Quite Differently

Mio Amato


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Someone would definitely say something akin to that if they saw me right now; preferring to stay alone in here like this. I'm sure Capt. Barbossa would have a field day. Or maybe not. One cannot be too sure nowadays.

But no matter, I still have to settle my thoughts about you, deary Ms. Elizabeth Swan, or should I say Mrs. Elizabeth Turner.

At first I didn't know that I'll come to love a lady, much less to the daughter of a governor. But one cannot help but fall in love with her.

A fragile lady at first sight, and of course she WAS back then but not anymore, she grew into someone more felonious that any lady shouldn't have become; maybe because we're such a bad influence on her. But if one really thinks about it, my lady and Wil became a person that is rather akin to myself. It couldn't be helped, if that's the case.

She became agile, competent, courageous and most of all, witty. Oh yes, she became wittier indeed. The only lady to have been able to somewhat follow my often crazy train of thoughts. And slowly, she became the supposed-to-be non-existent woman of my dreams.

But of course as I'am a gentleman, she was right on this one, I wouldn't dare to try and steal her away from Wil. As Wil became a pirate worthy of my respect. And besides, it was obvious that milady was very much infatuated with Mr. Turner.

However, as much as a gentleman as I'am, I didn't know that letting her go was going to be this painful. If only I knew, I would've grasped that chance of making her stay here with me.

I remember her words, "Jack, it would never have worked out between us"; I can't help but remember my reply, "Keep telling yourself that, darling"; keep telling yourself that, indeed, 'coz if things turned out quite differently, I and you, you and I would have been happy with each other.