Chapter Three: Haunted Dreams

Laying in her room lost in her dreams, Tara tossed and turned as fear filled her causing her to jerk awake. This was the third time that week that she'd had the same dream. A dream of murder and pleas, causing her to wake up with a scream in her throat. Feeling she needed to understand what it meant, Tara allowed her mind to go back to the dream that had haunted her nights.

Walking through the house around her, Tara smiled at the sight of blood decorating the walls. She knew where the other's were hiding, and looked forward to luring them out with her sweet voice. As she strolled through the house, Tara quietly called out for her family, letting enough concern to sound in her voice to make them think she was there to help. She walked up the stairs to the attic and tried the door, only to find the handle locked. She stared at it for a moment and tried it again, calling out to her mother and father.

She heard the silent whispers behind the door, arguing.

"It's Tara. We have to let her in," Paige said, standing up as she rushed towards the door.

"Paige, that door should only stop a black witch. Tara would be able to get in on her own," Piper reminded her youngest sister, fearing what would be behind the door. "It might not be Tara."

"Piper, that's my daughter. I know my daughter's voice," she said, looking over at her sister and back at the door.

"And if Willow's on the other side?"

"Then I'll take my chances," Paige whispered, walking the rest of the way and pulling the door open.

Stumbling back at the sight of Tara on the other side, the rest of the family stared in disbelief as the Tara they knew was replaced with a darkness so thick it blocked out her light. Her usually honey-blond hair was now black and her baby blue eyes were the color of coal.

"Did you miss me, Baby?" a voice came from behind Tara. Causing her family to gasp as Willow's arms wrapped around Tara from behind. "Shall we finish this?"

Tara smiled wickedly at her family. "Of course," she responded, tossing a fireball at her mother.

Tara ran a hand over her face and walked into the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror and breathing a sigh of relief when she saw her blond hair and blue eyes. She walked down the hall and glanced into each room, making sure everyone was okay before heading downstairs.

"Tara?" a voice said, causing her to jump and face her little brother.

"Henry? What is it?" she asked.

"You came into my room. I saw that you had been crying. Are you okay?" he asked, walking over to his oldest sister and wrapping her into a tight hug.

"I'm fine," she said, hugging him back. She tightened her grip on him when a flash of his dead body entered her mind. Another tear fell down her cheek and she quickly released him to wipe it away. "I'm fine," she said again, turning her back to him. "Why don't you go back to sleep?"

"Did you dream about her again?" he asked, confusing Tara.


"The person who broke your heart."

Tara sighed and shook her head, knowing she'd prefer those dreams to the ones she was currently being tortured with. "No. I didn't. Go back to sleep, Henry. Mom and Dad wouldn't be too happy if I kept you up so late," she said, hugging him quickly before walking over to the counter.

"Do you want to talk about your nightmare?" he asked, only to see his sister shake her head. "Okay. 'night, Tara," he said, hugging her before going back upstairs to sleep.

Tara listened to the sound of his footsteps on the stairs and jumped when blue lights filled the room, causing her to fall of the chair as someone appeared beside her. A woman with blond hair and brown eyes stood beside Tara staring down at her. Her brown eyes widened in surprise when she saw Tara fall to the floor.

"Are you okay?" the woman asked, reaching down to help Tara stand.

"Fine. Just fine," she muttered before looking at the woman before her. "What do you want? Everyone's asleep," she told the woman frowning at her.

"I actually need to speak with you, Tara."


"Willow," the woman responded, simply, causing Tara's frown to deepen.

"I don't need a warning. I've had plenty of those come in my dreams. Thanks," she muttered, turning her back to the woman.

"Dreams? What do you mean?" she asked, stepping closer to Tara. "What have you been dreaming about?"

Tara looked at her. "It doesn't matter. Leo's taking care of it," she said, turning back to face the woman.

"Leo? Why would you tell Leo?"

"He's my uncle and an elder," she said, confused by the woman in front of her. "Who are you?" she asked, staring at the woman.

"That doesn't matter," the woman responded. "All that matters is that you need to help Willow. Befriend her. Let her in."

"I've seen what could happen if I start any kind of relationship with Willow, and I think I'll avoid that," she snapped, getting irritated with the woman before her. "Who are you?" she asked again.

"Give her a chance," the woman responded, disappearing before Tara could do anything.

"Uncle Leo! Chris!" Tara snapped, irritation filling her.

Tara waited a second as two pairs of orbs appeared before her.

"What are you doing awake so early? And calling us down here at this time?" Chris questioned, irritated with his cousin for waking him so early.

They waited for an answer, but before Tara could respond, Leo saw something in Tara's eyes. "What happened, Tara?" he asked her, staring at his niece.

"Some woman just orbed in her and wanted to talk to me about Willow."

Leo frowned at Tara's comment confused. "And why is that a bad thing?"

"Uncle Leo, she didn't like that I had told you about the dreams I was having about Willow. She also refused to tell me her name. I don't think she was a friend," Tara said, looking at her uncle.

"I'll go talk to the Elders," Chris said, orbing out after a nod from his father.

"You had the dream again, didn't you?" Leo asked, once his son was gone.

"Yes. Did you find out what it means?" Tara asked, closing her eyes as flashes of the dream went through her mind.

"No. I'm sorry, Tara. I didn't. The other Elders fear it may be the future."

"It won't. I wouldn't harm this family," she responded, opening her eyes to look at Leo.

"I know, Tara."

Tara frowned. "I-I w-wouldn't," she whispered, feeling her resolve crumble as tears filled her eyes and the dream flashed through her mind once more.

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