The slaver had laughed as he rubbed warm scented oil all over James Kirk, "I have a special buyer for you, one who says he has a weapon of immeasurable power. I have agreed for him to see you, for him to show me his weapon, but he knows that I will see what else I am bid for you before I decide." Kirk had moved slightly as the fingers expertly rubbed between his legs and the slaver had laughed all the more, "You still do not like being touched, that will please whoever does buy you as so many pleasure slaves simply yield. You learned obedience quickly yet you still show some spirit."

Quickly and painfully, Kirk thought. As a way of trying to ignore how the slaver was fondling him, of willing his body not to react, James Kirk made himself think back and remind himself of who he was and how it happed. He was James Tiberus Kirk, Captain of the Federation of Planets' starship Enterprise. They had been in orbit around Rakotow, a neutral planet, awaiting orders as they had delivered the equipment that was supplied annually for their neutrality. Rakotow had been an interesting planet and, eight days ago, he had decided to do some exploring on his own while First Officer Spock and Doctor Leonard McCoy busied themselves getting some supplies. He had not been worried as they all had subcutaneous transponders injected prior to leaving the ship and agreed on a set time to meet. They had been on worse planets and on their own, so he had not expected any serious trouble. He could vaguely remember two men following him and then two men walking towards him, reaching for his communicator, then nothing.

Not quite nothing. For some time he seemed to be trapped in a nightmare. A nightmare he could not wake from yet none of it seemed real as he could not move nor speak while things were done to him and around him in a medical room. It had only seemed a nightmare. His captors had kept him drugged. Vague memories of being stripped, hung by his wrists, hands poking and prodding him, laughter, his ankles and wrists bound and being tossed around, being thrown into some container with other beings, being hung by his wrists again with more hands poking and prodding him and more laughter. Different things poured into his mouth. Hands fondling him and laughter when he reacted. Being on his hands and knees and being abused. It seemed to go on for days with hands forcing him to drink foul tasting liquid once a day that seemed to weaken him. Then the medical room and the pain.

He had finally fully had woken in a small room, sitting in a chair, naked, with his arms secured over the back of the chair, his legs secured to the legs of the chair, his knees held apart by a rod, and a man dressed in fine clothes standing over him, "You are to forget who and what you were before. That is over. Forget it and all you knew. No matter who or what you were in your last life your name now is Mutt and you are going to make an excellent pleasure slave. From today until you die you are just a pleasure slave on Tanop, what you were before does not matter, all that is important is that you please your masters. Your former colleagues will not find you as the transponder has been removed and inserted into one of our local small underground rodents. When I saw the collection of what was brought from Rakotow I knew I had to have you as you were the only one with the potential to make a good pleasure slave. I had you checked and nobody had raped you, so your new master will be the first to mount you, to really claim you"

The slaver had laughed, "I have already have a request for one like you. The interested party says he has a weapon that will give me great power and control. He has asked that until he has seen you and I decide if I accept this weapon that you not be sexually abused. He proved to me he has ways to see if a slave has been abused so all I can do it toy with you till after I have seen what he has to offer. I would so like to see you highly aroused and to control that arousal but if his weapon does what he claims I will have more pleasure slaves to enjoy and on-sell when I tire of them. Your potential owner also pointed out to me your being unmounted will help to fetch a good price, the one asking for one like you made me see that wisdom and I said till he saw if you were what he wanted you would not be mounted. The others I bought along with you will make good slaves but there is something about you that speaks of sensual and sexual pleasures for your masters. You will bring your new master such delight."

He had tried to speak but the slaver had grabbed him by his hair, shaken his head and laughed, "Till you get used to your new station and role in life you will be given a drink at the same each day for three standard days that numbs your vocal cords for up to ten days. It saves wasting time. Nothing a slave has to say is of any value. Some masters allow their slaves to speak but most keep their slaves silent with a weekly stronger dose. You will learn to obey and to allow anything to be done to and with you by any Tanopian who holds your controller. There is no reward for obedience but punishment is swift and painful." The slaver had kept looking at him as he had reached down, fingering to top of the loincloth, the only clothing Kirk had on, and Kirk had tried to move. Suddenly there was excruciating pain radiating from his brain and his rectum. "You will obey." The pain eased and the slaver had held up a small device, "This works on your implants and assures me you will obey, it gives me control over you. Disobedience will be punished." He again stroked his hand down over Kirk's abdomen and laughed as Kirk again tried to move, "Oh, you will obey in the end." this time the pain continued till he blacked out.

Several times over the next few days he had been punished for any number of trivial things and the slaver had always found it amusing when he would try not to show the pain, when he tried to move away from the stimulation or pain, and when he would voicelessly scream in agony. Always the slaver would make him crawl back to him after punishment, would pat him on the head and tell him how well his training was progressing, how more obedient he was becoming.

The control device was small and allowed the Tanopians to increase the intensity and duration of the pain at will. It had a specific frequency attuned to the implants they had put in him while he had been unconscious. There were four; one at on the roof of his mouth, one in each nostril, and one well into his rectum. How the slaver had enjoyed testing the frequency when he had been semi-conscious and thought it still a nightmare. Now he stood as the slaver prepared him for showing to buyers. Although he had often been shown to other Tanopians when they visited the slaver and the slaver had delighted in watching his reaction to them touching him, admiring him, inspecting him, Kirk knew that the worst was yet to come.

He had no name other than Slave or Mutt. While the slaver had been content to simply toy with him, to humiliate him, he knew when he was sold as a pleasure slave that would change. How often he had seen slavery on other planets in various forms and knew what was done to and with slaves. The slaver had taken great delight in taking him to shows where he saw how other pleasure slaves were used, what they were made to do and what they had done to them to please their masters. Several times the slaver had lead him across a show floor and let others see him and examine him.

"His owner will have the honour of being the first to really enjoy him, I am saving that joy for him. His new owner will be the one to mount and truly claim him. Such a slave deserves a masterful master who knows how to mount and enjoy fully such a magnificent thing."

He found he was worried about his Vulcan First Officer and what he would be sensing through the bond. He felt ashamed that in the agony of punishment he had called out for Spock when there was no way his friend would know where he was. And should the Vulcan somehow find him, how would he react seeing him like this?

No, he tried not to think of that nor that he had no idea where the Enterprise was. He was certain they would be looking for him but would they know where to look? It had been eight days. There were eleven inhabited planets in the same solar system as Rakatow and with the transponder not destroyed they would have beamed up the rodent with no idea where he was. He just knew that when he was sold in the morning his life would be a living hell. Secured to wall of the slaver's room by the leash and his hands secured behind his back Kirk watched the man sleep. A part of his brain wondered what sort of being had been so kind as to order him not to be molested now yet evil enough to have a weapon that would give the slaver more power.

Before they left the room the slaver had made him swallow the thick liquid that kept him mute. It seemed thicker than usual and the slaver had laughed as he had stroked his throat to make him swallow foul thick liquid and wiped his face again with an oily cloth, "That will not only numb your vocal cords for eight standard days but will also shortly purge your systems. This way your new owner can enjoy you as soon as you are his without protest. Many new owners like their pleasure slaves to start filling their purpose in life as soon as they are purchased." The slaver smiled as he had watched how Kirk physically reacted by contorting as the liquid coursed through him, seeming to burn as it scoured out his digestive tract and flushed out his urinary system. When Kirk had emptied his urinary tract and evacuated his digestive tract the slaver laughed as he got behind Kirk and firmly pressed as he massaged and kneaded Kirk's stomach and Kirk had groaned, "Good, all cleared out. Now you can give your new owner hours of pleasure without delay." Roughly the slaver pushed him so he bend over, allowing the slaver to again clean him and rub oil on him, chortling with pleasure as he moaned and squirmed, "You are a unique pleasure slave and are ready now to immediately unbelievably please your new owner. Stand still now." The slaver put a different colored and textured loincloth on his and a new collar on him, one Kirk knew would be on him for life, one with the registration number of the controller.

He walked behind the slaver into a large hall where other naked beings were being examined by prospective buyers while their slavers stood nearby extolling their virtues. As they walked through the throng of potential buyers the slaver would occasionally stop and allow whoever he was talking with to examine him and say that he was worth the reserve price. Over in a nook the slaver indicated he was to stand on a raised platform with his arms out, his legs apart, and slowly turning around, "They must be able see what they are getting. Should the weapon not be what he said they will see all of you and be able to fully examine you."

As he looked around Kirk saw evidence that the sales was broadcast and he wondered who would be watching. He had no idea where Tanop was in relation to where the Enterprise last was, but he was sure it was in the same system as Rakatow. He knew that on Rakotow nobody would say anything that might stop their lucrative side industry. It was a neutral planet and a law unto themselves. There had been rumours of people going missing but the people of Rakotow pointed out how easily their many beautiful wilderness areas at could prove fatal unless those going there knew their way or were very experienced in survival skills.

Several Tanopians came over and looked at him, examined him, laughing as they saw how being touched in some areas caused him discomfort, and left their bids with the smiling slaver.

"I see you do have the one I want." a very rough and solid looking man walked over to where he stood and just stood looking at him. "Is he unharmed?"

"I told you that I would only obedience train him and would have him ready to give you pleasure. Examine him if you please. You were right in telling me more would be interested in him if he had no markings and had not been broken in."

"Slave, get down and turn around." momentarily Kirk stood still till he saw the controller in the slaver's hand, then he got off the platform and stood with his back to them. "Good." a hand rubbed slowly down his back and stopped when he winced as it reached his pelvis, "What is his name?"

"I just call him Slave; you can give him any name you like. I can tell you have a good eye for form and there are no flaws in his. I will have him bend so,"

"No," the man walked around to stand before him, a hand, oddly light in its touch, touched his chin and tilted his head back, light brown eyes looking up his nose, fingers forcing his mouth open and a finger inserted, probing, "He has the control,"

"They are fully operational though he has not been punished in over a day." The slaver smiled, "He learns quickly and is most obedient."

"He has not been mounted?"

"No, I told you I would see to it that did not happen until after I had seen what you had. Although I am sure such a fine specimen has had experience in pleasuring others I have not enjoyed him in any way like that. We agreed."

The stranger reached out and put his hand on the loincloth and Kirk saw the way he was looking at him, studying him as he slid his hands down the sides of the loincloth then nodded, "It is good he was not abused"

"You have what we discussed?"

"You will have other offers for him but none will have the weapon I have." On the table the man placed a small rectangular object that looked like an enlarged phaser. He handed the slaver a set of earplugs and said, "Put these in your ears but pretend to be scratching your ears when you do it.", he reached out and put some in Kirk's ears before putting some in his own and briefly pulling the trigger on the phaser.

All the beings in the hall collapsed as if pole-axed. There was no denying the amazement on the slaver's face as the man held out the weapon to him and indicated they could remove the ear plugs, "They will be unconscious for up to twenty-six minutes, with it on maximum it can be up to three standard hours." The man looked at Kirk and then back at the slaver, "With a weapon like that think how many slaves you could get at Rakotow. When they wake they will have no memory of what happened other than falling and you will have them under control. The ones here will think the nook kept us immune."

"In three standard hours I could have control devices in six, no, eight," the slaver smiled as he fingered the weapon. "Such a weapon,"

With a very dramatic move the man took it back and looked at Kirk then back at the slaver, "It needs to be recharged after each use but has a radius of twenty-four metres. There is no reason it could not be used on or in a vessel. I will take it with me and come back after you have talked with other buyers. If you sell him I am sure to find another but I had seen him before and thought him worth the weapon. You may decide that keeping him or selling him to another suits you better. I would be disappointed not to get him but I am sure there is a ready market among the other traders here for,"

"No, no need to look further. I feel you would make an excellent master for this one," the slaver looked from the weapon to the man, "I would like to know why would want this one so much."

"I know of one who looks very much like this one from years ago when he treated me as property. As he is no longer around I want to have one like him so it will know what it feels like to be property." The man had looked at Kirk and the Captain of the Enterprise suddenly had a feeling he should know this man, he looked familiar, but he could not remember him and he was sure he would remember a man built like him and as cold and cunning as the one wanting to use him in place of another.

Even as he watched him Kirk saw how the man kept flexing the fingers of his left hand as though eager to get his hands on the controller and also how very securely he held the weapon in his other hand. "I made what he saw as a gross error and he treated me like property." he looked down at the phaser in his hand, "This is my property but that," he pointed at Kirk, "will be my property."

"Oh, you want him, such a magnificent pleasure slave for revenge? Surely,"

"Does he not shy from your touch already? Does he not try to prevent you from you having your hands on him?"

The slaver laughed, "Yes, yes, he has the spirit."

"That kind of spirit can be broken in time. What I have planned for him will not destroy him like that."

"Now I understand," the slaver nodded, "You are such a cunning, devious and clearly creative man. The one he is like treated you like property so you will use him, enjoy him and just treat him like property."

"He will be mine." there was no doubting the man's tone or words and Kirk did not want to even remotely speculate on what his life would be with this man.

Kirk saw the slaver look at him, felt his hand on his stomach and how it started to slide downward, "I will miss this one as he was so,"

The obscene hand was pulled off him, "If he is mine I want nobody else to touch him." there was pause and Kirk saw the slaver's face grimace as the hand holding his tightened. "Nobody touches my property."

The slaver walked over to a recording device and recorded thesale then looked at the man now holding the leash. "He is yours. All of Tanop and Rakotow know he is your property now and will do nothing to interfere with your full enjoyment of him. Enjoy him for as long as he pleases you." He looked at the weapon he now held as he walked back to where they had remained, "And when they wake they will not know it is this weapon?"

"That is what is so good about it, it looks harmless." the man handed Kirk a robe but the slaver laughed and started to stop him from putting it on but the man said, "Nobody else sees or touches that which is now mine unless I allow it."

"I only want him to remember that I taught him obedience. I want him to remember who put his controls in him. And I want him to remember the pleasure I got from causing and watching his punishment." There was a series of waves of pain and three times he had voicelessly screamed out for that one person to help him. The slaver had laughed as he had Kirk writhe three times in agony before the fourth wave of pain possessed his whole being and he willed his mind to find that one safe place before darkness took him.