Mio Amato


In everyone's eyes nowadays, I'm an unfeeling human that either deserves to die (Tsunayoshi-kun's guardians) or deserves to rule the world (My subordinate's). However, I'm still a human, no matter how I claim to be a God.

I feel emotions too, contrary to the now popular belief. I just hide it behind my usual façade. But if they were to take off all this façade that I have, they would see the real me that I've been hiding since I fought with Mukuro-kun.

If anyone had bothered to do that, they would've known how much I fell in love with Mukuro-kun. Since that fateful encounter, I wanted to have him all to myself. I wanted him to love me too. I want him to know that I'll be able to grant his wishes. But I know that, that is impossible.

For one, I knew from the start that he likes that puppet of his. That girl named Chrome. Honestly, I don't know what he liked on that girl. She's fragile, naïve and frail. What's there to like in her? But even I admit that she is a good person. That's why I hate her. I hate good persons after all. They're super boring, but she's not like Tsunayoshi-kun. Unlike her, he's always full of surprises.

Second is that I hurt his precious savior too much. I knew that he respects Tsunayoshi-kun, past and present. Tsunayoshi-kun, after all, always planned to save him. I just got in the way of it.

And while on it, I also harmed his precious "family". Those wretched guardians always got in my way of everything; especially that Cloud Guardian. He claims that isn't with the Vongola, but he wore the Vongola Cloud ring with pride before. Such a tsundere he is.

Lastly, the fact that I'm THE "heartless", bastard Byakuran, I can't fall in love. It will only get in the way of my plan to rule the world. And this is the only world where I fell in love, with an enemy no less. I knew I became weaker due to my excessive use of powers, but not to this level. And also, the possibilities of me falling in love were very low, well according to them.

So, even if my heart aches for me to do this, I'll say this only once.

"I love you, Mukuro-kun…" but I can't continue catering to this feelings anymore; only because it is unlikely for us to be together; highly unlikely.