Mio Amato


Since coming here, you always exceeded my expectations. I knew you had a lot of potential as the New Mistress, but not to this level. Your magic powers are almost the same as Clow. And I know that you'll become more powerful than he was back then.

Clow predicted that you and Lee-kun shall be together. So I was very much surprised to see that you were in denial with your feelings. It was obvious that Lee-kun likes you. However, you just brushed it off as friendship.

But I guess Clow didn't predict that I'll fall in love with you too. You were sweet, kind, passionate, and a very reliable friend. Anyone would love to fall in love with you. But the only thing was you always brush off their advances as an act of friendship. Not anything more.

But it was kinda obvious that you have someone you like in your heart, to me at least (and maybe to Daidouji-san). So I just can't help but smile like the oblivious one I was supposed to be. Pretending to not know anything in front of you was very hard as I feel that I should be honest with you.

I was ready to tell me feelings to you, but I was stopped by that look in your face when you're with Lee-kun. It was of pure happiness that I just couldn't be any more happy in seeing you like that. And I decided that being friends with you was the only option left for me. No matter how much it hurts.

So I was afraid that you'll hate me once you know who I really am, but I guess it wasn't really needed. You still treated me as before. Like a friend. Just a friend.