Chapter 6 Arriving in 1985 and adopting Silver Spoon and Scootaloo

Date : September 7th,1885

The Train was gaining speed pretty fast while that was going Doc put in the colored logs that were colored Green Yellow and Red. "Marty Check the boiler temperature there are three marked green yellow and red and each one gives a boost of acceleration allowing the train to move faster the boiler to burn faster cause once it hits 2000 degrees" said Doc. "Why what happens after it hits 2000?" asked Marty using the walkie talkie.

"The whole boiler explodes" said Doc . "Alright we going about 25 MPH Doc" said Marty keeping an eye . "Alright Marty I'm coming aboard" said Doc . He got out of the cab area and was slowly and surely making his way toward the Delorean little did he know that the green log would fire up first boosting there acceleration straight up to 50 mph .

"Alright now were going 50 mph" he said . But right behind the train was Clara right behind them and so far she climbed up on the tender and tried to call out Emmett's name but he couldn't here her . But once the green log lit up she did make it up on the tender of the locomotive. After a while the the pointer was nearing the yellow marker . "Doc the yellow lines about to blow" warned Marty . Sure enough it did just that boosting there acceleration straight 60 mph and so far Adam was keeping an eye on the digital mph counter . "Were looking good Marty if this works we should be going back toward 1985" said Adam .

And sure enough Marty set the dateand the time as well as AM or PM October 26th,1985 12:00 "There that should do it now then RD have the Hoverboard ready" said Adam she nodded and held it close to her just in case . Sure enough the pointer was once again nearing the end of the yellow line and nearing the red line .

"DOC THE RED LINES ABOUT TO BLOW" Shouted Marty but it was too late as the final log went up increasing the speed once again this time into the 70's and increasing fast . The locomotive was falling apart luckily it kept going . And that was when RD opened the passenger gull wing door .

"Doc get ready for the hoverboard" said RD as she was about to release it . Of course a part of Clara's dress was caught and she dangling dangerously close to the ground to close to the driving wheels and it was slowly ripping . "Rainbow WATCH OUT" shouted Doc . That was when she closed the gullwing door just in time only this time she still had the hoverboard and just before Clara fell to her death the hover board was caught under doc's foot maneuvering it he caught her and pushed off and was gone while it went into the 80's and this time various sparks were going as RD closed the passenger wing door as the time machine got to 85, 86 ,87 ,88 and was gone of course for the locomotive it crashed over the incomplete track and went up in a fiery blaze .

Date : October 26th,1985

Sure enough the Delorean emerged from the wormhole and traveled across the completed bridge and coasted at a pretty good speed while dropping Adam Rainbow and Marty just waved a friendly howdy to everyone on both sides confused as heck . They soon hit zero and that was when they heard a diesel horn go off Adam and RD grabbed there stuff and ran around the time machine as Marty grabbed what he could and made a dive for the ground . Sure enough and unfortunately Adam was beginning to panic about his six shot revolver .

"Yeesh I got out first and the first thing I did was grab your gun so you can stop panicking doctor" said RD handing him his gun .

Adam clipped it on his belt and put his trench coat on once again . Luckily Marty found his truck before they went into the year 2015.

"Hey Butt head" said Biff in a threatening tone . "Watch it Biff" shot back Marty. "Marty I didn't recognize you or your friends it's cool the truck is ready to go . Sure enough Adam and Rainbow climbed in the back not that anyone would notice in which Marty climbed in the drivers side .

He later drove over to Jenifer's to pick her up in which she explained what happened that it was a nightmare . Yeesh not that I would go through that again shooting biff in the leg in the alternate 1985 now that was awesome but not quite enough Thought Adam as he looked his gun over . "Yo RD you still have that dress?" asked Adam .

"Yea it's going to be a while before I EVER wear this thing besides It could use some work done to it" said RD . "Uh Marty who's that in the back of the truck?" asked Jenifer confused . "Hello I'm the American Doctor and that's my companion Rainbow Dash" said Adam introducing himself . "It's a pleasure to meet the both of you I'm Jenifer i'm pretty certain that you met Marty right?" asked Jenifer . "Yea we did but we have our own timeline to get back to let alone our own universe" said Adam . Sure enough they got back to the crash site looking over the now destroyed time machine . "Well Doc it's destroyed just like you wanted" said Marty to no one in particular . Out of the blue the railroad crossing lights started to go off again for a second time . "What in the bloody hell?" asked Adam luckily both he and Rainbow were a few feet back when the train exited on the rails . Marty and Jenifer … not so much they were blown back on there rear ends.

"DOC" said Marty out of joy "Marty" replied Doc with as much joy if not more too see that his friend made it . Sure enough the family emerged .

"Meet the family Jules" said Doc introducing a small young boy with black hair standing next to his father . "And Vern" added Doc introducing his Jules brother who had blond hair and wore a racoons cap . "Boys that's Marty Jenifer Adam and Rainbow Dash" said Doc introducing the boys to there aunts and uncles .

"Doc thought I'd never see you again" said Marty . "Well I couldn't leave Einstein besides I had to back in time to pick him up and as for this train well lets just say I fixed it up with parts that I had lying around" said Doc . That was when she handed him something covered up but as to what not even Adam knew . "Oh I got you a little souvenir" said Doc handing Marty the mysterious thing .

Marty opened and was surprised that it was from there latest adventure . "It's great Doc thanks" said Marty shaking his friends hand . Of course Jenifer had a question about that peace of paper that said 'Your Fired' printed on it . He said that it was erased and he went on to explain that no ones future is written the future is what that person makes of it .

"Hey Clara it's finally good to meet you I'm the American Doctor and that's my companion Rainbow Dash" said Adam introducing himself . "It's great to meet the both of you" said Clara shaking both there hands . Sure enough the door closed but only the window was still opened . "Hey Doc where you going now? ,Back to the Future?" asked Marty curious. "Nope already been there" said Doc .

Sure enough both Marty and Jenifer stepped back this time the train lifted into the air as razor sharped things came out of it as the driver wheels went downward and afterburners fired from the back of the tender and took off swirled around and came forward with Doc on the inside pulling the wire that controlled the whistle . And sure enough it was gone in a trail of fire that was left behind it . Sure enough Adam stuck around a bit longer wondering and then it hit him . "Hey RD I think it's time that we get going ourselves" said Adam as he pulled out his Sonic screwdriver once again and pressed the button on the top of it signaling the TARDIS appear in 1985 from 1955.

"Well guys you two take care now and remember the future is what the both of you make it so live life to it's fullest we have to get going" said Adam as they stepped inside the TARDIS and closed the door in which RD rushed up to her room to put away the dress from 1885 .

Location : MLP Universe

Time : around the same time as he and Rainbow Left

"Alright lets get home" said RD grabbing onto something . "Okay setting location coordinates and that should do it we will appear one minute after we took off it would be like we never left" said Adam he selected the MLP universe and the TARDIS started to fade in and out several times before it was gone for good and traveling straight back to the dimension that it first left .

The TARDIS landed in the same spot while the other one took off . "Perfect now then lets go and check out a few things" said Adam . That was when he saw a very small mod of angry ponies all pissed as heck . "Uh a welcoming committee?" asked Adam confused Rainbow just shrugged that was when she figured she was back to being a pony once again .

Sure enough the human Timelord had to figure she would hoof slap him but didn't . "Uh what's going on here?" asked Adam still confused .

"Rainbow thank goodness your alright" said Fluttershy tackling her friend out of happiness. Remind me to NOT piss her off Thought Adam he slowly snuck away back into his box and quickly had to figure out something before there was a knock at the door . "Don't tell me your going to knock me out and tie me up and interrogate me?" asked Adam .

"Absolutely not a lady such as myself would never do such a thing" said Rarity . Adam and Rarity talked and sure enough she soon figured that he was telling the truth that he wasn't evil nor out to capture the girls and throw them in cages forever . "Now who in there right mind told you that?" asked Adam . "Well it was … somepony named Filthy Rich" explained Rarity . "Something tells me that things have changed" said Adam wondering if he was in the right time. "Let me guess he wants me out right?" asked Adam .

"Well yes" said Rarity sadly. "I'll have a few words with him I know how this world works" said Adam grabbing his sonic screwdriver and six shot revolver. Sure enough he made his way to a house that seemed familiar .

How can I NOT miss this house it belongs to a pony named Diamond Tiara and … hold the phone Filthy rich? Thought Adam confused . He opened the gate and walked inside there he found Filthy working on some finances . "You Filthy rich?" asked Adam . "Yes that's-.

"Well I got good news for you buddy boy … I'm Back and from what I heard you wanna get rid of me quite frankly i'm staying" said Adam already putting his foot down . "This place was built for ponies by ponies and I tend to keep it that way" said Filthy with a smirk on his face . "Nice try won't work with me" said Adam making sure to not reveal his weapon . "Hmph since you won't listen to reason then I will force you out" sneered Filthy .

"You know that whatever offer you throw at me I won't back down besides it's not like the other ponies would listen" said Adam already holding his own as he did Mad Dog Tannin .

"Defiant as always … fine then go about your day your going to regret you ever crossed me" said Filthy as he worked on his finances .

Sure enough Adam walked out of his house and toward the orphanage where he found Starlight and Sweetheart already to take him in . "Pardon me ladies but me and RD would like to adopt two fillies Silver Spoon and Scoots and whatever Filthy Rich told you is a complete lie" said the Human Timelord .

"Very well you have us convinced come on in" said Sweetheart . Sure enough Adam and Rainbow who was already inside talking with Scootaloo.

"We are going to have to send a letter to the Princess in order to get the adoption forms for Scootaloo and Silver Spoon" said Starlight . "Alright that shouldn't take long" said Adam already checking his watch . Sure enough the letter were sent .

"So then if what you say is true and everything that filthy rich said is a lie then we trust you" said Sweetheart . Starlight couldn't agree more and sure enough the adoption forms came in and it didn't take long for Adam to sign both in which both Silver Spoon and Scootaloo were both his and RD's . "YO RD I think that we just got ourselves some adopted daughters" said Adam with a small smile . In which the new ponies all walked out of the orphanage with smiles on there faces and sure enough the small mob that was pissed started to be confused also at the same time the ponies started to listen to the human Timelord as he explained everything to Filthy Rich trying to start up a frenzied mob in which his own tactics basically worked against him .

Sure enough Adam his companion Rainbow Dash and now the adopted daughters Silver spoon and Scootaloo stood happy to have parents to call there own .

In which everything was back to normal and that was when Adam decided to visit Twilight for the first time instead of sneaking out . "Twilight you home?" asked Adam as his family walked inside . "Yes i'm in just re shelfing some books" said Twilight while using her horn to pull it off .

"I'd like you to meet our adopted daughters Silver spoon and Scootaloo" said Adam.

"Well hello there Scooaloo i'm glad you have parents like wise with you Silver Spoon" said Twilight with a happy smile on her face . Silver spoon blushed at that but was glad to have a father even if he was a Timelord and a mother who travels with him .

Of course Rainbow Dash wasn't one for the 'mushy romance stuff' but she did have to admit that she would be a great mother toward both daughters . In which sooner or later there next adventure would be right around the corner .

The End …. Or is it ?

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