Chapter 16-Time to fight back and win

Returning from their mission to Azkaban, Harry and Ginny used what was left of their free period to rest after the long fight. While the freed death eaters and criminals converged on the Riddle manor, eagerly awaiting their first chance of revenge against those that had wronged them.

Back in Hogwarts, a well rested and fresher Harry and Ginny had just made their way to their afternoon classes: Defence for Harry and History for Ginny, in defence discovered that Ron had eavesdropped on their conversation with Garuda and informed Dumbledore of the raid, suspiously as it was not to long after they had left that the time stamp on the prison wards had recorded its failure. Knowing that Ron could not keep his beak shut, listened into the conversation Ron was having with Seamus and Lavender (Both of them disliked Harry for whatever reasons) and confirmed: that Dumbledore was informed of the jail break and most likely the one to release the prisoners.

After hearing that, Harry made a note to himself to investigate the matter and report it if necessary to the DMLE. After Defence, Harry excused himself to an out of the way corridor and summoned his Kraken familiar, which took his telepathic command and swam off to spy on the headmaster. Once the task was complete, Harry returned to his Friends (Hermione and Neville) and they went in search of lunch, meeting Ginny on the way down.

After lunch, Harry had 3rd year Ancient Runes and Ginny had 4th year Care of Magical Creatures, so at the entrance hall, they parted ways and headed for their respective classes. While in the secret portion of his office, Dumbledore was going over the information he had collected from his imperious cursed slaves, not aware of Harry's familiar watching from the rafters and that the death eaters were planning on another attempted raid of Gringotts to get wealth in the Slytherin vault in 5 days time.

Dumbledore knew the vault held more than just money it also held books of the darkest of magic, weapons of the strongest craftsmen and artifacts enchanted with the most powerful of ward breaking charms, in another words: the vault holds the key to destroying the wards around the school and everywhere else. While pouring over the plans again, he found a part he glossed over earlier, 'Tom is leading the raid this time? This is not like you Tom!' he thinks, as he then moves over to the fire, intending on alert his Order but stops and thinks again, 'If Tom is leading the charge it will mean that I have to lead the offensive against him, this will mean that I am expected to defeat Voldemort, no it is best that I inform the DMLE secretly and let them deal with it,' as he then changes direction to his office desk and with: a quill, parchment and a handwriting disguise charm (that he personal invented for himself), Dumbledore wrote a note of warning to the Head of Aurors and Minister Bones.

After getting the information, the krakens familiar silently took off in search of its master and tell him what was happening. The kraken found his master and his mistress in the library after his Ancient Runes class and her CoMC class, working on their homework for transfiguration, Harry was helping Ginny with it and was doing his at the same time. It but a moment for the kraken to inform them of Voldemorts plan starting in 5 days time and Dumbledore intentions of not bringing his order into the fight.

With the information conveyed, Harry and Ginny resolved to train to combat Voldemort when he begins his raid of Gringotts. Threw the use of the Clone Vent and the Copy Ring, Harry and Ginny were able to train and keep up with their appearances at school, only their circle of friends knows of their duplicity and understood their desire to join the fight. Elsewhere Ron was in his own little world, Dean Thomas have had an accident (in potions class caused by Snape) and was now unable to pay quidditch, so it meant that Angelina had to hold tryouts for the reserve keeper of the team, this meant that all Ron had to was wait until the backup Keeper: Cormack MacClaggen, but Dumbledore had assured him that he will be in the next match against Ravenclaws.

Slowly but surely the 5th day and the day of the attack on Gringotts had arrived, so after breakfast: Harry and Ginny had morphed into their rider forms and transported themselves to Diagon Alley where they met with the Auror contingent they had informed Kingsley to send, meeting with Kingsley whom was heading up the operations, the Riders stated that Dumbledore had known of the raid and felt it best not to take part in it, fearing that he be expected to duel Voldemort. 6 hours later and the Death Eaters had not shown up yet, but rather than rule it as a hoax and leave, they patiently waited knowing that the enemy is not one for frontal attacks, but for his pincer attack or decoy moves.

It was another hour later, when the streets were now filled with the triumphant roar of victory, as from the Dark Alleys of: Nocturn and Umbra, poured a mass of Death Eaters not expecting the resistance, they charged with reckless abandon, before slamming into a wall of pure obsidian. The wall of Obsidian was conjured By Harry using his Riders Land Form, who then drew out his WizarSwordGun and jumped over the wall, landing performing an aerial pommel strike on the way down.

As the fight started, Harry and Ginny joined together in close quarters swordplay with Death Eaters with experienced in sword fighting, as those of little to no experience in the art – fought the Aurors and Hit Wizards, sent to guard Diagon Alley and the surrounding areas. As Harry and Ginny had more experience in the art of swordplay, their Death Eater opponents were falling due to the lack of skill, only having trained in swordsmanship in the 5 days leading up to the raid, over the months of prior training Harry and Ginny had under their belts.

As the death eaters were now dropping like flies, leaving 4 swordsman and 3 spell casters, Voldemort joined the fray and immediately blew up the entrance to Gringotts, before hissing out an order, "Go you fools, secure the vault, I'll deal with these Bloodtraitors," as he then shot 10 rapid fire Killing Curses towards the Aurors that blocked the opening in the bank. The curses however were stopped short by a giant thick wall of granite, before a modified voice of Harry stated, "Your fight is with me Tom Riddle," he place a ring which had a picture of a dragon bound with chains over his belt buckle, the driver then said, "Chains Please," as Harry summoned a spell seal, where the chains emerged and attacked Voldemort.

Eviscerating the chains with a flick of his wand, Voldemort then flicked his wand again sending off 2 Reductor Curses and 1 Killing curses in quick succession, all these were blocked by the spell seal of Harry next spell, "Rock slide Please," summoning a landslide, which Voldemort used Apparation to dodge (no spell can block an avalanche) and then countered with, "Crucio," which simply dispersed upon impact with Harrys armored chestplate, surprising those around them and shocked Voldemort also. Seeing his target unaffected by the torture curse, flicked his wand command, "Imperio," but that only got him face to face with a techno-organic dragon of unknown breed, which proceeded to kick his presence from Harrys mind.

Recovering from Voldemorts last curse, Harry kick it up a notch and equip a wrist device, that he activate and it sounded, "Dragon time: Fire, Land, Water, Hurricane Please," summoning each of his 4 Elemental Dragon Forms, he then activated the Dragon Timer again and this time it said, "Dragon Time: All Dragons Finish Strike," allowing Harry to merge all his Dragon forms into 1 and then he few for Voldemort.

Tackling Voldemort in his midsection, Harry launched himself in the air carrying Voldemort with him and when Harry reached the stratosphere he threw Voldemort further in the air, before charging a second time with a magical charged foot and the foot caught Voldemort in the chest. Upon Harrys Rider Kick striking Voldemort in the chest, seven astral tethers emerged from Voldemorts body and lanced across London and eventually across England itself.

While in the office of the Hogwarts Headmaster, alarm bells rang loudly across the school and hearing the alarms, Dumbledore watch in horror as each and every one of the monitoring charms he placed over the Horcruxes of Voldemort goes off, until finally each of them: one by one went dark. Once the sounds ceased, Dumbledore thought, 'What happen to the Horcruxes?' in puzzled fear, knowing that no one but him (and Voldemort) knew of them. Comtemplating this quandary, Dumbledore excused himself from the school and went to the locations of Horcruxes.

Back in Diagon Alley, the Aurors and Hit Wizards cheered in celebration, as the conscious death eaters looked in horror as their immortal master dies, never to complete his dream and this scared them, so they ran for freedom.