myself" said Adam .

She was about his height and like she said earlier she did have an athletic build . "Also there are some clothes that fit you" said Adam as he waited in the library. She saw him looking her way staring at her rear. "Like what you see?" she asked while swaying her hips .

"UHHHH why don't' you get dressed then we can talk" said Adam with a hint of red on his cheeks . Blast is this woman NUTS !I nearly fell for that it won't work a second time let me tell ya as I have a few tricks of my own He thought as he was able to relax a bit while drinking some soda to calm his nerves .

Something tells me that this is going to be awesome but then again I do like to spend my time in the library but with me RD you never know Thought Adam . She finally came down with a blue tanktop along with some skinny jeans and some sneakers . "Well now how do I look?" she asked . "Still slick as ever" said Adam with a goofy grin . RD took this chance to try something she never did before seduce him but Adam had a few tricks of his own .

"Look I've been looking for a companion besides i've been lonely my whole life even during my travels" said Adam as he was starring off into the fire.

"Well I guess I could cheer you up besides if you want company in your …. travels then sure I could become your companion" said Rainbow with a small smile .I feel really bad for him all his travels he didn't have a single friend well now he has one besides he says he's a 'Time lord' so I trust him Thought Rainbow as she took the same seat as before .

Of course Doctor Whooves and his assistant were taking a walk through the forest that was when something caught his eye . "Derpy do you see something it seems to be some sort of … box like our TARDIS" said the Doctor . Derpy saw it and that was when she caught in . "Yea I see it but what's another TARDIS doing here you said that your the last of your kind could there be somepony there" said Derpy confused with it all.

"I don't know Derpy but I am bound to find out" said Doctor Whooves with a determination in his eyes . The both of them turned and knocked on the TARDIS doors that was when they were both greeted with someone that even surprised the Doctor a bit . "Hello I"m the American Doctor and this is my companion Rainbow Dash" said Adam introducing himself and his companion .

"Well Hello I'm the Doctor and this is my assistant Derpy Hooves" said Doctor Whooves . He was a chestnut stallion with a brown mane and tail to match as for his cutie mark it was a hourglass .

"NO way another Time lord …. that's impossible here I thought I was the last one" said Adam shocked as he rushed the two inside . The computer cataloged there species but didn't change them .

"I don't believe this another Time lord ? I thought I was the last one but apparently I wasn't" said Doctor whooves shocked as well. "Oh don't worry that Dalek somehow got here in my TARDIS luckily me and RD took care of it" boasted Adam with a smirk on his face.

RD knew where he was going with this and rolled with it . "Well it seems my friend that we are the last of our kind" said Adam wondering if there are anymore .

"I see well it's good have found another Timelord such as yourself Well we had better be going Allons-y" said Doctor Whooves as he and Derpy walked out of the custom built TARDIS.

"Well as always Onwards and Upwards" replied Adam . "Onwards and Upwards that's a really good catch phrase" said Doctor Whooves as the two walked out of the door . "Hey RD you wanna grab a bite to eat I think I could use something" said Adam . "Yea and I know just the place besides it's on me" said Rainbow offering to pay .

"Fair enough" replied Adam as the two walked out of the TARDIS he made sure to lock it this time . "There that way we don't' have anymore problems like last time" said Adam .

It wasn't long before the two walked all the way from the TARDIS to Sugarcube Corner. "This is where my friend Pinkie Pie works" said Rainbow . The two entered the bakery in which Pinkie was behind the counter. "Hiya Dashie who's your friend?" asked Pinkie curious . "Hello I"m the American Doctor" said Adam hoping she would just get the idea . "Doctor the doctor of what?" asked Pinkie for more info.

Oh boy this is going to be tough Thought Adam as he was trying to figure out a way around her . "no no just The American Doctor" said Adam . "Okie Dokie Lokie" said Pinkie with a smile . "Now then what would you both like to get today?" asked Pinkie . "Oh we are here to get some cupcakes" said RD . "Well we have a lot of flavors" said Pinkie . "I'll have Strawberry" said RD . "Me I'll have chocolate for my cupcakes" said Adam . "Okie Dokie Lokie be right back" said Pinkie . The two took there seats next to the window .

It wasn't long before Pinkie came back with a tray mixed full of strawberry and chocolate cupcakes . "Enjoy and don't worry it's on the house" said Pinkie. "Uh do I need a ladder?" asked Adam confused . Pinkie giggled at that one . "Good one it means that I've got it covered but next be sure to pay" said Pinkie . "Gotcha" said Adam as he started to chow down on the cupcakes along side RD . Meanwhile Doctor Whooves couldn't be more happier in his life as he had just met another Timelord let alone someone who isn't a pony .

Of course Adam and RD were finished and sure enough she paid before they walked . "It always pays to pay for whatever it is you order" said Adam. "I hear you on that so where to?" asked RD . "Well I've been thinking of exploring some more of the multiverse wondering if there are anymore universes that I haven't seen before" said Adam .

"Sounds good to me" replied RD ready for whatever adventure awaits her . "Get a good look RD cause we ain't gonna be coming back for a good long time" said Adam .

RD got a real good look at Ponyville before the two left and headed out toward there TARDIS . Adam made sure to unlock it before closing the door sure enough the universe was cataloged into the universe computer .

"Alright where do you wanna go past future a random planet or random universe?" asked Adam . "Well it's up to you" said RD ready for adventure . "Well then Onwards and Upwards" said Adam as he set his course for the one universe that he was curious about for a long time …. The Back to the Future Universe.

A/N: And so there adventure begins there are going to be more chapters but this story is going to be a crossover well I'm thinking of considering this as a Doctor Who and MLP crossover besides be sure to read the second chapter when the American Doctor goes to visit the one universe known as BACK TO THE FUTURE Universe till then my fellow readers Onwards and Upwards . R&R