Chapter 15-War to fight, Making a stand

With Peter Pettigrews confirmation of Voldemorts return, Minister Fudge replacement: Amelia Bones immediately began by bringing in every Death Eater that was exonerated by Fudge and have them questioned under truth potion, to determine their legitimacy, before if needed to arrest them. It was not easy find them, as they had vanished for society and made it had for them to track, but there were some that had been taken in (mostly because they thought a few well placed bribes would free them) and they were arrested sent to a jail cell, among them was: Lucius Malfoy, who had offered everything save for his house as payment for his freedom.

With the arrest of Lucius Malfoy, all of his backers were now in the limelight and now Fudge was getting his decisions thrown in his face, causing him to vanish from the wizarding world too. Throughout the campaign, Minister Bones also redirected all of the funds that had been denied back to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, with the DMLE back to full strength and help from the public at large, the death eaters were found and fairly tried.

But with all these positives showing, the negatives were bound to show themselves as well and the biggest offending was surprisingly: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, whose constant preaching of: Second Chances and fair rights, caused the public to believe that he does not want the war to end and his return to the Wizengamot was shelved for when the war was over, this fact had infuriated Dumbledore as it meant that he had to use his Order's more criminal members (thieves like Mudungus) to railroad and distract the Aurors, this of course got them arrested and tried as Death Eater assistance, until the questioning of them pointed fingers at Dumbledore of course.

Due to the arrest of Lucius, his wife Narcissa Black-Malfoy had partied hard for her freedom from her husband, before immediately warding the Malfoy residence (It is her house and it is under the name of Black) to ensure that Voldemort or any other death eater could not come knocking. In Hogwarts however, Draco Malfoy had taken a different approach than his mother, as he sulked and complained to Severus Snape, vowed to avenge his father's unfair imprisonment.

On the opposite side of the country, unperturbed by the arrest of: Lucius, Voldemort (after going into a rage over the failed mission in the Alley) began to plan his next move, freeing his Death Eaters again (for the idiots) from Azkaban and killing those that would oppose him, with his plan on a large table as many of his smarter foot soldiers Death Eater, listen to his plans and read threw the notes, not realizing the spy in the rafters.

Back at Hogwarts, both Harry and Ginny were now enjoying a rare free period they shared at the same time, now that Harry no longer does Divination (if I had not said before Harry had switched Divination for Ancient Runes and Arithmacy, also the free period now would of being during 5th year Divination) it was possible, as 3rd year Runes and Arithmacy did not take place during any of the core subjects or 5th year Care of Magical Creatures. So cuddled up under a cherry blossom tree in full flower, Harry and Ginny were enjoying the warmth coming from each other, as it was approaching the winter months, when Harry's Garuda familiar squeaked and squawks to them, informing the 2 of the impending jail break.

The information was overheard, by a young red haired person and he knew had to tell Dumbledore, so as Harry and Ginny transformed and left, Ron left the area to find and report to Dumbledore. After Ron had told Dumbledore of the jail break, he left with a grin on his face, Prefect Badge pinned to his chest and custom made Broom, designed for a professional Keeper in one hand and a promise that he will be made the keeper of Gryffindor (current Keeper is: Dean Thomas, after the first Keeper: Cormack MacGlaggon was dismissed for not doing his job and injuring Harry [A.N. it is the scene from the sixth book/Movie, when Harry was hit by MacGlaggon when he was arguing with a beater and let several shots threw because of it.])

On the prison island of: Azkaban, Kamen Riders Wizard and Siren appeared out of a spell seal, in front of the Aurors assigned to guard it and with the arrival, the guards leaped into action and surrounded them, it was then that both: Wizard and Siren surrendered and informed, "We have information on another jail break and have came to render aid in protecting the prison," to the leader. Before the guards could snort at the obscurity of the statement, millions upon millions of apparition cracks flooded the area and then green spells began to fly, colliding with Wizards hastily raised, wall of hurricanes and were flung back in the fired direction.

Inside the prison, a slightly quieter crack hailed the arrival of: Albus Dumbledore, who had immediately began to flood his imperious curse throughout the cells of: Death Eaters and Other criminals, save for those whom work for him and told them to apparate away, before let them out of their cages and commanded, "You obey only me, I have given you freedom, now return to Voldemort and report any of his plans to me as soon as you hear them, you will not remember who freedom when Voldemort asks," while placing a tracking and observing charm on their person, then he left.

Back outside of the Prison, the Aurors and Kamen Riders had just finished with the invading forces, before they just decide to transport them into the prison to await their trials and found to their Horror, that the cells of other Death Eaters and other criminals were empty. Seeing the empty cells, the Auror Leader raised the alarm to summon the ministry and while they were squaring away the would be invaders, the Aurors showed up with Kingsley Shacklebolt in the lead, while Minister Bones had taken up the rear.

After giving the new Aurors a briefing on what happened, with Wizard and Siren clueing them to explain why they were there and how they knew, it was going to happen, trustfully revealing themselves to Kingsley and Amelia, before the new teams had begun to forensically inspect the place for clues of how it happened. Once the teams had gathered to evidence of the breakout, they and the minister left with the captured invades to put them on trial, while dismissing both Harry and Ginny.

Weeks into the investigation had turned up a lot of nothing, as it seems that who ever had release them had cover their tracks well, so well it seem that criminals were never securer and simply apparated out of their cells, but further on into the investigation had turned up the discovery of the shattered anti-apparition ward, meaning either someone had brought down the wards or the wards were poorly maintained, the latter however was proving false when the team found the wand signature of: Elder and Thestral tail Hair, but there was no registry on the wand combination.

(A.N. to the Wizarding World in this Story, Dumbledores wand from his time at school was the only registered to the minister and not the Elder wand. His first wand is unknown according to the Harry Potter Wiki.)