In a chaotic world, they found each other.
Lee and Clementine were like no other.

In a tree house she was, alone and afraid.
But Lee came and found her.
He saved the day.

To a farm they went, and Duck almost died.
Lee comforted Clementine when she cried.
Awkward at first, the two were very shy.
But they needed each other to stay alive.

Then to Lee's hometown.
Clem knew his secrets.
But she didn't mind because Lee was notably helpless.

At the motel, things grew closer.
Clementine depended on Lee.
"Are you okay, Sweet Pea?"

At the dairy farm, things got hectic.
But Lee didn't leave Clementine neglected.
They realized they were better off on their own.
So they took the RV, and the group was gone.

They stopped at a train, because Duck was sick.
Clemmy knew that he had gotten bit.
They lost Katjaa, and Duck.
You could say Kenny was gone too.
Things weren't the same for the group.

A boat they were going to find, that was Kenny's plan.
But why was Clementine's walkie working?
Lee didn't understand.

"Can I hold it?" She begged and no said Lee.
"Maybe later. Okay, Sweet Pea?"

Clementine was kidnapped, but Lee wasn't afraid.
He knew where she was, and again he saved the day.
They loved each other very much.
But the bliss came crashing down.

The world was chaotic again as Clementine discovered that Lee was bit.
"I'll miss you, Sweet Pea."
And the shots rang throughout the air.
Clementine looked on with nothing but a blank stare.