Never Forget

Mio Amato


I remember how that moon back then was like. It was the same as the moon tonight; the night I left Konoha for my dreams.

While I know that I regret one thing that night, it wouldn't deter me from my goal. But that regret, though hidden during daylight, always seeps out of me during night time. MY only regret was leaving you behind, with just a promise that I made you do while you're asleep.

I know that you would've forgotten it by now, or maybe you thought it was all a dream. But it won't change anything. You are still going to be mine, Naruto.

No matter what people say about you, it will never change the fact that you are the only person I desired to be mine. That one person that keeps me from being turned on by other females.

But I also knew that it wasn't only me that desired or will desire you. There are still others' out there.

That's why I was quite worried when you fell down from that giant ruin with that girl. I thought that I'd lose you, but it was obvious for me that the only person inside your heart was me. So I thought selfishly, 'No matter, you're still going to be mine, Naruto' and I let a ghost of a smile adorn my face before letting it vanish just as well.

So until the time comes when I kill Itachi; until the right time comes for us to be together… Never forget Naruto, you're going to be mine. Never forget.